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Amazing that Optus can email me when I am a day late in paying my bill, but not when they lose all my personal info in a massive cyber hack.

The Optus hacker apparently wants $1 million, so basically the greatest data heist in history is worth less than a 2-bedroom apartment in Petersham..

This wasn’t a “hack”. Optus literally left the door wide open. The perp simply used a connection that wasn’t password protected to download the data. THAT’S a bigger story than a hack. Optus are culpable because the data was exposed and unprotected. It wasn’t hacked..

If you’re impacted by the Optus data breach, @TMRQld will issue you a replacement driver licence with a new licence number free of charge..

An important update for all Australians on the Optus security breach. After actions taken by myself, @SenatorWong and @ClareONeilMP, Optus has agreed to pay for replacement passports for those affected by the data breach..

**Victorian Optus customers** If you need to replace your licence you can now do that free of charge - the info you need is here: The State Government will cover the cost of the replacement and charge this back to Optus..

We need a way for companies like @Optus to confirm identity without needing our DL/passport/Medicare. It should be possible for MyGov to generate a one-time code that confirms who we are to a 3rd party without them seeing the numbers. And why did they *ever* need to store them?.

AG Mark Dreyfus on the Optus hack reforms says there is no reason that once companies validate your ID for 100-point check that they need to keep that data for a decade..

Just spoke to @abcnews about the Optus data breach. There is no such thing as human error. There are only systems failures. It should not have been possible for a single human making a single mistake to cause this much damage. #optusfail.

After the Optus hack I went and looked at what Optus had said in submissions recently about strengthening privacy law re protections and actions for customers. And surprise!.

Optus Photo,Optus Photo by Josh Taylor,Josh Taylor on twitter tweets Optus Photo

Breaking: Law firm Slater and Gordon are investigating a potential class action against Optus for the massive data breach. Story to come.

Optus Photo,Optus Photo by David Swan,David Swan on twitter tweets Optus Photo

#BREAKING: The hacker responsible for the Optus breach has just released the private information of 10,000 customers. More to come. #9News.

10 million Australians potentially impacted by the Optus data breach. Consumers …. be on notice. A new wave of Scams to come. Optus must protect its customers and ensure their data is safe. The Albanese Government is working on new measures to protect consumers from scammers..

The “cyber criminals” and “hackers” you keep talking about in the Optus data breach - the data was *out on the internet and Optus put it there* There was no crime committed under Australian law in accessing a forward facing server.

Are you an Optus customer who is now seeking to cancel your contract? What are you being told by Optus? My DMs are open. #OptusHack.

🚨Scam Alert: Beware of scammers using the Optus data breach to ask you for personal details or money! We’re seeing a variety of these scams. Don’t open the link or give personal info - just delete!.

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Scamwatch is warning Optus customers to take urgent action to secure their accounts and personal information following a cyber-attack. Watch out for contact from scammers who may have your personal information..

Optus Photo,Optus Photo by Scamwatch_gov_au,Scamwatch_gov_au on twitter tweets Optus Photo

Millions of Australian Optus users have fallen victim to a major cyberattack, with their personal details compromised..

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Optus has fallen victim to a massive cyber attack, potentially compromising the personal data of millions of Australians. Up to million people have been reportedly caught up in the breach. MORE: #9News.

Optus Photo,Optus Photo by 9News Australia,9News Australia on twitter tweets Optus Photo

Channel 9 Melbourne just reported the Optus data breach means anyone can be driving around on your licence, racking up driving offences, via a quote that was not corrected. That is false and Channel 9 should issue a correction if it is not attempting to create a panic. #auspol.

“We are always at risk, and this will happen again and again – sadly. Optus, Australia’s second-largest telecom, has disclosed that customers’ personal data may have been compromised in a cyberattack against the company.

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LNP’s Sarah Henderson who for a decade did nothing for online privacy has blamed Labor for the cyber attack on Optus because since losing the election she: “Has been calling on the Albanese Government to deliver tougher online privacy and data protection laws” Oh ffs 😂🤦‍♂️🥴😒.

The ‘hackers’ asking for only 1 million dollars is the funniest bit for me. Probably more than Optus have ever spent on customer data security..

ABC News
ABC News

Optus hit with cyber attack exposing customer information, company says.

Australian telecom giant Optus hit by cyberattack, personal info at risk.

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This headline from @optus is a blatant lie. “Optus notifies customers of cyberattack compromising customer information”. Except they didn’t. Issuing a media release isn’t in any way notifying customers. It’s not even close. #databreach #publicrelations.

😂😂😂😂 OPTUS!! “Where are you off to mate?”….”Tryin to find my GF, she ransom’ware…”.

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SBS News
SBS News

The personal information of millions of Australians was accessed during an Optus data breach. Now, the Attorney-General wants to make reforms to the Privacy Act as soon as possible..

The Verge
The Verge

Australia to overhaul privacy laws after massive data breach.

Optus Photo,Optus Photo by The Verge,The Verge on twitter tweets Optus Photo

In a post dated the 17th, names and email addresses allegedly associated with million #Optus mobile numbers were put up for sale..

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