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Government sends out 36 million SMS messages, massively exceeding limit on its $40 Optus plan

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Mathew ()

@GerardWhateley Surely in this hypothetical, if the eagles were the highest placed team the AFL GF would be played in Perth. Optus holds more than Marvel

Jason McCallum ()

@GerardWhateley Not bad Gerard. Quite lateral. But how about AFL GF a twilight match at Optus Stadium in Perth? Timezone makes it work. Move cricket to the WACA. Full disclosure: I’m from Perth.

Carly Findlay OAM ()

Thanks @Optus, I know. But please increase the internet speed too, thanks. Screenshot of text: Coronavirus Aus Gov msg: To stop the spread, stay from others, follow rules on social gatherings, wash hands, stay home if sick.

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Optus ()

In these extraordinary times we are more connected than ever. #togetherathome #connectus

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Suzanna K ()

@sedvitae I got ir thru Optus. Told me to wash my hand, meter rule. So not helpful.

Sportsindustry ()

@lvandle The WAFC received 5m from the AFL and from the AFL clubs in royalty payments last year. The WAFC is guaranteed 10m a year from the WA Gov for moving to Optus Stadium.

Ryan Williams ()

@catedempsey At one stage in my career we were building the Optus broadband network, Huawei sent a big contingent which I interviewed in Chatswood,I took them down to a big Telstra exchange by the station and showed them around, they thought it was Chinese new year when I opened some cabinets

PpilFƎd 🏇 ()

@allanaburns @Optus Seems there may be probs brother is reporting similar #hung #up

Kosta ()

@Optus I’ve asked you to answer my question regarding cancellation of my father services. Also I sent a pm, which was unanswered. If you don’t reply within the next hour I will assume you won’t mind me lodging a complaint to the telecommunications industry ombudsman!!

Phil Kingsmill ()

Yay! Finally got my text message. I’m glad it wasn’t important. @Optus #fail

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Andrew Rose ()

I take it all back 😱 Just received the #Optus warning to wash my hands. 13:37 27-Mar-2020 How long was that? 3 days? #covid19australia

Avalon ()

Hey look! Optus people finally got that informative Government PSA today 😅 They really should have saved on characters & dropped that if sick portion

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Charles Huang ()

@eeemmmiii @Aussie_BB I ditched them to join Optus 5G 2 months ago, the cancellation was a breeze, and the pro-rata charges they have is just great.

Josephine Perkins ()

@Optus I don’t have service AGAIN. Called 6 times today, hung up on each time. Can’t log on or register on error message account not found. Would someone please help.

Anita Anderson ()

@Optus Nothing on the website, no response through mobile app, and now significant financial impact as I have to use my mobile data to reform work duties.

Beth ()

Oh yay. The government text finally arrived. From Optus. Seriously, ‘how do we sent country wide government alerts’ should have been a fixed problem at this point.

Optus ()

@Mel452 Sorry to hear that, Mel. Is anything noted in the way of works or faults in your area as per our Network Status page → Feel free to send through a DM and we can run through some additional troubleshooting. Tano

LillyPilly ()

@WeAreBrisbane Both with Optus, husband got it last night, I still have not received it!

Jayden Burns ()

@alvey5 @aflratingsPete With the Rex Hunt combination - vs the smoker at Optus Oval is amazing

Colin Hanley ()

@Optus Hi, we have had no landline for three days and now our internet is out. Tech team call centre & general inquiries are closed down. Your chat team responded after 48hrs but only sent it to the tech team. No reply. I can’t work remotely as a priority customer service. Please help.

🌱Iceberg Lady🌏 NO WAR💧🔥 ()

@kirstinferguson @Optus I got it but, like it’s source, is useless. I’m following what Norman Swan, Bill Bowtell, Jacinda Ardern & Dan Andrews advise.

Johanna Kloot ()

@kirstinferguson @Optus I’m with Optus, came through last night. Nothing about 20 seconds for hand washing. So important!

Timothy Zeven 🏳️‍🌈🐣 ()

Dear @Optus, please double *all* data limits (wireless broadband, mobile, etc) during this trying time. We beg of you. #covid19australia

GOD gokhan ilkitoglu ()

I took back lot of binance assets bc it wouldnt let me log in I re took still billion worth shows but they under in my wallets can’t be relesed fuking coinbase took heaps too these cunts lockme up optus took mynumber back prepaid fuking then ips got charged then nbn shit, dogs

DJ GJ ()

@EconomistAnge @JezNews I moved from Optus to prepaid, 15gb for $25, very happy with it - Moose Mobile, very good reviews

Grace Millimaci ()

@kirstinferguson @Optus I’m with Optus. I got it this morning. Not sure if the truly stubborn and stupid will take much notice of

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Marilyn Chapple ()

@kirstinferguson @Optus Optus. Received late this afternoon. Very underwhelming amidst all the much better advice

A Yi ()

I’m with @Optus as well and still haven’t received the message.

Dr Kirstin Ferguson ()

Out of interest, did anyone else NOT get this text? I am with @Optus and nothing has come through yet ...

𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚜𝚎𝚛 ()

Government sends out 36 million SMS messages, massively exceeding limit on its $40 Optus plan

☚ #brooklyn99 alex hawke ☛
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