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Great. The worst-hit state in the country is recording over 50,000 cases every day and has run out of vaccines. The Centre responds by getting Union Ministers to launch a coordinated attack on it.

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Yaseen ()

Lotto Friday: $BIDU Calls over $228. I will personally grab 230c $PTON Calls over $125 risky $ETSY Calls over $ $SHOP Calls over $1232 (Still Swinging 4/16s) $AMD Calls Over $ risky $SQ Calls over $262 (Still Swinging) $FUTU Calls over $160, fails often. risky GL! 📈

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Micol ()

@provaperderti giustamente hanno vaccinato insegnanti in dad under 50,militari,professionisti sanitari che nn hanno a che fare con pz terminali o fragili,giornalisti perché passavano di li,magistrati, chi veramente rischia,over 80 e con patologie, attende ancora la prima

Rajnish Sharma 🇮🇳
Rajnish Sharma 🇮🇳 ()

#UrbanNaxals My take ; If all #UrbanNaxals are arrested & jailed under various acts, specially those in Delhi, Over 50% of the Naxalism can be resolved. Cut their ideological logistics first, I see Naxals as fooled up souls. Even Chambal dacoits of past were wiser.

Suhas ()

Famed intellect of Mr PC on display here. @drharshvardhan said MH vaccinated only 25% while 4 states have done over 50% of senior citizens. He was just comparing MH with super-performing states. Mr PC assumed MH is 5th! MH stands a grand 19th in coverage of senior citizens!

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🎯 ǝʎƎsllnB 🎯
🎯 ǝʎƎsllnB 🎯 ()

@Shafqat_Mahmood Peak in June was little over 50 deaths a day and now it has gone past 100, please take sensible decisions don’t give in to the plea of some tharki idiots who know nothing but their tharak. They want schools to open and when you open them they come out protesting against exams 🤷‍♂️

Barry Mulligan
Barry Mulligan ()

@LesStonehouse @politicaltragic The LNP deserve everything thrown at them. Israel 100%, UK & US over 50%, OZ 2 - 3%. Could not organise a chook raffle. #LNPfail

Absolute ()

Wait they nerfed shotguns when there’s hand cannons hitting for 90 damage and have an optimal ttk over 50 meters.

Adam ()

@sullythegreat1 My favorite is when a shell gets taken over and somehow the CEO owns 50% of the ultra diluted stock within 2 years lol

Thirty 3 Three 3 Thirty 3 Threes
Thirty 3 Three 3 Thirty 3 Threes ()

@NewMoneyTexas When I was a kid I was clutch on the 22, but my eyes, mostly my dominant right eye have degenerated so badly that I couldn’t focus on the target at 50 yards so I got a 4x illuminated scope. I love irons but my eyes can’t hang. Doctor says the floater is right Over my pupil.

Gabrielle Woodcock🏆🏆🏆
Gabrielle Woodcock🏆🏆🏆 ()

@GemmaTognini Not against the injection at all will be lining up to get one .. but what’s it say about population over 50 doesn’t matter if they get blood clots .. 🤔

Gina Guillotine
Gina Guillotine ()

We had to haul 50+ lb stuff all over the place, lift them above our heads, while standing on a rickety ladder, with masks on in 80 degree weather//a poorly air conditioned building. OVER AND OVER AGAIN ALL DAY. While constantly being rushed to work faster

RIAA Fancams
RIAA Fancams ()

“She Servinnn’” by @travisxnickiaw has been certified PLATINUM for selling over 50 thousand units! Congratulations to @travisxnickiaw! 🎉

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💧Rob Mailler
💧Rob Mailler ()

@chocpudd I think the rationale is something like if you are over 50 the risk of death from COVID is more than 1000 times higher than it is from AZ. So its mostly about covid being more dangerous with increased age.

Earl A Brewer
Earl A Brewer ()

@EBJunkies @Change Signed - read the January edition of Lacrosse Magazine. My company, VEL ran a successful fall league. Safety measures enforced - 50 high school teams with 200 games played over an 8-week season and not one case of Covid - it can be done!

Brian Oswald
Brian Oswald ()

@CWilliamsNFL @DynastyBrit I know more folks have warmed up to Williams. I wonder what % of the industry has him first at this point over Harris and Etienne. Feels like maybe over 50% of folks still have Harris first?

Salty Pete 🗣🇦🇺
Salty Pete 🗣🇦🇺 ()

@robirdie777 I’m over 50 and I won’t be having ANY vaccine. Never had a flu shot, don’t see the need for one now

Larry Nance Jr
Larry Nance Jr ()

Game 51 - GrooveRyde @GROOVERYDE Started in 2014 in a basement, GrooveRyde now has 2 locations and is proud to employ over 50 local Clevelanders! They are a micro gym that focuses on group fitness. Their workouts include cycling, boxing, boot camp, yoga, and barre.


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Cheddarface ()


Ronald Dyer
Ronald Dyer ()

@JennaEllisEsq They were built to house 50 adult immigrants but are now housing over 500 children. The children are speaking out now about the abuse and rapes occurring inside those cages. Harris has flowen to Washington to tour a bakery but has not the time to visit the border. Dem. Compassion

Opinionsarelike🧢 ()

@mytasting_spoon @mehdirhasan You really think we should remain in a semi lockdown when at least 60% of adults over 50 have been vaccinated, essentially all over 50 have had ability to get vaccinated and the mortality rate of positive cases under 50 is around .1%?

Pieter Kuijt
Pieter Kuijt ()

Ik vind het een verrassend advies van de @Gezondheidsraad over #AstraZeneca. Klein risico weegt blijkbaar zwaarder dan het potentieel extra aantal doden door vaccinatie vertraging, met name bij groep 50-60. Benieuwd naar de onderbouwing.

Brian guenther
Brian guenther ()

@marcus_truth Same as bars at 50% occupancy. If no laws are updated when Covid is over and the emergency powers are taken from the state government the occupancy amount will return to pre Covid levels.

Cath Watkins
Cath Watkins ()

@MorpheusNI Probably because when the over 50’s were first released the only appointments available were in Derry or Ballymena.

Helen Wilson
Helen Wilson ()

Don’t just imagine a nature-rich future – demand it! I’ve joined over 50 organisations calling for nature’s recovery to be written into the #EnvironmentBill It only takes one min, will you? #StateofNature

Nathan Hammond 張拿敦
Nathan Hammond 張拿敦 ()

Suffice to say, without policy changes, I believe that we have already administered over 50% of our first doses in the Hong Kong 2021 vaccination program. I believe that our vaccinated population percentage will not exceed 15%. (I hope I am wrong about this.)

Noor ()

@Gewetenvanpurm1 Er gaan 50 mensen PER MAAND dood door een ongeval. Dus trek ik het gezeik over AstraZ niet meer.

Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren ()

This $ trillion plan to enforce our tax laws and catch wealthy tax cheats is a good down payment to #BuildBackBetter – but a #WealthTax on fortunes over $50 million would raise at least $3 trillion for America’s future. Let’s not nibble around the edges here.

Kunal Purohit
Kunal Purohit ()

Great. The worst-hit state in the country is recording over 50,000 cases every day and has run out of vaccines. The Centre responds by getting Union Ministers to launch a coordinated attack on it.

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Oliver Mathenge
Oliver Mathenge ()

I am surprised that people are surprised that Nairobi has over 50 MCAs. It is 85 elected & 38 nominated MCAs. Kenya has 47 County Assemblies with 1,450 elected MCAs & 772 nominated. Nominations are done to meet 2/3rd gender. If you pass BBI, this will apply to National Assembly.

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