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CALCULATED. @M1chelle_ow owns Hollywood. #OWL2019 Do not pass go. Do not collect 200. LIVE:.

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The boys are back in town. The gang is back together. #OWL2019.

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The Overwatch League Stage One Semifinals are SET! Turn it over to @overwatchleague this weekend to see the top four teams battle for a spot in the finals! #OWL2019 📺:.

A partir das 16h (horário de Brasília), @petarNetoTV e eu narramos a primeira semi final da #OverwatchLeague #OWL2019 Quem leva?.

You really can’t count out @SeoulDynasty in tomorrow’s semis. #OWL2019 #RoarOn.

There you have it! #OWL2019 We will be back tomorrow at 12PM PT with our semifinals for the Stage 1 Playoffs! Who do you think is going all the way to the finals?.

Thanks for watching tonight! #OWL2019 The Stage 1 Quarterfinals continues TOMORROW at 6PM PT. BE THERE!.

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Michelle running around pulling off multiple full team EMPs in that series against NYXL #RoarOn #OWL2019.

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190322 #OWL2019 S1-플레이오프 #RoarOn 미쳤구나 서울 플파라 먼도우 미쉘의ㅣ 솜브라까지 걍 다 완벽.

CALCULATED. @M1chelle_ow owns Hollywood. #OWL2019 Do not pass go. Do not collect 200. LIVE:.

Titans not being phased at all by anything Charge throws at them so far. 2-0 going into the half! #OWL2019.

Excelente inicio para @Outlaws, veamos como juega @ATLReign bajo presión a partir de ahora, vamos directo a Kings Row #OWL2019.

That was one of the most confusing and crazy series I’ve casted. I feel like this should play in the arena now. Where else do you go from here? #OWL2019.

🇧🇷 Na transmissão em português da #OverwatchLeague também tem Cabra! 🇺🇸 On #OWL2019 Portuguese broadcast we also have GOATS!.

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O aimgod é gigantesco. O que a Fuel gastou pra tentar matar esse Zenyatta não tá escriti. Tá certinho o Blasé de ficar de guarda-costa do homi. #OWL2019.

“@aimgod_ow transcendence god heal god” This man has gone beyond the levels of a gigachad to reach yottachad levels #OWL2019 @BostonUprising.

and it smells like a new meme has been born today with the missed grav 😰 #OWL2019.

The best feeling when Seoul Dynasty is finally in the play off stage!!! #RoarOn #OWL2019.

Old man Jehong still has some left in the tank. He wants playoffs. #OWL2019.

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I hope the dudes get a good rest and chill in the off season and cone back stronger, hopefully with a new approach from our coaching team #OWL2019 #AcesHigh.

I suspect that even with a win now that won’t be a good enough map differential for stage one playoffs. Bah. #OWL2019.

Never lost to london vs never beaten london. Ahh spear vs shield. That would make Fissure the spear and London the shield. That hypes me up to see how the rest of this match plays out (that and SEO is my 3rd favorite team with spitfire at 4 so I was already invested) #OWL2019.

big mistake by seoul not protecting fissure once gesture dived on him. bit unlucky since it sounded like the bubble hit fissure. they run over london in the next fight though. #OWL2019 #OverwatchLeague.

Overwatch day lots of important games for playoff standings! #OWL2019 #OverwatchLeague.

My prediction for S1 Playoff standings: NYXL (7-0) Vancouver (7-0) Atlanta (5-2) Toronto (5-2) Dallas (5-2) Shock (4-3) Seoul (4-3) Philly (4-3) Ready to laugh at myself tomorrow #owl2019.

Bring the Pacific Northwest onto desktop and mobile. The Titans wallpaper batch is here. #ForceOfNature #OWL2019 Download now →.

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