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What can taste sweeter for @SFShock? ⚡ #Winnable indeed! #OWL2020

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Jess / maka ✨🌸 @ #OWL2020 ()

Another day of @overwatchleague down! I had a lot of fun today with these matches! Decided to switch things up a bit and grab some of my favorite replays from the day and share them with you guys. 🥰 Might make this a weekly thing. 👀 Enjoy! #OWL2020

Owl of Derision ()

I get most of I’ve never got this #Owl2020 #SuperbOwl

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Overwatch League ()

The @SFShock got quick revenge on the @LAValiant. #ShockTheWorld #OWL2020

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RoXaS 🇬🇹 ()

those chats during the game was funny asf #OWL2020 man i hope we get to see more next time! Good matches tho i hope tomorrow will be more entertaining @overwatchleague

Overwatch League ()

What can taste sweeter for @SFShock? ⚡ #Winnable indeed! #OWL2020

Naftee ()

The Saint Who Stopped an Epidemic Is on Lockdown at the Met? Decisions to schedule operations for pitchers like Noah Syndergaard of the Mets and Chris Sale of the Red Sox have caused debate. #ohldraft2020 #OWL2020

GE AvidshredZ ()

Either @SFShock is having a really tough night or @LAValiant is on another #OWL2020

オーバーウォッチリーグお知らせbot ()

もうそろそろ Los Angeles Valiant vs. San Francisco Shock が始まるよ。 #OWL2020 ◎本家 ◎Twitchでコメントするページ ◎bilibili

Turki ()

Toxicity level: 100%😂😭 OGE just found him self with the gladiators, happy for U @OGE_ow 💛 #owl2020

✡︎ ()

Looking forward to seeing Super ask Reinforce to suck his fucking balls after this. #OWL2020

Daisy Duncan Apologist ()

Man, Valiant are fucking good. This is the team that many people were ranking 19th or 20th in pre-season power rankings. #OWL2020

Alyssa Amazon ()

Man that was such a stellar performance by the Valiant on Paris. Hope they can keep up the momentum! #owl2020

Overwatch League ()

[email protected] is a nightmare for the Shock! #WingsOut #OWL2020 📺

☚ #brooklyn99 #BANGBANGCON ☛
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