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The biggest casualty of dynastic politics are institutions. From the press to Parliament. From soldiers to free speech. From the Constitution to the courts. Nothing is spared. Sharing some thoughts..

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No @theresa_may you are to blame for the #BrexitCrisis The impasse in Parliament is all of your own making. You never reached out to the 48% & to other parties to create a compromise. You set down your own red lines from the outset. You have let everyone down..

Theresa May says the public is frustrated at “Parliament’s failure to make a decision.” It made one. Twice. And she scuttled the chance for it to take indicative votes on an actual solution. The problem isn’t Parliament. It’s her disrespect of it..

The biggest casualty of dynastic politics are institutions. From the press to Parliament. From soldiers to free speech. From the Constitution to the courts. Nothing is spared. Sharing some thoughts..

She is in labour because they are Tories or why would that old duffer corbyn abstain against a peoples vote then when it was voted down he then made a speech for a peoples vote every one in parliament laughed at him he is insane.

Be fair, he has to nip over to Brussels to not speak in the European Parliament..

This parliament is fkd Brexit news: EU will do ANYTHING for UK to stay - but hope nearly GONE as no deal looms.

@jeremycorbyn Why are you silent about that ERG Mogg and Baker met and endorsed anti-Muslim racist hate preacher Candace Owen on 11 March. Her hatred is the inspiration behind despicable NZ terror attack. Why are you NOT asking tories in Parliament about it?.

Netanyahu’s centrist opponents put out a new poster. Top: “Kahane Lives” - a reference to Jewish extremist Meir Kahane whose ideological successors Bibi is bringing into Parliament. Bottom: “The People of Israel Live” - a traditional Jewish rallying cry..

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The excellent beer mats made by Led By Donkeys (@ByDonkeys) being placed on #NigelFarage’s seat in the European.

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The remarks by Senator Fraser Anning blaming the murderous attacks by a violent, right-wing, extremist terrorist in New Zealand on immigration are disgusting. Those views have no place in Australia, let alone the Australian Parliament..

@fraser_anning You are the most disgusting opportunistic bottom feeder who has ever held office in parliament. You should be stripped of your position and any privileges that go with it. Scum..

Former Member of Parliament and State minister Vivekananda Reddy passed away in the early hours of Friday in Kadapa..

@ScottMorrisonMP @JoshButler Have fraser anning ejected from parliament and sacked..

Factbox - Brexit in numbers: How did parliament vote on Thursday?.

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“Your decision. Not politicians. Not Parliament. Just you. Unless you vote the wrong way, of course, when we’ll overrule you.”.

BREAKING: European Parliament passes resolution calling for an EU Magnitsky Act with Sergei Magnitsky’s name on it. The vote was 447 in favor and 70 against. Big victory for truth and justice. Big defeat for Putin and his sympathisers.

@jeremycorbyn is the right person to find a deal to unite Parliament. He’s everything @theresa_may isn’t; a listener, empathetic, intuitive, wise..

Honestly, who cares if @zalisteggall spent her 20s walking around with a duck on her head. so sick of this smear-based, hate-driven politics that is utterly bereft of policy. hope she wins the seat, and I the 46th Parliament remembers to work for the people of our nation #auspol.

Sindh loses another case for provincial autonomy. Fear of #PPP raised by Chairman @BBhuttoZardari at every forum , on floor of Parliament Coming True. #18ThAmmendment.

Parliament, dominated by Remainers, is now actively trying to stop Brexit happening. Staggering, and disgraceful..

This is a Parliament of outright liars. We will have to fight them again. And mark my words — we will beat them once more..

@martinfearn @Rachael At this rate you have to wait for the current parliament to retire. Sorry..

we should not standby and watch the traitors do their dirty work we should all march to parliament now and see what the hell is going on with our democracy.

Today’s events beg a real question for Scotland - do we want to continue with a situation where a handful of DUP MPs can hold more sway over the future of our country than our own democratically elected Parliament?.

[email protected] are the only ones to show decisive leadership on the biggest issue we face as a country. We are offering a plan to deal with the reality of where we are and the challenges faced by Parliament..

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