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It should not be controversial to believe that Parliament be allowed to sit, and have a say, during a key period in our country’s history. 2/2.

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‘The Labour frontbencher collided with a taxi as she cycled around Parliament Square at lunchtime on Friday’ She was later discharged from hospital and will be back at work soon. The taxi hopefully will also make a full recovery😏.

Woman Gram Pradhan from Amethi, Parvati ji gets a tour of the Parliament with Amethi MP ⁦@smritiirani⁩ Great moment in democracy. Urge more MPs to do the same more often..

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It should not be controversial to believe that Parliament be allowed to sit, and have a say, during a key period in our country’s history. 2/2.

There’s no mandate for No Deal & therefore suspending Parliament to force it through without scrutiny is unacceptable. It’s undemocratic to sideline Parliament & that is why I voted for the prorogation amendments today..

MPs vote to block the next UK PM shutting down Parliament in order to push through a no-deal #Brexit, by 315 votes to 274.

Just voted in EU Parliament - breakneck speed voting was so rapid that a LibDem MEP stood up to complain. You couldn’t make it up!.

Leave EU comms director Wigmore thinks he is a PR genius. (He told @EmmaLBriant he took inspiration from the Nazis). Yet every time he threatens all he does is draw more attention to all these RU Brexit meetings. He admitted to parliament he was a liar. And they believed him..

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ISSUES ON #Newsfile CHAMBERGATE: PSB ‘forced’ to drop plan? CHAMBERGATE: Parliament ‘drops’ new chamber plan after public uproar CHAMBERGATE: Akufo-Addo excited over suspension of parliamentary complex project #JoyNews.

India is a country where about 65% of the population is under 35 years. Now, let us turn to the temple of democracy, Parliament, and only per cent of all parliamentarians are below 30. And, one in every four MPs are below 45 years: @ShashiTharoor.

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YSR Congress member, V. Vijaysai Reddy walked out of the parliament after Government insists voting cannot take place in absence of adequate number of members needed for a Constitution amendment bill #VijaySaiReddy #ysrcp.

Hammond backs legal moves to stop Boris Johnson suspending Parliament for no-deal Brexit.

The reorganization of unwieldy large States must be conducted through a comprehensive statutory process, instead of ad hocism or political expediency. A Commission w/experts can take stock of our governance from time to time and recommend changes to the Parliament to consider..

More than 200 million Europeans cast their votes to elect a new European Parliament in May. And the next step? Parliament will have its say on who will be the next European Commission president ⬇️⬇️⬇️.

He used words like geeli shalwaarein, laanat on parliament, abused politicians everyday on a container for months, he rejected women’s protection bill, found veena Malik declaring her assets funny in a misogynistic manner, I repeat HE VOTED AGAINST women protection bill..

Lawmakers hurling heavy pieces of office equipment at aides, groping their breasts and slapping their backsides. A study found that sexual harassment was considered a “necessary evil” for young, ambitious workers in the Houses of Parliament..

BJP MP @RakeshSinha01 will present in Parliament today the bill related to population control. Much awaited, hopefully the bill gets passed. बीजेपी सांसद राकेश सिन्हा आज संसद में पेश करेंगे जनसंख्या नियंत्रण से जुड़ा विधेयक!.

No One Is Above The Law Says Politician Whose Eligibility To Sit In Parliament Is A Little Questionable Under Section 44 Of The Constitution But Bafflingly Hasn’t Run It Past The High Court.

It is no good @guyverhofstadt saying that a no-deal Brexit would be bad for the EU and then saying the so called ‘Withdrawal Agreement’, which the UK Parliament has rejected 3 times, cannot be renegotiated. Either the EU wants a deal or it doesn’.

Golden Dawn just lost every single seat it had in Greek oppaaaaaaaaa.

Massive Protests Outside UK Parliament as Tommy Robinson Jailed, Thousands Take To The Streets via @pamelageller.

There’s been a lot of misinformation about the #UluruStatement and the Voice to parliament; it is a way forward in Indigenous affairs & a process for proper legal relations with First Nations. This video is a terrific resource. Share it with your family & friends & networks..

This is not disruption. It’s called enforcement of the rule of law. We can’t and will never permit constitutional delinquents to undermine Parliament. Well done Commissars and Fighters! It’s No retreat! No surrender!!.

Poco a poco las voces cualificadas van dejándolo claro: Empty Seats in the European Parliament: What About EU ... vía @Verfassungsblog.

Empty Seats in the European Parliament: What About EU ... via @Verfassungsblog.

He prorogued parliament not over a great matter of policy, just to spare his political embarrassment.

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