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Holly Vienna for 🇺🇸
Holly Vienna for 🇺🇸 ()

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Adam LeClair
Adam LeClair ()

@TomBrady, you shouldn’t have listened to #gisele and left the @Patriots. 😂😂😂😂

#ReleaseTheKraken #FightBack
#ReleaseTheKraken #FightBack ()

#Patriots 👊🏻💪🏼🇺🇸 @SidneyPowell1 retweeted me and y’all DM, commented & followed me ready to work! 💪🏼 I think I’m caught up, but if you didn’t get the AZ & GA emails, DM me @FaithLuvAmerica ⚠️🗣NOW, call & leave VMs for these leaders in #Pennsylvania BIG deadline 2morrow! 👇🏻👇🏻

Patriots Photo,Patriots Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Patrick ()

I’ve been asked as a @Patriots fan do I continue to root for Brady now that he’s with the @Buccaneers. Answer is no. I thank him for his time in New England but I’ve no reason to root for him now. Although I wouldn’t mind him as our QB this season. ()

@KamalaHarris LOSERS WHO CHEAT WILL ALWAYS BE LOSERS ...Trump won FAIRLY and he is and always will be a WINNER in the HEARTS and MINDS of PATRIOTS

LaymanLarry ()


ꜱʟ1ᴘɢᴀᴛᴏʀ (4-6-PAIN)
ꜱʟ1ᴘɢᴀᴛᴏʀ (4-6-PAIN) ()

Wish this was televised instead of the Dolphins/Jets game but fuck it LFG

Blair ()

@Patriots How tf did we win??? How is it games we should win we lose and games we should lose we win???? Just think if the close games we had against the Seahawks and bills went our way we would look pretty good.

FOX 10 Phoenix
FOX 10 Phoenix ()

The Arizona Cardinals fell to the New England Patriots 20-17. They now hold a 6-5 record.

Patriots Photo,Patriots Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Pedro Castro
Pedro Castro ()

Cada semana este equipo tan inconsistente me hace de un partido malo de #Cam a lo último con ese castigo salva la jugada para poder patear y obtener la Victoria, #gopats 💪😠🏈

VOTE 🗳 Warnock & Ossoff
VOTE 🗳 Warnock & Ossoff ()

Patriots fans can DM me if you’d like a copy of the “In The Hunt” manual. © Dolphins 2004-2020

ℓαυяιηнα 🚩♊
ℓαυяιηнα 🚩♊ ()

É. Win. Mas vai tomar no cu. Cansada dessa peleja, dessa tensão. Tava acostumada com isso não. Era só o #GALO que me deixava assim 🙄 agora vcs tbm ... q porra é essa 🤬

Michael L Corrente, Esq.
Michael L Corrente, Esq. ()

Nick Folk saving me from receiving a lot of chirps Side bar: Before attending ASU, I didn’t realize people were actually Cardinals fans. Still a strange concept to me. #ontoLosAngeles

Metfan ()

@SNFonNBC @Patriots That call was a joke. Like usual you get handed a game by the refs.

EddieSEA ()

@CorbinSmithNFL Yep ! I was rooting for the Patriots and Newton ... contra-intuitive for me lol

Overtime Sports
Overtime Sports ()

Upset brewing in Foxborough as the #Patriots take a 17-10 lead on James White’s 2nd TD of the day

Pal Ya Tivv
Pal Ya Tivv ()

@DeanBrowningPA @yashar MAGA Patriots: 1) Write in PRESIDENT TRUMP on 1/5 and he will win both Senate seats 2) Write in SENATOR TRUMP in 2022 and he will become Governor of Georgia 3) Vote TRUMP in 2024 and he will be two senators, governor and President! #MAGA 🇺🇲

Patriots Photo,Patriots Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Kirsten Feher
Kirsten Feher ()

Look 👀 at my Cardinals ♥️🖤🤍🏈! Their Nope! No Touchdown for the Patriots! lol lol lol

Danica Ross
Danica Ross ()

And the ⁦@NFL⁩ is planning to donate that money to people who can’t afford treatment, right? NFL fines Saints and Patriots hundreds of thousands of dollars for Covid-19 violations

Ben Haber
Ben Haber ()

#Patriots are out coaching the #AZCardinals at an alarming level. I like Kliff but this has been brutal.

نيو إنغلاند باتريوتس
نيو إنغلاند باتريوتس ()

تتشداون جيمس وايت ثاني في اللقاء 🔥 #GoPats

Mary Walsh
Mary Walsh ()

@RealMattCouch Can all Patriots please sign this petition by Lin Wood? He has 106K signatures, but is looking for 250K+ to present to GA Governor, Brian Kemp #MAGA2020🙌🏻🇺🇸💪

Jena Rutan 🔥 Torchlight
Jena Rutan 🔥 Torchlight ()

Are you kidding me? These crooks have no line they will not cross. Nothing is too much for them. Patriots and people of morality must stand against the great evils of our day no matter the cost! We cannot let them overtake this world. By God’s strength and grace we will overcome!

President-elect Mike Anderson 🇺🇸
President-elect Mike Anderson 🇺🇸 ()

If the Patriots had speed within their front seven, Murray would be on his ass.

ThatGuy ()

@Patriots OMG, both McCourty’s are so horrible in pass coverage not makes me miss the days when Troy Brown had to play defense. He was even better in coverage then the McCourty twits.

No One
No One ()

@LikeTheMountain i bet majority of people thst claim they are patriots are just keyboard patriots, otherwise we would have seen significant pushback to the leftist uprising in cities this year

Timmy Vallely
Timmy Vallely ()

Gilmore is doing enough to not get beat, but definitely is still getting beat 🤔@Patriots #Patriots #PatsNation @cgasper

Ken Jones
Ken Jones ()

Deatrich Wise Jr. was held on that 3rd & 7 pass completion from Murray to his TE. #Patriots

Jason Pombo
Jason Pombo ()

Nothing the #Patriots defense could have done about that. Kyler Murray is going to be special for years to come. #Cardinals

Lil Bron 🐍
Lil Bron 🐍 ()

@btbnba Não. Mas acho muito estranho alguém torcer p/ Lakers e Patriots ou torcer p Bulls e Packers.

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