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With the 8th pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, the Pelicans select guard @DysonDaniels (G League Ignite)! 🇦🇺 #PelicansDraft.

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Dyson Daniels is headed to the Big Easy 👏 @brhoops The Pelicans select Daniels from the G League Ignite with the No. 8 pick.

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Trajan Langdon says that Dyson Daniels wanted to visit with the Pelicans twice during the pre-draft process but the team told him he needed to come only once -- shows how much Daniels wanted to join New Orleans..

PLAYOFF BOUND. The Pelicans come back from down five to beat Kannapolis and clinch the Carolina League South Division first-half championship on the final day. #MBPelicans.

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Pelicans land projected first-rounder Liddell with 41st pick 🙌 Story by @Jim_Eichenhofer.

Undrafted players in my top 50: Justin Lewis signed 2-way with Bulls Julian Champagnie signed 2-way with Sixers Dereon Seabron signed 2-way with Pelicans Kenneth Lofton Jr. signed 2-way with Grizzlies John Butler, Jean Montero, Ziga Samar remain at large.

Also, I want the Pelicans to trade up for EJ Liddell ASAP. New Orleans drafting Buckeyes goes well. Make it happen..

2022 NBA Draft: New Orleans Pelicans select EJ Liddell with 41st pick.

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Pelicans come back again! Josue Huma brings in two on a double. Pelicans 7, Cannon Ballers 6 in the top of the eighth..

The Myrtle Beach Pelicans Are First Half Champs!.

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Warriors Clippers Mavericks Suns Grizzlies Nuggets Timberwolves Pelicans Trailblazers The Jazz really might miss the playoffs..

Pelicans managed to snag two guys in Liddell and Dereon Seabron who both averaged over 6 free throw attempts a game… there’s only 7 other guys doing that at the collegiate P-5 level..

Man he should’ve been a Sixer. Pelicans keep compiling all the dawgs.

Pelicans select forward Liddell With 41st Pick! @PelicanScoop @doingitdodson.

Quick winners and losers: Winners Pistons Pelicans Hawks Grizzlies Bucks Pacers Raptors Magic Nuggets Losers: Knicks Cavs Hornets Lakers Timberwolves Kings Conflicted Spurs Rockets Thunder Mavericks.

And with that the Pelicans are back on the clock. Trade or draft and stash seem like the only two logical options here..

@CornetaWarriors tomara que o warriors nao faça com o gui o que o pelicans fez com o didi.

The Pelicans No. 8 overall selection, Dyson Daniels, is Australian born and dominated in his Australian senior national team debut last year. Five things to know about the newest Pelicans:.

Pelicans select forward Liddell With 41st Pick! @PelicanScoop @doingitdodson.

vincitrici di stanotte Detroit Pistons San Antonio Spurs Denver Nuggets/ New Orleans Pelicans/ Oklahoma City Thunder.

As a Pelicans fan from the UK, waking up to everyone praising the hell outta your draft is an amazing feeling. Got a good feeling today will be a good day..

@ABallNeverLies @yawmNihon Et cerise sur le gateau avec Seabron en 2-way contract. On est hyper satisfaits de notre draft !.

I think Detroit were the biggest winners. Really liked what the Pelicans and Spurs did too.

Im making this prediction right here right now. The pelicans will win the 2023 nba finals.

🇦🇺 @DysonDaniels heading to the @PelicansNBA with the No. 8 pick! #NBADraft.

LIVE NOW! REACTION: Dyson Daniels drafted by the New Orleans Pelicans.

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Get to know the #Pelicans No. 8 overall pick Dyson Daniels of Australia, who starred for the NBA G-League Ignite..

@__pooleeparty He’s an excellent fit and I was super scared that he would got to Knicks or Pelicans.

New Orleans Pelicans select Australian guard Dyson Daniels with No. 8 pick.

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