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On this day in 2011, Manchester City signed Sergio Aguero. This moment alone was worth every penny 🎉 (via @ManCity)

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Gaslight my dead cat
Gaslight my dead cat ()

@KatyJayne101 Over 100 million pounds and not a penny paid in tax, they should be in prison #ToryTraitors

ویلانل 🔴
ویلانل 🔴 ()

@Shangoolism من از خدامه که یه چیزی تو دنیای واقعی پیدا کنم بهش بند شم و مجازی رو خیلی خیلی کمترش کنم

arica ♡
Arica ♡ ()

@BanditSimmer I watched True Blood ages ago on Sky, but it could be on Netflix or Amazon Prime by now and Penny Dreadful - Sky Atlantic (I think) or Amazon

ویلانل 🔴
ویلانل 🔴 ()

@Shangoolism من اینستامو دی اکتیو کردم هیچکس نفهمید :(

Adam Harari
Adam Harari ()

Is it time to put $NOVN to bed? This thing seems like a falling knife. We can’t even get one green penny this week. @iamjohn_c @dantheholy

🔥💧🌱Penny, Madame AntiFa Lash
🔥💧🌱Penny, Madame AntiFa Lash ()

The usual suspects who have more $ than they can spend creating the greatest misery they can get away with for more $ they cannot spend. What a pointless activity and at such a real cost(human, not $).

EL✨ ()

Since what we says is a form of prayer too. Im not literally broke mannn, but yknow diff commitment to fulfill & in need to managed my penny wisely. I literally sound like my mom now 😆

The Mukul Agrawal
The Mukul Agrawal ()

Itna education dete hai pir b penny ab kud dekiye paisa kaise fass gaya #nifty50

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ویلانل 🔴
ویلانل 🔴 ()

وقتایی که مامانم مریضه بابام تنها کاری که میتونه بکنه اینه که ظرف الکی حداقل کثیف نکنه. اگه ظرف الکی کثیف میکنه ام بشورتشون که من یه دستم به غذا نباشه یه دستم به ظرفا!!

Berty🍒 ()

Penny oldalán lehet nyerni belépőket a szegedi vadasparkba. Na nem mintha lenne esélyem, de játszanék ha nem családi belépő lenne.😅

Animals Matter to Me
Animals Matter to Me ()

Every bit or every penny matters now @SonuSood We have lost our place in malad west shelter with 283 animals due to corona pandemic & heavy rentals burden. Plan is buy to buy a small plot to make our very own animal hospital. Will you help us timely.

Kev🇬🇧 ()

#JeremyVine #jeremyvineon5 Cashless means, no tips, no work/foreigners back of hand jobs, no false accounts, govt and tax man will be able to track every penny earned and spent, no privacy re spending, shops etc will know what and when you buy, advertising will be targeted at you

Dildar Rajak
Dildar Rajak ()

All Accounts Of Rhea And Her Family Should Be Checked Properly. Bring Every Penny She Robbed From Sushant And Give To His Family. #ShameOnMumbaiPolice #AnilDeshmukhSavingSSRKillers

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Fishers Solicitors
Fishers Solicitors ()

My Uncle Paul died years ago aged 59, leaving Auntie Penny and cousins James and Anthony bereft.

Penny Photo
Bob Dunn
Bob Dunn ()

@MicahHanks Here’s a show for you… Penny Dreadful City of So Much More episode of Rantings of the Fatman

Jade Kahn
Jade Kahn ()

Instagram cool effects allow me to wear expensive dresses without spending a penny, I love it. 💟 💐 I need some pleasure, who wants to have some fun>> @JadeKahn2

Penny Photo
Pennybot ()

まぁ、それは大変! 任せて下さい、我が親友のルビー! 貴方のチームメイトを見つけるまで、不眠不休で!!

Utgardloki ()

@sissons_heather Meg challenges them to a giant game of toy soldiers. She will bring the soldiers plus a toy dragon. After last time Stev will bring some of her old clothes and toys as ‘prizes’. Penny is helping in the battle and bringing sandwiches.

Jeff Biesenberger
Jeff Biesenberger ()

@robertholmes @RudyHavenstein You’ve got it all wrong. They are going to contract with JC Penny to airlift the completed ingredients to Hertz who will construct a series of revolutionary strip malls to retail the product to us consumers with their sole delivery partner, Amtrak.

Simplicius ()

@HXDK @archer_rs The thing is, we would all LOVE the stupids to be more clever. I personally am still hoping the penny will drop and they will help us put a spanner into the Brexit works. I know. Not very likely.

Penny Traitor 🇪🇺 #FBPE
Penny Traitor 🇪🇺 #FBPE ()

@MaryCooper1 @PamAyres And assisted by man. It’s not being destroyed by anyone. It’s funny how people keep saying reopen disused railway line’s, yet when #HS2 do exactly that you’re all up in arms about it.

Alpha Centauri
Alpha Centauri ()

review dari sebulan ini setiap hari mencatat tiap pengeluaran, bahkan sekecil biaya parkir juga aku catet, jadinya aku lebih bijak buat spend every penny, soalnya keliatan kan tuh tinggal berapa saldonya terus kurang berapa hari sampek nerima gaji lagi.

🔥💧🌱Penny, Madame AntiFa Lash
🔥💧🌱Penny, Madame AntiFa Lash ()

There is no racism in Australia , we’ve been told that over and over. Here’s the proof

Sean Rostron
Sean Rostron ()

@KieranMahon1 @Sid_Ballot Just to cheer you up, we jizzed every penny we got for him.

Monica’s Not Here (For Your Shit)
Monica’s Not Here (For Your Shit) ()

I’m watching #Hairspray. (The original which is the only good one.) Seaweed straight up bounced when Penny’s dad showed up. She was screaming “I love you, Seaweed!” and that dude was half a mile away. 😂😂😂

Dawn Elicia Captain America’s Girl
Dawn Elicia Captain America’s Girl ()

@AngelicDust411 We are both Flo fans. She should be emphatic to Penny and not act like she’s done nothing wrong.

Bettemidler ()

Skinflint! Penny-pinching tightwad! “Please, #MrMcConnell, may I have some more?”

Shaun King
Shaun King ()

They don’t deserve a damn penny. It was stolen land. Brutally taken during colonialism.

Soft Beef
Soft Beef ()

I’m trying to figure out the TikToks and hoping I don’t get banned again- this is a lot of cleavage but I really like this dress.


On this day in 2011, Manchester City signed Sergio Aguero. This moment alone was worth every penny 🎉 (via @ManCity)

☚ #ExaARMY #COVID19Victoria ☛
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