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“You can talk about me being an ESPN analyst…my takes. But what you not gon’ do is you not gon’ disrespect me and call me no m*therf*cking coon. Especially by you, when we all know *wink*, you not gon’ do nothing.” The Perk-Draymond beef keeps going 🗣.

KD has showed us time and time again that he has Kyrie’s back but when is Kyrie going to do the same?! Carry the hell on… #Swagu&Perk.

Not great watching long-held civil rights become an employee perk dependent on the generosity and political whims of your employer, and in Starbucks case, another tool for union busting..

It’s incredible that ESPN forces Perk and Bilas to make draft pick projections that everyone already knows are wrong (because of ESPN employee Woj!).

@endokuu It can be tricky, but once you unlock the relevant perk, you can pet Bubba by getting close and holding the P key..

The perk of being new parents. 🍼🤩✨ with @paehdesign Doakan admin dapat bersabar sepanjang membesarkan budak kecik sorang ni. And also, doakan admin masih dapat istiqamah berkarya. Makin lama, makin mencabar nak istiqamah. 😆🙈.

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Watching/hearing K Perk & Jay Bilas not know how to respond to Malika’s banter is painful to watch.

Dray might have to walk back calling Perk a Coon. You only deliver that term to folks that earned and Perk just says dumb shits..

Is this weapon any good? and if it is what are the best perk for it?.

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Draymond such a weirdo, why is he calling perk a coon? He’s been going too long without being checked by someone.

What Dray doin with Perk is lame & it’s wrong but he know folks gone run with it cause they hate Perk..

@NbaWoody Yup I love buddy too. And another perk is we don’t need to play the vet guards as they are all gone. Let Duarte and Mathurin and Tyrese go out there and play 35 minutes a night and develop.

@Martinex_30 @DrGuru_ At this rate, I’m waiting for perk to pronounce moody’s name as Modest Mouse lol.

@ConorMichael28 Over under 1 second of Jake LaRavia that Perk watched in college 😂😂😂😂.

Why is Perk on TV this shit cringe worthy watching him trying and put together sentences!!!😔😔😔.

Perk said “And the Grizzlies just keep on winning” and it was the rockets pick 😂😂😂😂.

@BontaHill I’d like to hear Nicole Lacob’s thoughts on Perk’s performance tonight.

@JustinESports Mine is watching Perk and Bilas debate who those picks will be and almost never mentioning the guy Woj has already tweeted it would be.

@reiri_no_te フォローありがとうございます! 是非よろしくお願いします!ᕙ( ˙-˙ )ᕗ.


@Piefan83 @LegendOfWinning No shit Draymond isn’t close to a top 10 guy all time. He still contributed more to each of one of his rings than Perk ever did. How are you going to call a DPOY similar to a guy who never even made an All Defensive team?.

@warriors4x It was a Rachael Nichols racist situation with Maria Taylor in the bubble. SJ, Perk, RJ, and Barnes ran to her rescue, tryna take up for her..

Mumbai clearing domestic security at T2 was much more convenient before. Now combining both domestic & international pax security I feel it adds only long queues. luckily J class perk saved my time yesterday..

福利厚生サービス #perk で、無添加ドライフルーツ王様のおやつ をお得に利用できるようになりました。 特にSDGs・食品ロス削減・障がい者福祉支援を推進されている企業様にとっては、従業員様と会社のビジョン 共有の機会にもつながるかもしれません。.

Perk Photo,Perk Photo by 王様のおやつ | 【無添加】半生ドライフルーツ(岡山/瀬戸内),王様のおやつ | 【無添加】半生ドライフルーツ(岡山/瀬戸内) on twitter tweets Perk Photo

@4Kyseem I’m trying to figure out what Perk said in the first place for Draymond to call him a coon. That man basically called him uncle ruckus 😂😂..

i NEED BL on Haddie i cant survive without it its my crutch perk.

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@Lilischote @tee_kesselchen Ja und nein. 1. Die sollten eher dafür lobbyiieren dass es garnicht erst dazu kommt. 2. Gesundheitsversorgung ist ein Menschenrecht, kein Perk. 3. Relokation aus den USA in die Niederlande oder Kanada wäre wenigstens konsequent..

Perk: enough time for a parting nata + espresso al fresco. ✌🏼.

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@99beeedi @99_udc manshya ath bugg aanu, koore perk same issue ond, two factor authentication kondonnum karyilla, deactivate aakit reactivate aakunna aarkum ippo edukkan pattanilla..

We have decided to bring back our Buy One Get One Free on producer credits! If you select a producer perk for I Curse This Land you also get to be a producer on our body horror Incessant! Heres some more stills from the upcoming horror (Not fully graded)!.

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@DauntlessLights its too easy to have the perk up, change the stack requirement to either be 1 stack every 2 guardian crits or make it 15-20 stacks for the turret, 2 bursting requires zero braincells with the turret active, and 2 bursting already isnt hard on mnk to begin with sadly.

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