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Tweet247 | Updated: Thu, 19 Apr 2018, 04:06 AM IST

Peta Credlin Top Tweets On Twitter

  • Peta Credlin boasted about admonishing Josh Frydenberg. In what universe it that ok? #auspol.

  • If Credlin is prepared to ring a cabinet minister and tell him how it is when she’s no longer a chief of staff to a PM, imagine what it was like when she was? #auspol.

  • I see this may becoming a little relevant again… Peta Credlin is the only Sky News presenter with her own office, and it has electoral maps hanging up around like a war room.

  • "A flack who derided the jabbering nobodies and has-beens on Sky News while deciding which prestigious corporate role she would accept post-politics, only to become a jabbering has-been on Sky News.".

  • She is on song: barely-concealed disgust wrapped in excellent prose. Nice job Ms @murpharoo ..

  • Peta Credlin boasted about admonishing @JoshFrydenberg. How is that OK, asks #Insiders panellist @murpharoo #Insidersreading #auspol.

  • “I’m not going to get into it on air, but I don’t think you’ll see that again,” boasts Peta Credlin on Sky of rebuking Frydenberg, serene in her overreach. How dare he slap down Tony Abbott. Someone needs to tell Credlin that she is no longer Prime Minister..

  • #Insiders panellist @vanOnselenp asks: Why is @JoshFrydenberg giving Peta Credlin the impression she can push him around? #Insidersreading #auspol.

  • Because Peta is a lot smarter than the lefty gallery and they hate that she tells the truth #Credlin #gallerygames.

  • Next time you see Katharine Murphy get all hissy about being called biased towards the LNP and she Denys it. Remember “ For a long time I had nothing but respect and admiration for Peta Credlin.” Yeah fuck off Murphy with your holier than thou pious bullshit..

  • I almost never get to do anything I want. I WANT to interview Peta Credlin. Someone help me out here. It would make an incredible piece..

  • Peta Credlin does a good job of defending herself - and true Liberal values #auspol.

  • #InvestInTruth : #ReadtheBCCRSS : #TrustinTruth >; Gross Doncic Yerri Mina #TaxDay Southwest #charity Greens Peta Credlin Laval Rocket Royals Zach Parise #chafrica #Meitheal2018 Duffy #BatAppreciationDay #EdTechTeam #hospital Celta Vigo #legalisillegal.

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  • Like the giggling Lucy on 60 Mins @JoshFrydenberg also does his best to drive a few wedges between conservatives and the remaining rotting carcass of the once proud Liberal Party now renamed and badged “The Turnbull Coalition Team”..

  • Having actually watched what Credlin said, this is right in my view. Too many people are too willing to shoehorn her into a predetermined narrative - it was advice to Frydenberg #auspol.

  • Australian TV Host Peta Credlin Goes Off On Trans Birth Certificates.

  • Thank god we have Peta and @TonyAbbottMHR fighting for us scmucks out here [email protected] @TurnbullMalcolm don’t give a toss about us disenfranchised conservatives! #credlin.

  • News Corp losing plot as fast as Peta Credlin - via @nuzzel thanks @thecooper5.


  • One of the side benefits of NOT having Foxtel is NOT having to watch Peta Credlin make a fool of herself -- again. #auspol.

  • This does not miss: News Corp losing plot as fast as Peta Credlin.

  • Politics should b about getting things done #sotrue #auspol Gr8 piece @murpharoo @farmingforever @1millionwomen @AnikaMolesworth @milkmaidmarian @VMorganSchmidt #youthvoices #climateaction #farmingforever.

  • We need to talk about Peta. #auspol.

  • The first bit of this paragraph is rather pleasing. "Although Sky News gets small ratings, many Liberal Party members are viewers, giving its commentators an outsized influence in the party." Read more:.

  • Haha! Hoo boy! Wow!.

  • Peta Credlin pens column about the "carbon tax coming back" a week after admitting the campaign under Abbott was a total lie. Right. #auspol … No-one has ever apoligised to Gillard for these lies nor calling her a Liar is appauling.

  • Assume you have checked thats okay with Peta Credlin?.

  • Is Peta Credlin the new Miss Trunchbull? #thedrum @ABCthedrum.

  • “So when someone breaks out of the various cults of diminishing returns and makes a stab at progress, when they make a run for it across open #auspol punishments back at My Feelings Trump Your Facts HQ, can be swift and severe”.

  • Surprised that Peta Credlin is a bitch? Nah. #thedrum.

  • @JoshFrydenberg @abcmelbourne @Raf_Epstein Then please, tell no lies this time. None at all. If only to poss off Peta Credlin!.

  • Peta Credlin criticised after saying she spoke to Josh Frydenberg regarding comments he made about Tony Abbott. #auspol #TheProjectTV.

  • Why is Peta calling the shots?.

  • Here it. Peta Credlin addressing the reaction to her Josh Frydenberg comments last night. Starts at 3mins 55 seconds..