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Writing, editing, and publishing this while the man fights for his life is just sick. Everyone involved is terrible

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Mumza Updates
Mumza Updates ()

Not gonna lie, I feel bad for all the SMP streamer update accounts it’s the 16th so lore is possibly gonna be a thing. All we gotta do is watch Phil’s stream. Other update accounts, o7 soliders. We will be here with snackies and water, and offering strength. o7

tracy the business goose
Tracy the business goose ()

saw that bad bunny sold out barclays and was real confused bc i thought bad bunny was the cash me outside girl from dr phil

art loves ana 🚀 final stereo :(
Art loves ana 🚀 final stereo :( ()

as the stereo/moving thing ends we move on to yet another new dan and phil era, possibly the forever home era. and although im sad we wont have weekly liveshows with dnp, im really excited for whats next :]

Wallstreet Media
Wallstreet Media ()


Sam ()

@dazingss and when dream says “and this is when through the magic of the internet i met phil” then what

Phil Mattingly
Phil Mattingly ()

The Joint Session invite tees up Pres. Biden to lay out his first 100 day progress report, including on vaccine numbers, while also making the case for his major agenda items ahead - the two-pronged infrastructure/jobs package - in prime time

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Phil_hellmuth ()

My friend @CameronForni just arrived at VIP back gate at @AriaLV. First F8 on the west coast: and I’m about to drive it. Does Cam know I have crashed cars like this before?!? #POSITIVITY #PHNiceLife

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P. Coral
P. Coral ()

Definitivamente debemos dejar de romantizar al Estado derrochón y apostarle al emprendimiento con responsabilidad afectiva. Para más consejitos vayan a mis sesiones de couching ontológico.

em 🪴
Em 🪴 ()

i would do anything to meet dan and phil rn and give them a hug and tell them thank you for everything they have done like they deserve to be happy and they deserve us so much 🥺🥺 they really are our favourite people

Matt Ferris
Matt Ferris ()

Look out for those who mutilate the flesh. For we are the circumcision, who worship by the Spirit of God. Phil 3:2-3 An astonishing thing for Paul to say! He equates circumcision—a rite he doubtless saw as God given—with mutilating the flesh, if its scope is misunderstood.

Elias || Clock my beloved /p
Elias || Clock my beloved /p ()

i have 20 minutes to tweet all i can about Phil and Techno before the ebg starts fuck

Tphoto ()

Phil Neville, David Beckham and Gary Neville (Manchester United) in the sem-finals 2nd leg of 98-99 Champions League, Juventus vs Manchester United2-3 at Stade Delle Alpi in Torino, Italy on 21 April 1999 photo by Masahide Tomikoshi/TOMIKOSHI PHOTOGRAPHY

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Aries ()

no one’s perfect but phil is the closest to perfect as it gets. my head in my hands

philip lewis
Philip lewis ()

⚡️ “A collection of the personal stories people are sharing of DMX”

Andrew Ellard
Andrew Ellard ()

Isn’t this irresponsibly frightening? It’s not nuclear war. What’s the reasoning here? “No joy for you, proles. You must mourn. MOURN!” What harm were old episodes of Top of the Pops doing anyone looking to skip BBC local news going “Phil loved this region, we have witnesses!”

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philip lewis
Philip lewis ()

DMX’s manager Steve Rifkind just posted on IG that DMX is still alive and on life support. “Please stop with posting these rumors” Says a statement from the family is coming tomorrow

kay ッ
Kay ッ ()

dan LITERALLY repeated phil’s joke back to him but you can hear phil laughing for a full 10 seconds after . i cannot make this shit up

Dan Price
Dan Price ()

Nike last three years Profit: $ billion Federal taxes paid: $0 Laid off thousands of employees Founder Phil Knight: got $ billion richer

philip lewis
Philip lewis ()

Writing, editing, and publishing this while the man fights for his life is just sick. Everyone involved is terrible

kay ッ
Kay ッ ()

i hope i win phil’s bedsheets from the stereo giveaway 😍😍

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kay ッ
Kay ッ ()

can’t believe dan just casually slipped into conversation that he wants to divorce phil for not liking the same food as him

TalkFCB ©
TalkFCB © ()

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE REACTION 🚨 As Real Madrid hit three against Liverpool, making El Clásico EVEN more eagerly anticipated this Saturday 🔥 Plus Phil Foden’s late winner as Man City secure a controversial win over Borussia 🔽

UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League ()

🔵 How highly do you rate Manchester City hero Phil Foden? #UCL

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B/R Football
B/R Football ()


The Masters
The Masters ()

Phil Mickelson provides a rare inside look into Champions Dinner lore. #themasters

~: Puppens101 :~
~: Puppens101 :~ ()

@_justkieran Wait, I thought the phil grooming was false?? Did I misread or or you saying people are accusing Phil of grooming for being friends with you younger people??

qween || needing comfort
Qween || needing comfort ()

@ranboonite ah. hopefully tommy wil apologize, i have faith in them, and HOPEFULLY PHIL () i really want techno to apologize, but idr have very much faith

the drunk alchemist. 🇭🇹
The drunk alchemist. 🇭🇹 ()

My first sister told me she don’t know who Phil Collins is. Okay so I only have one sister one.

Dave Downie
Dave Downie ()

@philmcnulty They all love it Phil. These times are my times! Raise a glass to 1 billion years of top flight football!

philip lewis
Philip lewis ()

I’m telling my future child these were The Avengers #Verzuz

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