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Idk what the scouts are saying but I think Penn state has 3 guys tht can play in the league w/ Seth, Pickett, & funk.

Kenny Pickett got concussed twice last year because of missed assignments by Kevin Dotson. Omar Khan knows that the left side of the offensive line last year was a liability. #Steelers #NFL.

WTF?? And Kossie Pickett’s doesn’t? How can you be so inconsistent after the FIRST ROUND???.

Isaac Seumalo is a BIG Steelers signing. The front office is not playing when it comes to upgrading the protecting around Kenny Pickett. Seumalo, Cole, Daniels, Okorafor, Herbig & still potential to add a top LT in the draft. Omar Khan sees a priority & he attacks it..

micah shrewsberry got asked what myles dread and seth lundy and jalen pickett mean to him and gave an unsurprisingly sensational answer.

Pickett Photo,Pickett Photo by Bill DiFilippo,Bill DiFilippo on twitter tweets Pickett Photo

More on the #Steelers bolstering their offensive line by way of former #Eagles guard Issac Seumalo, who should provide instant dividends for Kenny Pickett and Co:.

Say hello to the newest additions to the “Pickett Fence.” Good luck getting past them..

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Happy Birthday Wilson Pickett #BOTD backed by Jimi Hendrix, in 1966. Photo by ©William Popsie Randolph.

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“Pickett flushed … pressured … throws on the run … CAUGHT BY HARRIS FOR A TOUCHDOWN. OH WHAT A PLAY. AND THE STEELERS TAKE THE LEAD.” Gets me every time..

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

Scott Pendlebury has raised the question: Is a sin bin the way to go? MORE >.

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Pickett, Lundy and Funk combined for 5 points in that half, I have a hard time seeing that continue. They’re fine..

Wow Isaac Seumalo to the Steelers, fresh off starting all 20 games at right guard for the NFC champion Eagles, who have become an O-line factory. Nice bachelor party gift for Kenny Pickett..


Kenny Pickett, Najee Harris, Pat Freiermuth, George Pickens and Jordan Addison would be the best young core of offensive pieces in the league without a debate let’s run it🕺.

March 18, 2017 Chito retires Brad Pickett in London to a chorus of Boos..


After INCREDIBLE careers at @PennStateMBB (capped off by making it to the B10 championship & round of 32), who else wants to see Jalen Pickett, Andrew Funk, Myles Dread & Cam Wynter suit up with @HappyValley_TBT this summer⁉️.

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And this is why it needs to change. Grade it on action/intent, not the outcome. Pickett is just lucky Smith was ok, no other reason. The intent when he launched himself like that was VERY clear..

Timmy Allen often draws the most difficult defensive assignment, whether it be Keyonte George, Keyontae Johnson, Jalen Wilson, or Jalen Pickett. He was tremendous and posted 9p/12r. Three fouls defending a lot of ball for 34 minutes..

Penn State finishes the 2022-23 season with a 23-14 record, a Big Ten Tournament title game appearance & an NCAA Tournament win. Jalen Pickett was historic. Seth Lundy, Myles Dread, Andrew Funk & Cam Wynter all had signature moments. the season never felt over till it ended..

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They still have ways to go, but I feel better about the future. Obvious statement, but it’s all about Kenny Pickett’s development. They also have to nail this year’s draft with having three picks in the top 50. #Steelers #NFL.

Here’s the deal. The key to having an effective offense is giving your QB time to let plays develop. We’ve seen Pickett’s ability to extend plays but we’ve also seen what happens when he doesn’t have time. We do need another WR, but not in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd round. OL, CB, DL/LB.

One thing that may improve the #Steelers offense more than any FA signing/draft pick is the fact Pickett will practice with the ones all throughout camp. He got a handful of snaps at best with the ones in camp before being thrown in as a starter mid-season..

Originally thought Kosi Pickett would get a minimum of 3 weeks. Understand they take the outcome into consideration, but 2 weeks seems inadequate for the action. #AFL.

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The most significant use of ‘potential to cause injury’ from the MRO in recent memory. Kozzy Pickett given a two-match ban by the MRO. Graded careless, high contact, high impact after Bailey Smith played out the game @7NewsMelbourne.

We need to talk about the work Timmy is putting on Jalen Pickett on the defensive end 🔥.

Kenny Pickett looking at his new “Pickett Fence.” 😂😂😂.

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The AFL Tribunal has rubbed out Shane McAdam for three weeks The reason Kozzie Pickett received only two weeks is because they said it was a “more glancing blow” Interesting definition of the word ‘glancing’ #AFL.

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Penn St-Texas feels like the best game of the tournament so far. Penn State is an offensive juggernaut led by Pickett. But Texas has it all. Veteran guards. Size. Shooting. The Nittany Lions lose. And the best season in decades comes to an end..

Kysaiah Pickett has been offered a two-match suspension by the AFL Match Review. 📝 |.

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Jon Ralph
Jon Ralph

Pickett bump will have to be used as a precedent for McAdam. Which would mean two weeks if the MRO uses the capacity to cause serious injury clause to get it to high impact. Feels like it should be more….

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