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#PIF2019 の感想です´ᴗ`よかったら読んでね〜🌸.

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Australia has lost all credibility in the region. It was bad enough to trash the #PIF2019, but then to claim seasonal work would save Islanders from climate change is ludicrous and deeply racist. #FruitPicker.

In the margins of the #PIF2019 @eu_eeas DSG, @CLefflerEU met with the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Patricia Scotland. They discussed the Commonwealth actions in the Pacific and explored possible synergies..

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Enele Sopoaga says he wishes he could’ve done more for his people and that some leaders were in tears during the retreat. And says all but one country - Australia - endorsed the statement without qualification. #PIF2019.

Ardern telling the Islanders off for not promoting enough women in their politics, yet she appointed her own Father to be Administrator of Tokelau. Fucking hypocrite. #nzpol #PIF2019.

NCD, urgent actions on Climate Change, A UN Commission to look into the Human Rights situation in West Papua and A Regional Mechanism to address oil spills and marine pollution are what Solomon Islands is expecting in the Forum Commuiquè. #PIF2019.

Ready to chat to Raf on @abcmelbourne radio about the Pacific Island Forum #PIF2019 #Auspol.

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#PIF2019 の感想です´ᴗ`よかったら読んでね〜🌸.

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Waiting for final wording on Climate Declaration. It is clear no agreement on language before it went to Leaders last night . concerning that key words n terms officials couldn’t find consensus. Now left to the ‘wisdom of Solomon’ God speaks through leaders @anudpa #PIF2019.

Hon. Manele expresses appreciation towards Spains interest for more engagements with #SolomonIslands stating both countries share a history. #PIF2019.

After quiet morning, few hours to go #PIF2019 Leaders retreat- and the planes bringing the dialogue partners have touched well some. UK have a Minister here- and for his shuttle diplomacy - US Secretary Interior touches down tomorrow. It will be buzzing again in Funafuti.

Spain expresses interest to engage more with #SolomonIslands to tackle climate change by supporting more projects relating to climate change. #PIF2019.

From the Guangming Daily, and including some comments from me: #PIF2019.

Morrison’s Pacific step-up means nothing without real climate action Great analysis by Mary-Louise O’Callaghan (@ML_OC) via @ASPI_org #PIF2019 #ClimateChange.

Unfortunately, she’s a slow learner. Her listening skills are somewhat #PIF2019 #nzpol @SkyNewsAust.

Pacific Islands Forum 2019 family photo. #PIF2019 #auspol.

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Keeping coal out of the #PIF2019 communique is a red line issue for Australia. Kyoto all over again..

Today #PIF2019 Leaders will consider various pre-negotiated regional agenda by Foreign Ministers, CROP agencies (and their ministerial bodies) officials, negotiators and concerns/opp raised by CSO and private sector. It’s amazing how 19 women and men (+1 adviser) reach CONSENSUS.

@bennpackham No surprize he is at #PIF2019 2 promote coal n will bribe n lie n threaten ppl- they can do the world a favor n hope they do.

We discussed how Australia’s stepped up engagement in the Pacific is supporting Vanuatu’s development priorities. My visit has confirmed the Australia-Vanuatu relationship is stronger than ever. @pacmedcentre @RRegenvanu #PIF2019 #AfrikaForWestPapua.

This video is a great introduction to the events unfolding over the next few days at the #PIF2019.

#PIF2019 New Zealand Govt tortured boys and girls as young as 4 with #ECT to body parts while awake and screaming and sets crown law on survivors to prevent them from getting rehab and compo..

Ok lots of family-friendly references here. @ScottMorrisonMP is really embracing Pacific kinship. Normally you know alot about your family & we expect a proposal for Pacific cultural literacies in Australia (like the Asia literacies of past decade) to be a priority too #PIF2019.

That time when the Australian Prime Minister laughed about Pacific countries being flooded by sea level rise #PIF2019 #Tuvalu.

@rharris334 @ScottMorrisonMP Someone photoshop a crown of coal on the PM’s head #PIF2019.

Aust PM @ScottMorrisonMP arrives at #PIF2019, meets with Tuvalu’s PM Enele Sopoaga. “To step up, you have to show up and we’re showing up.” #auspol.

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