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ok but why has the government been fine with letting all of us women take the contraceptive pill since our teens

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Geddifok ()

KSC & Pink Pill basically said sorry slave, you can’t sit with us we have our freedom papers👋🏾 #elaineveddy

Kat ()

i will literally never get over these american ads like here’s a pill that does one thing averagely also it gives you 9 other diseases ??????

Katy ()

@GemmaTognini First thing they did was take me off the pill when I had a lump in my breast. Not the best analogy!

Becca, Murder Hornet
Becca, Murder Hornet ()

@IndoorKitty3000 I know a different way to phrase it. It’s like I have to arch the top of the back of my throat and lift it from where it usually is when I swallow a pill. I don’t need to do that if I’m just swallowing.

Monifah ()

Pink pill needs to change her name to white pill at this point cos it must be crack 🤦🏽‍♀️ #elaineveddy

극성팬 필벰 ㅌㅊㅅ 인용해줘얽♡
극성팬 필벰 ㅌㅊㅅ 인용해줘얽♡ ()

@Senor0614 흫ㅎ흫ㅎ흫흫ㅎ흫흫 기대할게용흫흫흐흐호흫흐 학원끝나고 버스에서 봐야지흫ㅎ흫흐흫흫

Tegan George
Tegan George ()

Can we pause for a minute to acknowledge the oral contraceptive pill has a much higher risk of blood clots ... and women have been prescribed it for DECADES. #auspol @10NewsFirst

Alexandra Antonopoulos
Alexandra Antonopoulos ()

Man walking through 14th street station with a kind of Aries aesthetic medieval shield blasting drops of Jupiter from a turquoise beats pill wins

Beth Sly
Beth Sly ()

@s0phbutler I had it as well, and as others have said, blood clots are a risk with the pill. You can also get them from catching Covid I’ve heard. There is always a risk and I think symptoms continuing after 4 days is a concern (I could be wrong). But the number comparison is slim💜

Mrs Angry @ no 2
Mrs Angry @ no 2 ()

Far higher risk getting a clot if you’re on the contraceptive pill - but no, we’re not worried about that. Ah well, could mean I get my second AZ jab earlier, so you go ahead and refuse it. #C4News

Elle ()

@goddeketal this is a bad 1) the pill doesn’t guarantee pregnancy prevention, 2) a lot of pill takers still use condoms as extra precaution due to point 1, 3) long term effects of the pill are still poorly understood. every medicine has a risk. idk what your point is.

Beth ()

I’m not anti-vaccine, but if I have a better option with less risk, I’ll take it. Just like I would if I was offered a different cancer treatment or pill. Because I know what it feels like to be the family left behind when something you didn’t think would ever happen, does. (7/7)

Pill Photo,Pill Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Beth ()

My point is that lots of people take the pill every day, or have chemotherapy to fight cancer, or have had the vaccine over the past few months. And lots of them don’t develop blood clots. But what if you are the one that does? (6/?)

Beth ()

My question - does it? Does it really? You might’ve been taking the pill since you were 15 which has a higher blood clot side effect risk, but does that make increasing your risk further not scary? Isn’t your risk high enough? Shouldn’t it be the pill that changes? (3/?)

The journey back is over 55🇬🇧
The journey back is over 55🇬🇧 ()

@DavidJoBrexit I believe the risk from taking the contraceptive pill places women at a higher percentage of getting blood clots, also how sure are they that the clots were not already developing before they had the vaccine. I have had blood clots in my lungs twice and answer to what caused them

JustaLupie 💙🇬🇧🤪
JustaLupie 💙🇬🇧🤪 ()

@arun_smith But this is the same with lots of medicine, the combined contraceptive pill can also cause blood clots, so can other medications.

natalie price
Natalie price ()

@RMCunliffe @keirshiels Also the contraceptive pill is often not recommended to women in different circumstances due to this risk.

Charlotte Howson
Charlotte Howson ()

@eemwalker_x Only an alternative where available though - so no different to the pill where the option is a offering kind of pill or a different type of contraceptive altogether where unsuitable.

Hannah ()

People not wanting the Oxford vaccine cos it increases risk of blood clot yet the pill increases risk by more and it’s fine to have that ahah strange

Holly Cameron
Holly Cameron ()

My main take away from this tweet is that there should be more investment in developing a contraceptive pill that poses less risk to women 🤷‍♀️

Hayley Devlin
Hayley Devlin ()

I was on the pill for 8 years. Every time I went on a long haul flight, I was warned about blood clots. We still prescribe the pill as contraception ALL THE TIME and that’s the least of its side effects. Someone please explain why this vaccine is worse?

Issy ()

Yes, the risk of clotting on the pill is greater than with the AZ vaccine, there’s a risk of clotting on LOADS of other medications too (hello Ibuprofen) in most cases it’s about assessing the risk and making and informed choice.

Zed🇨🇱 ()

God, and the MAX is GONNA watch the beaver pill theyre KEEPING HIM NOW oh yeah I was it wasn’t nelson lol

Procrastinating Me
Procrastinating Me ()

@zaintbb Try not to worry, the risk is v v low, lower than the risk of clots from the contraceptive pill. And dangers of covid are worse! I am having my jab tomorrow. This BBC R4 clip is fascinating if you want more info on the trials & risk of adverse effects😃

Bex Luther
Bex Luther ()

@_traceymason And the benefits and likelihood of benefits for the vaccine are different to the pill too. Need to consider both sides of the equation

Mrs McWotw
Mrs McWotw ()

@francesweetman @jessphillips Well the initial trials of the Pill appear to have been ethically questionable for all sorts of

Deniger #FBPE #MarchForMe
Deniger #FBPE #MarchForMe ()

@hobbitoncentral I read the rate of blood clot is higher in the contraceptive pill but by how much? I should read up on this!

Vicky Spratt
Vicky Spratt ()

Given the risk modelling, if this isn’t OK why is hormonal contraception? The risk of blood clots is higher with the pill?

Jane Bradley
Jane Bradley ()

ok but why has the government been fine with letting all of us women take the contraceptive pill since our teens

Caroline Criado Perez
Caroline Criado Perez ()

ok but what about women in their 30s taking the contraceptive pill? do we even have the safety data here?

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