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My that screeching women on #pmlive QF code share with Emirates an ME airline that does not tolerate like Alan got shissh😡.

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Turnbull reminds us that Libs did the right thing in ridding themselves of him. #pmlive.

#pmlive Budget surplus next year hides tax cut time bomb down the line - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Five absolute nutters on this panel and a pub full of half drunk dinosaurs asking them questions. #pmlive.

Who’s the unlucky sod that has to tell Jacqui that there’s no sausage sizzle after the show? 😀 #pmlive.

Let’s get this #billsfreebies trending: Latest offer on the table to Aust voters is a free puppy for every Australian child. Yeah! #pmlive.

#pmlive the one nation fellow on the panel is right the politicians need to be accountable, they are not representing our needs or values.

@JacquiLambie and her Green Party are on #pmlive - offering no solution. Look at her voting record..

Our major parties are all about MORE IMMIGRATION! Our country cannot handle the amount of people we are bringing in. Our roads are clogged and infrastructure can’t cope. #PMLive #auspol.

Paul Murray election forum has: Liberal, Nats, Lambie, UAP, One Nation- no greens and no alp . #auspol #pmlive.

@rafstary Political sabotages at @SkyNewsAust tonight on #pmlive. The producer needs to be sacked & the production crew need to be re-evaluated. Something fishy going on here. The broadcasting blunders look deliberately intentional. Could it be union.

you are a fucking liar abetz no one is coming back to tasmania to get a job you idiot their are no jobs in tasmania and people leave here in droves to go to the mainland you know nothing #pmlive.


#pmlive I’m off, I already know who I’m voting for and I live in Perth. I don’t need that ignoramous Lambie preaching at me!.

Lambie as ferrel and ignorant as people couldn’t be that stupid to vote that white trash back in! #pmlive.

#PMLIVE what the fuck is going on with your techies tonight. Very amateur show mate at a very important time. Good that you decided to freewheel. But mongrel your producer please..

Apparently @abcdarwin have REMOVED the interview with Jacinta price from the website? WOW! #PMLIVe ABC really must be nervous. Hope they are sued .... oh hang on WE END UP PAYING for their stuff ups !!.

My that screeching women on #pmlive QF code share with Emirates an ME airline that does not tolerate like Alan got shissh😡.

Janine has a very good point here. If people stop wanting our coal & other natural resources what are we replacing it with? Innovation & structural reform is crucial - we can’t rely on the koalas & the world’s best flat white to sustain our prosperity. #PMLIVE.

[email protected]: I was just starting to get outraged at the outrage. Both sides are getting into this ridiculous argument over who said what where instead of having to front up and do the hard work on the policies. MORE: #PMLive.

Left wing media are not interested in real news building up to the election as the trash distracts from Labor Green rhetoric policy inadequacy. #pmlive.

Would it be alright if Folau removed homosexuals from his list and just left the liars, cheats etc on it? #pmlive.

Now Hanson’s accusing The Rodent of being behind the Liberals not preferencing her. Bahahahahahaha. #pmlive #auspol.

Question: how many friends from Grammar do you still have Alex? My guess: NONE #pmlive.

@SwanArtsCentre @leftocentre Yes he had a point didn’t he ? #pmlive.

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Kroger now is advising people to sell their Tesla cars. Man’s a total loon. #pmlive #auspol.

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