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[email protected] on the Morrison government reversing the medevac laws: I don’t think the six Senate crossbenchers will see a reason why this needs to change. This was not an election based on border security, they don’t have any mandate. MORE: #pmlive.

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[email protected] on home loans: What you see now is lenders much, much more across the detail of what they’re actually lending out. I really feel for those people that are in that negative equity trap. MORE: #PMLive.

[email protected] on home loans: The reality here is there’s a lot of people in a lot of stress at the moment, and this is something that’s going to worry the Morrison government particularly, the fact they can’t pay. MORE: #PMLive.

[email protected] on the CSIRO’s outlook for Australia: Most of the things people predicted in 1979 didn’t happen, so it’s a good intellectual exercise. The reality is in two, three, five years’ time, they’re going to be proved wrong. MORE: #PMLive.

[email protected] on the CSIRO’s outlook for Australia: What we need to always be doing is visioning, which then leads to planning and hopefully to delivery. MORE: #PMLive.

[email protected]: Surely, universities of all places should be institutions where ideas can be challenged and the challenging of ideas is actually something celebrated, rather than frowned upon. MORE: #PMLive.

[email protected] on free speech: The reality here is you need to have free speech at these campuses, and it’s something that is sadly missing from our universities. It used to be there 20, 30, 40 years ago. MORE: #PMLive.

[email protected]: The AFL, for a long time, has treated fans with disdain. The most important stakeholders in the game are treated like a nuisance. MORE: #PMLive.

[email protected]: We have these teacher groups, unions and others who don’t want students to be tested, but kids need to be tested so we know how they’re performing in schools, how they’re performing against others. MORE: #PMLive.

#PMLive the reason these protestors do what they do, is that they do not suffer any real consequences, the police rush in to save them from themselves..

[email protected]: Great teachers should be rewarded. Those who actually underperform should be able to be moved out of the system. It shouldn’t be a job for life where, if you’re hopeless at it, you’re protected. MORE: #PMLive.

#pmlive Rita is correct, stop saving these people from their own stupidity, leave them there until the glue releases them, put up some detour around them and leave them there to suffer the consequences of their own choices..

#pmlive you look like a good wash would kill you, lie down in the road, then tell us we need educating on Climate Change/Emergency. Please, just piss off and get a bath and job in that order..

[email protected] on Vic’s proposed gender change laws: According to some university studies, there are now 30 or more classifications of gender. The system is really not that workable. MORE: #PMLive.

#pmlive footy fans don’t give a toss about @afl woke virtue signalling agenda, we just want to be left alone once a week to barrack for our team. Stick your diversity rounds, your ‘behavioural audience officers’ & your Adam Goodes cheerleading.

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[email protected] on police attacks: The left have pushed to dismantle many institutions, one of them being the police. You cannot have institutionalised denigration of the police forces and not see the repercussions. MORE: #pmlive.

[email protected] on police attacks: There have been two generations of parents who haven’t lived up to the mark. If you’re a proper parent, teach your kids respect. Kids grow up rudderless, not understanding the institutions that keep us safe. MORE: #pmlive.

Senator @corybernardi on the recent attack of a Victorian police officer: This is a broader societal issue. If you don’t respect yourself, how are you going to respect others, whether they’re in uniform or not? MORE: #pmlive.

[email protected] on Labor’s stance on the Coalition’s tax cuts: I don’t think it’s very healthy politics to vote against tax cuts. If you do that, I think you will suffer grievously. MORE: #pmlive.

#auspol Cory Bernardi will be looking for Liberal Party pre-selection before the next election. #pmlive.

Looks like Bernardi is going to re-join the Liberals judging by that conditioning #pmlive.

Id rather camp out than pay $1m for an apartment and commute 3hrs to work. #pmlive.

@UNSWScience Nope There a bunch of left wing Climate Alarmists preaching Doom yet fly all over the World spewing CO2 into the atmosphere CLimate Change is a Fraud #qanda #pmlive.

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[email protected] on Hong Kong protests: Our leaders need to speak up and ask that Hong Kong can continue to enjoy the benefits and privileges of the UK hand back. They were meant to be living in this different system with democratic rights. MORE: #pmlive.

[email protected] on the Morrison government reversing the medevac laws: I don’t think the six Senate crossbenchers will see a reason why this needs to change. This was not an election based on border security, they don’t have any mandate. MORE: #pmlive.

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