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BREAKING: Charles Barkley says racial division is driven by politicians

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Wai Hnin Pwint Thon
Wai Hnin Pwint Thon ()

2 types of arrest happening in Burma: - targetted arrests of politicians, intellectuals, activists & more - daily & nightly mass arrests of everyone Among those are many students who should be in uni but instead thrown into jail for standing up for freedom & federal democracy.

Andy Ngô
Andy Ngô ()

Why aren’t politicians, news commentators and reporters talking or writing anymore about the deadly Capitol Hill attack by the man who was a devout follower of a black nationalist religion? What about the Colorado shooting by the Syrian that resulted in 10 murders?

Ahmed Elmi
Ahmed Elmi ()

@fiidow08 Politicians will be invited to express their views and also answer questions on why this basic governance issue has been delayed for so long.

Kyle Robinson
Kyle Robinson ()

@Keir_Starmer Thank you Keir. At least you apologise when you make a mistake unlike many other politicians. Apology fully accepted.

CJohnston ()

“We agreed NI was impossible to police if politicians can pick and choose when they back the cops and when they don’t depending on what suits them politically.” 👏 Outstanding - finally someone sees it

IV 🦅🖤🇺🇸
IV 🦅🖤🇺🇸 ()

i encourage you to be more optimistic given the fact that black americans are a sleeping giant voting block power on democrats. Reparations for ados is extremely possible. we all need to pressure politicians bfr giving away our vote. look into #downballot

ALIEN0089 ()

WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE AMERICAN POLITICIANS????? no wonder why yall so fucked up

The Bozzz!😎🕋🕌
The Bozzz!😎🕋🕌 ()

The people that elect corrupt politicians,impostors,thieves and traitors are not victims but accomplices.

Opine Facts
Opine Facts ()

@ksaddybruh @wolfiehere5 AR Reihana actually told in an interview (to news7 I guess) that it was an open secret... :-o It is disappointing too see many well-read people and politicians continue to engage with VM .. though I really do not know why VM matters to :-(

Jack Posobiec
Jack Posobiec ()

BREAKING: Charles Barkley says racial division is driven by politicians

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿KevCargill🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🍒🍒💚🤍💜 ()

@jane30342042 @myviewontopic He was doing what politicians have to. Murdoch was investing in Scotland at the time. That investment would be good pre and post Independence. Sturgeon was at a rally to overturn another country’s democratic choice and chose to pose with a war criminal.

Marco Polo Kimani
Marco Polo Kimani ()

@RobertAlai Super spreaders!! These politicians are the ones spreading corona, and then they impose this nonsense of lockdown and curfew. You @RailaOdinga are supposed to be on 14 days quarantine, not out politicking. You even look frail. Wewe unadaganywa, utakufa bure, uwache UK akicheka!!

CryptoKnight ()

@Patriots Very gracious of the Kraft family. They are always class acts. But the overrun hospitals never happened. Numbers and stats were fudged. Economy was destroyed by scum politicians and TV doctors seeking fame. A disgrace. Now they want you to take an experimental shot. No thanks.

Dean Pickersgill
Dean Pickersgill ()

@DefenceHQ @I_W_M Politicians insist upon drawing lines on maps. For as long as we have politicians and religious ultraists, we shall have war.

Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor ()

@MartinJKeatings I believe it was Robin Williams who said politicians should wear nascar jackets with all the sponsors on, at least then we would know who they are working for or word to that effect.

Dylan Watts
Dylan Watts ()

CBC attempting to slam the Excellent Public Schools Act is a tough look, especially when the title is questioning whether someone stands with the kids - or the #ncpol #ncga

P.T. Moore
P.T. Moore ()

@Kelly48722576 @lsferguson ...and the talentless relatives of criminal politicians shouldn’t be “newspeople.”

💖Lisa💖 ()

@thehill Voter ID should be a law in all states! There is nothing racist about it! What are they saying that minorities can’t afford an ID? That’s what it sounds like to me! But they want us to have an ID for the Covid vaccination?🤦🏼‍♀️ Don’t politicians have to wear an ID badge for work?🤔

sanjay koul
Sanjay koul ()

@MehboobaMufti Madam how come politicians have so much money they drive costly cars and all that any idea

john Lumb
John Lumb ()

@DavidDavisMP There is a an approved list of politicians to ignore,David Davis is near the top of my list.

Tonyrose5583 ()

$VIX $VXX I don’t know why it’s taken a year for me to notice it but it appears that once you get the VIX above 80 it scares the politicians into throwing money at the problem like a screaming child. Hopefully this will settle the markets for another 11-12 years $SPY

Politicians Photo,Politicians Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
John Baldino
John Baldino ()

@KatiePavlich Just a smoke screen for the socialist democrats who are actually cementing the cheating they pulled off in 2020 with HR1. Corrupt politicians act.

Catherine Wray
Catherine Wray ()

@taru_sisko Possibly not! Wondering how we had 10 yrs of austerity & still ended up with all this debt (pre Brexit & Covid). Horrible thoughts re the safety of our taxes with this bunch of politicians. It looks as if they waste our money too easily, is it mismanagement or corrupt practices?

Rym Momtaz ريم ممتاز
Rym Momtaz ريم ممتاز ()

The former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner on what wedge issues, constant polemics on talk radio and TV, lunatics did to the GOP. French politicians might find it a useful read as a cautionary tale. The US is a few years ahead on this.


From bokoharam to next level of making money 💰💸 by our leaders/ politicians, banditry...

conservative approach
Conservative approach ()

Hopefully the new prison will house all those politicians who brought the scamdemic upon we the people

VetComPro ()

@DanWhitCongress And the same for physicians pretending to be politicians, @rogermarshallmd

laxmi narain
Laxmi narain ()

All politicians irrelevant of parties & position in states & centre or any where he is are making fools of public with full force by advising us to wear masks , keep proper distance etc. etc. where as themselves are doing rallies, lavish parties & so on .

Chris “Cal” Carnahan
Chris “Cal” Carnahan ()

Does the @GOP use police scanners to locate felons to run for office? Is that how they recruit their politicians?

Dan Crenshaw
Dan Crenshaw ()

The only people that want a woke military are Democrat the Chinese. Americans want a battle-ready military that can defend them. Pass it on so the new SECDEF can hear us.

☚ #BANGBANGCON21 Anfield ☛
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