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@adamajacoby Art Economics Employment Housing Neoliberalism Refugees Social Justice Social Security Transport War & Pacifism #PPM2020

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Bloody Old Leftie
Bloody Old Leftie ()

@adamajacoby Two year terms with state and federal elections held at the same time #PPM2020

Rodney Holmes
Rodney Holmes ()

@adamajacoby Art Economics Employment Housing Neoliberalism Refugees Social Justice Social Security Transport War & Pacifism #PPM2020

Allana Charteris
Allana Charteris ()

@adamajacoby Rural & regional AUS #PPM2020 communities outside larger cities & centers need attention - local jobs, arts, facilities, etc. Any govt policy impacting negatively on local industry must include local remedy (eg coal mine closes, renewables established) Jobs always replace jobs.

Allana Charteris
Allana Charteris ()

@adamajacoby Business #PPM2020 to include Public Benefit Corporations (PBC) @MrDenmore shared an interesting article on this:

University of Nairobi
University of Nairobi ()

The 2nd Annual International Conference on Project Planning and Management scheduled for Oct 12-14, 2020, will see experts share best practices & latest developments in the field of project planning, design & implementation. Register: #ResearchWeek2020

Neil Leo
Neil Leo ()

@adamajacoby #PPM2020 mine probably fall under the headings you already have Agriculture and how it need to look for balanced environment- the removal of private money from elections, change to tax payer budget- independent commission to review everything and press chargers-

Barbara Elkins
Barbara Elkins ()

@adamajacoby #PPM2020 a country of VISION & PASSION. An exemplar of taking advantage of our global mix of brains & bodies.

Tobias Busch
Tobias Busch ()

@adamajacoby A Bill of Human and Environmental Rights (cause no parliament can be trusted to protect either) #PPM2020

WomanOnTheShore ()

@adamajacoby Federal ICAC #PPM2020 Parl pensions adjusted downwards in light of other income.

Allornothing ()

@adamajacoby No income tax Drug law reform/recreational drug use legalised (all drugs) #PPM2020

🇦🇺💪🏻LivinInAPetrostate🌏🔥🐨 ()

Countering Conservative / Powerful forces Conservatism is basically a public relations campaign aimed at persuading them to lay down their capacity for rational thought. #PPM2020

Re-Tan of the Mac
Re-Tan of the Mac ()

@adamajacoby Indigenous self-determination and autonomy Human Rights Charter More diverse political parties/gender/cultural heritage/sexuality/SES/disability Climate Change Action Ethical Aged Care facilities Capped fees for all higher education courses Remodel school education #PPM2020

Joel ()

@adamajacoby #PPM2020 End political parties Independently funded, expertly run, cherished national communicator.

Tobias Busch
Tobias Busch ()

@adamajacoby Public housing Ecocide Citizens’ Assemblies Circular Economy Market abolitionism #PPM2020

Lizzie Hexam
Lizzie Hexam ()

@adamajacoby Scrap Franking Credits or cut it back No privatisation of Medicare More public Housing Renewable Energy #PPM2020

🇦🇺💪🏻LivinInAPetrostate🌏🔥🐨 ()

Sunset clauses on natsec legislation that restricts individual rights Real FOI / decision transparency Co-ops Social care vs. policing Debt jubilee 4 day week / leisure rights Senate estimates - extra powers Digital parliament Hare-clark proportional voting #PPM2020

🇦🇺💪🏻LivinInAPetrostate🌏🔥🐨 ()

Suggestion put on GitHub as an open document format (markdown / adoc) with contributors and a team of moderators. #PPM2020

GlobalSpectator ()

@adamajacoby #PPM2020 Human Rights Charter Constitution rewrite -> Republic Religion out of public life (politics and education) Media Public Ownership Privacy, Surveillance and Internet tracking, Free speech

Bone(anti-fascist)Jeni ()

@mezla @adamajacoby DEFINITELY! Standards in Media - cash for comment has gone to the extreme. Need Media Watch Commission with fines for media and individuals. #PPM2020

Raving lunatic - Northern Beaches Chapter
Raving lunatic - Northern Beaches Chapter ()

@adamajacoby Affordable housing/public housing. And now that we have a clear idea of who essential workers actually are, their remuneration should be looked at. #PPM2020

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