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When you make one of these shows you wake up every morning in terror, turning to your phone and praying you don’t see a bunch of texts about something leaking. We have the best and most trusted team in the business, and I am so honored to work with them! #SummerGameFest

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i aint even praying for my 2nd sem grades anymore, just give @BLACKLISTINTL the msc trophy they deserve please 😭🙏

dary⁷ is going to see bts🪐
Dary⁷ is going to see bts🪐 ()

Praying for: stable internet, stable connection with the tv, audio in sync, great definition😭

hanna misses bea ♡
Hanna misses bea ♡ ()

tw // death mention i’m not defending bad or a0d or tommy but you can’t making someone stop supporting them but you can fucking educate them on the stuff that they did hope and praying they don’t do it again coming for my perspective

Aren ()

@SkyNews The most important thing right now is that Christian is alive and well. Speculation on whether or not he’ll be able to play football again is secondary and not something he or his family need to be hearing right now. Praying for Eriksen 🙏🏻🤍💙

🌻 ()

I’ve been speaking to my nephew Jalen 💙 he got Trial next month & we praying for the best 🙏🏽

Prof. Alfred Omenya
Prof. Alfred Omenya ()

Why are you praying for wealth, yet when you get it totally destroys you? Pray for wisdom ye the Kingdom

stream huhhhhh, fortheloveofny, needtoknow✨
Stream huhhhhh, fortheloveofny, needtoknow✨ ()

@CupcakKe_rapper Praying the true slurpers get their follow back

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roberto fimíneach 🇵🇸🇮🇪
Roberto fimíneach 🇵🇸🇮🇪 ()

praying the first goal of the euros being an own goal will serve as an omen. european shitehousery is back babey!!

ray kisner
Ray kisner ()

@catswithnohope Praying for her. She had a hard life. She must fight to live. Kitties often will rally for their human parents and siblings

Geoff Keighley
Geoff Keighley ()

When you make one of these shows you wake up every morning in terror, turning to your phone and praying you don’t see a bunch of texts about something leaking. We have the best and most trusted team in the business, and I am so honored to work with them! #SummerGameFest

Kate Henshaw
Kate Henshaw ()

HE did not bring us this far, in this time and age to leave us desolate and without I know it can be tiring praying and waiting for a Let FAITH and HOPE increase while we make BOLD to say HIS promises are Ye and Amen. Good morning my neighbours🙏

Colleen ()

@nj1015 How I wish the media would give attention to the memory of the child this asshole killed instead of the fact that he stayed open illegally during the pandemic. 🙏praying for his parents and the pain that must be triggered even more when they read these articles. The media sucks!

Olamma N
Olamma N ()

Praying for everybody to have at least one house they can drop by, eat up the whole fridge, and dip with no questions just love

Diddy. ()

to know sb praying on our downfall it’s only right we stay strong together 🤞🏾

DJ Jenkins
DJ Jenkins ()

@trillianewbell Praying for you, sister. Appreciate you, your ministry, your witness, and your faithfulness to God!

Dr Sarah Dustagheer
Dr Sarah Dustagheer ()

@LisaRoseStead Baby awake all day 😂 Absolutely comatosed ... praying she doesn’t sense this tweet and wake up

D’Andre🙏🏽 ()

The followers will be gaining sooner 🤌🏽. On this Twitter account. Tiktok, twitch. Im praying on God man. He going guide me this. LETS GO.

☾ ()

-me praying i could leave just so this weight can be lifted off my shoulders but this is the unfortunate reality i live in n i actually hope if there is a god out there things would get better but like. whatever. /2

Light is good
Light is good ()

@ednyoka Fr. I understand that snakes do not go after people but strike only when they feel threatened. So maybe you should warn them you are coming by singing or praying out loud or with a bell on your wrist. We do this to warn bears in the Pacific Northwest while hiking. God be with you

StoveGod ()

Soft blocked one of my irls a while back, praying they don’t still look at my tweets lmaooo

Katherine La Mejor💕🐸
Katherine La Mejor💕🐸 ()

My mama and my best friend got interview requests today. I know God been sick of me praying for my team to win but He coming through per usual.

Nicholas Wehby
Nicholas Wehby ()

@LetsTalk_FPL Praying for a clean game with no injury .. really looking forward to see Harry in this tournament 🤞

Pro_Kesadia 🍜🌯
Pro_Kesadia 🍜🌯 ()

I will get signed with a Big company partnership this year. Praying it into the Universe.

Zipzy ()

@haileyyloll @StrasicB im sorry you have such a shit player under your edits🥺 im praying for you 🙏

Stacy Lynn
Stacy Lynn ()

@AllyEnriquez omg queen, thank you so much! you got this girl, praying for you!🤍🤍

Thel Thel
Thel Thel ()

In Wuntho Tsp, Sagaing, 24 patthana praying service was held by locals. #June2Coup #WhatsHappeningInMyanm

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Forrest Irwin
Forrest Irwin ()

@oldhockeycards There’s the butterfly technique and then there is the more advanced style known as the praying

Belle ()

Wishing and praying I get tickets to go and see @PalayeRoyale be crazy bitches and jump around on stage for a couple hours with my friends. Rock Gods please treat me well 🙏🏻

Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie ()

Found an awesome boarding facility for Thor & Duke for the weekend while we go visit my family in DR. I literally cried on the way back home. Lmao I’ve never left my babies before 😭 praying they do well and they love on my boys.

Lecrae ()

Them: How you been? Me: learning, working, praying, helping, growing, repenting, forgiving, and becoming.

☚ #AFLDeesPies #4Corners ☛
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