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PRGUY IS JEREMY MALUTA He’s just revealed his identity in a video posted by @friendlyjordies (watermark is FJ’s, not mine).

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I have no legal action against a Jeremy Maluta, so I’m not sure why he’s crowdfunding. @VictoriaPolice, this sounds like a potential case of “obtaining property by deception”. Oh, and do I trust the “fall guy”? I’d need more evidence than PRGuy’s dishonest word for it..

Last night I joined Peta Credlin to discuss where we are in the Twitter/Telstra case. I also took the opportunity to CONFRONT the Sky News presenter about rumours that SHE is PRGuy. Thank goodness we put that issue to bed. Please #DontCryPRGuy..

The Age
The Age

The Age spoke on the phone with a man purporting to be Jeremy Maluta, who provided identifying documentation and images proving he was the user of the @PRGuy17 account. Maluta would not reveal personal details, such as where he worked or lived..

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PRguy outing himself. Katherine deves being Katherine deves. Avi having a mental breakdown publicly. Tim Smith doing a Prue and drunk tweeting. Never change twitter..

So, PRGuy has outed himself as Jeremy Maluta. A Google search finds no-one under that name. Absolutely nothing (except someone called Jeremy Hewitt-Maluta who may or may not be the same person). Curiouser and curiouser..

@PRGuy17 Hey PRGuy I think for the good of Australia, we need you to keep doing what you are doing. Great power comes great responsibility 😂.

Next minute, Piers Morgan is demanding to know why Jeremy Maluta is using Troy McClure’s profile picture, and does that mean PRGuy is really a front for washed-up infomercial actors who never made it in Hollywood? 😂😑.

The truth is, Jeremy coming out as PRGuy had nothing to do with Avi and everything to do with this really good parody account.

@friendlyjordies @OzraeliAvi PRGuy named Australian of the Year for getting rid of the LNP leaners.#alboisourpm.

Jeremy Maluta is as much PRGuy as I am at this stage. I want proof and credible evidence..

We are merely hours from a thread insisting prguy is very cool akshlly. Any harassment, incitement, hate mobs, duplicity, and deceit is not prguy’s fault because he has adhd 😢.

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@Peter_Fitz @CharmaineTT Peter, the people who went through the Melbourne lockdowns started #IStandWithDan as a result of a daily media assault on every person trying to survive the greatest threat to us in a 100 years. There is no conspiracy or myth,we were all pissed off and PRGuy summed it up.

@news_australian Ah, after laughing with PRguy doing his reveal and Deves autocorrecting by deletion – its kinda sunnier..

Trying to explain PRGuy to my not-very-online wife is not going well. Me: So you know PRGuy? Wife: No. Me: Avi is suing PRGuy. Wife: Oookaay. Me: Well, PRGuy went on FriendlyJordies to out himself before Avi could. Wife: This story sounds made up..

PRGuy still sucks, knowing who the gronk is behind the account doesn’t change anything.

@Pleasure_Lab Well no one should be “outed” because of their views when specifically #PRGUY caused no disrespect or engaged in any negative behaviour. I’m disappointed with our judicial system that immersed itself in this.

@therealrukshan This bloke is pretty obviously not PRGuy. Not sure what the game currently is. But it’s 💯 not him..

most persuasive voice of a generation...get fucked. PRGuy is a noxious little cunt who used social media to bully and harass dissenters and critics and convince very online Tweeters that all they had to do to bring about change was Tweet and be loyal..

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You know, it is outrageous that PRGuy had to reveal himself. Yemini seeks fame and attention 24/7. PRGuy is a private citizen making observations on Twitter. PRGuy has lost his privacy and that is very unfair..

@SkyNewsAust nice try but that isnt PRGuy andrews and his team of henchmen have had time to plant this bloke probably with the offer of a government job to protect the real PRGuy.

@therealrukshan Rukshan these things are not comparable. Also sorry to hear about Avi and the PRGuy thing, a lost grifting sad..

@PeterTOWNSV1LLE If they watched the full video, PRGuy also supported good leadership from the likes of Tasmanian premier, Peter Guttwein. He also criticised bad Labor decisions. To call him pro-labor is a shallow description..

@thespecialbka Friendlyjordies and PRGuy talked in their video about the collective narcissism of Australian journalism. QED..

@MrNaniR @RPGuy17 Yep, a parody account. He parody’s a left leaning simp account called PRGuy..

@JoshButler Incredible that after all this time @PRGuy17 turned out to be “just some guy” who is more of a journalist and truth teller that THE MSM HAS BEEN. Thousands of us, couldn’t have SURVIVED the last fetid Government without him. #PRGUY.

@OzraeliAvi @VictoriaPolice PRGuy outed herself as female numerous times so I’m not buying it..

So how many people on here that have an anonymous twitter account in Australia to discuss Australian politics use a VPN to log into it? Yet this is exactly what Avi Yemini found out about the person who uses the PRGuy account..

@OzraeliAvi No one gives a shit who prguy is, where just glad he not s cunt like Avi Yemini. #choppingboardmallice.

@JacktheInsider @krunchymoses Content for for fucking days!!!! Thats a beer for PRGuy for sure.

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