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A5. Find a problem around the house that can be solved with a simple 3D printed tool! #primarySTEMChat.

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I love this. Me too. ‘Science is simply the ’ ☺️ #PrimarySTEMChat.

@rachaellehr @peteplaysdrums So much fun! Half way through a squishy circuit lesson one of my students said “what if we could make a jacket with light up indicator arrows for cyclists” 🤯 #primarySTEMchat.

@peteplaysdrums A5: Circuits! Wires, batteries and LEDs are super cheap and easy to get. Lots of learning about Science and design thinking involved. We started with squishy circuits then moved onto wearable tech! #PrimarySTEMChat.

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A5. Find a problem around the house that can be solved with a simple 3D printed tool! #primarySTEMChat.

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@peteplaysdrums A5) High risk STEM project > create a shared project with another school. Ss ideate the build using various collaborative technologies and then build separate components that need to fit together & work within given timeframe to solve a genuine need #PrimarySTEMChat.

@k8ylu What a great idea, Kate. So many Ts are already doing some amazing integrated projects and with a little tweaking they can be #STEMtastic! #primarystemchat.

@Marybell1Bell I think often the thing I value most about awesome PDs is the new connections I make with passionate educators. #primarystemchat.

A4 #PrimarySTEMChat I doo recommend PD that mixes practical ideas but also builds a community of connection. That’s when the real learning happens and helps to inspire to take risks and give things a go #littlescientists.

FINAL QUESTION/Not really a Q5: Share a project or challenge you believe would encourage teachers to try more STEM learning in their classrooms. What are some low risk/high impact tasks that really drive teachers to get stuck into STEM? #PrimarySTEMChat.

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@BenNewsome_ @peteplaysdrums #PrimarySTEMchat so perhaps NOT putting the 3D printer on a 16 hour print job is a great idea folks 😂😂😂 slow down. Test the prototype virtually first..

@peteplaysdrums Build the learning journey over a series of lessons. For example kids shouldn’t be using a 3D printer after one what is a the progression of learning to get to the printing? The design process, the learning builds over time ... lots of steps #PrimarySTEMchat.

A4. As my schools sole specialist, sharing with classroom teachers project ideas so shared ownership is created. I love class teachers bringing classes to the science room to continue projects through agreed lit/num/art/tech outcomes, when I’m on DOTT. #PrimarySTEMchat.

@peteplaysdrums A3) Integrating lessons for sure. Where possible, a visit from a specialist in an area or two to keep things rolling can help and using flipped learning for reflection & extension. Takes some planning, but can be done #primarystemchat.

@rachaellehr @jc_igs I agree! I think we as teachers sometimes have a hard time giving up the control and allowing students to really drive the learning. #PrimarySTEMchat.

@peteplaysdrums Hello- Michelle here from NSW DoE STEMShare Community ...thanks for hosting #PrimarySTEMchat.

a local network. The sharing of resource between our country PS and SHS is proving to be invaluable. Not only in physical resources but collaboration in common projects. #PrimarySTEMchat.

Useful STEAM Stations /activities include Maker Space Green screen Minecraft Little Bits Bloxels Bots Lego WeDo 2 Drones 3D Printer For me STEAM was the Curriculum #PrimarySTEMchat.

A2. We need to remember the Technology is all human made things! #PrimarySTEMChat.

@k8ylu Great suggestions! I ask families to bring in things (mostly recyclables) that we need for STEM projects and also collect a lot of things myself. We have a place in WA called REMIDA that collects things from industries that teachers can #primarystemchat.

Q2: I have of course listed physical resources in the question, but I totally agree with so many of you! If you have eager minds and sound strategies, STEM will come naturally! #PrimarySTEMchat.

#PrimarySTEMChat q2 Can’t go past the flexibility of a rubber band.

@k8ylu Yep! Sometimes the planning can look more like tangled spaghetti :) Mindmeister can help here #primarySTEMchat.

@peteplaysdrums @primarystemchat A1 I think time can be a real issue. My periods are only 45 minutes long. #PrimarySTEMChat.

A2: this might sound weird but I actually think the mindset of learners - teachers and students - is the no. 1 resource that you need. #PrimarySTEMChat.

Q2: What resources are essential for teachers to have access to when first starting to teach STEM? Please share your MUST-HAVES! My current love is all the cardboard boxes that our start-of-year ordering came in! #PrimarySTEMChat.

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