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A6 maybe a night of 1 hour/1 lesson STEM challenges. We could create a folder for all to share #PrimarySTEMChat.

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So proud of this explanation of evolution! Even love the added humour! 🧬 #PrimarySTEMchat.

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@FiMorrison2 @PlayCraftLearn Year 5 - there is a world available to download from the #MinecraftEDU site #PrimarySTEMChat.

Well look here, #PrimarySTEMchat is trending at #5 in Australia.

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@BenNewsome_ The work you are doing is so impactful and important- way to go! #PrimarySTEMchat.

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@rachaellehr a6b) Another topic could simply be challenging kids & STEM. Last week I taught at juvenile justice centre for 16 to 18-year-olds. Some of these kids were at a primary level and had a rough upbringing. #primarySTEMchat.

@rachaellehr A4: @StoryBots on Netflix are insanely great for younger students as a starting point or some reward watching at the end of a unit! Plus the show really helps students follow a scientific inquiry method along the way #PrimarySTEMchat.

@najeebyunusa Thanks for joining us! See you next week - same time, same place :) #PrimarySTEMChat.

@rachaellehr A3: my greatest fear is my most engaged students losing interest from a poor topic choice by me. Will try to avoid this by encouraging more student steering this year #PrimarySTEMchat.

@FiMorrison2 If you check back on the #PrimarySTEMChat Wakelet there have been a couple of chats on Early Years STEM in the past years that may also help. Another chat is definitely on the.

@rachaellehr A1: my goal this year is to improve and solidify my assessment strategies to ensure I am targetting what I want to in the curriculum. This will give me more freedom in what I teach for the year #PrimarySTEMchat.

@rachaellehr @primarystemchat Hello! Pete from Adelaide! My not-so-secret STEM fantasy for 2020 would be to have all students from R-7 recording their learning using a mixture of written and digital means by the end of the year. #PrimarySTEMchat.

@rachaellehr A6: Keen to see some practical examples of STEM implemented in the younger grades. I’ve already gotten so many great ideas already, but always keen for more 🤣 #PrimarySTEMchat.

@CatRoyans I will watch with interest. I think a mix of inquiry learning and explicit learning of content/skills can really boost learning. #PrimarySTEMChat.

Thanks to everyone for coming!! #PrimarySTEMChat I appreciate every single on of your awesome selves!!! <3 <3 <3.

A6: As always ... inspiration and motivation. Biological STEM content would be nice in one session 🐟🌻🐒 #PrimarySTEMChat.

@rmckean This sounds like a fabulous way to link maths and science and tech #PrimarySTEMChat.

Thanks for chat, will have to go back through tweets as I got sidetracked in my notifications. Enjoy the rest of the break #PrimarySTEMChat.

@CatRoyans @rachaellehr how old your stduents? I have some fun games for youngers kids that teach computational thinking and coding?? check out Robo cards and program a robot #primarySTEMchat.

@nicashgrove Not sure if useful but I ran a session on this with some teachers last year. Notes on hardware / topic ideas / formats etc here #primarySTEMchat.

@Helenergy_4 And to you our fabulous friend! May 2020 be the most awesomely STEMtastic year for you :) #PrimarySTEMChat.

@philosophyteach Thanks for joining us even though you are on holiday! #PrimarySTEMChat.

A6 maybe a night of 1 hour/1 lesson STEM challenges. We could create a folder for all to share #PrimarySTEMChat.

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@mmap73 I am always behind! Takes me some time to catch up with all the ideas #PrimarySTEMChat.

@rachaellehr Thank you for a great first chat for 2020. I seemed to be behind, which is all good as the tweets and ideas shared were fantastic #PrimarySTEMChat.

@Accidentaleader my bestie does Kindy spec ed, last year she did circuits using conductive playdough and some little LED lights. kids LOVED squishing playdouch and so ecited by seeing lights turn on and off when circuit was created. also a leaf activity around feel and shape #primarySTEMchat.

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