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Prince Charles and so many other celebrities and high government officials are testing positive for the coronavirus, even without any serious symptoms, because either this virus is targeting the rich and famous while sparing the poor and the homeless or they have access to tests.

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Sb Orlando🇬🇭🐦💉 ()

Obour ankasa ein poppy dead body koraa make Nana Addo agree say make we lash am That one saf the way I go lash the dead body erh na Obour Obour you de3 if you get the Corona Virus some saf we go lash you walaahi if we get some ah we get na Prince Charles saf he be positive 😂

Detroit Blue Jay ()

@LisaMei62 Charles and now Queen Elizabeth! Prince Andrew next? Rommel death!

Hidden glories ()

How is it possible that I haven’t seen anyone saying how much Howard Baskin looks like Prince Charles?

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John Q. Galt ()

Where’s the Pope? Where’s Prince Charles? What the heck happened in Hollywood? Why are there lines of tanks all over California? What happened to James Comey’s face today? Why stop “cabal lines” of drug money during the “virus”? We can’t wait to get Maduro?

Secret agent snowball 🥁 ()

If prince Charles, Boris Johnson and our govt people affected survive coronavirus, I have to admit I’ll think they have a vaccine

NotRequired ()

@ClarenceHouse @KensingtonRoyal So nice to take the time to do this especially when Prince Charles is poorly-thank you 💞🇬🇧

Smitha nair ()

Anchors at British state broadcaster BBC asking their political reporter how a Prince Charles or PM Johnson qualify to get tested with only mild symptoms where frontline NHS workers are unable to access testing and are struggling to get PPE. juxatapose with our Pvt news channels

Dr Phil Hammond ()

Good news. Boris Johnson and Prince Charles will soon be immune, and able to return to the intensive care front line. There they will be able to share their expertise on how they managed to get tested.

ELLE Japan ()


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Jase ()

I feel like the reveal of Prince Charles having coronavirus was meant to install the same patriotic idea that “we’re all in this together” as Buckingham Palace being hit by bombs in 1940, or the then Princess Elizabeth working as a mechanic during the war

Paramjit S Garewal ()

Prince Charles tests positive for CORONAVIRUS. Better late than CORONATED !

New Straits Times ()

#NSTworld: Harry, the youngest son of heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, was heard mentioning former actress Meghan’s voiceover abilities to Disney boss Bob Iger.

Xia💫 ()


[email protected] 🌟🌟🌟 ()

Prince Charles is self-isolating after picking up Covid-19. Prince Andrew is waiting to pick up something a bit

Sarah💝🇮🇩 ()

Suamiku juga nanya, itu Prince Charles koq bs kena Covid-19, pdhl pasti apa2 hygienic, makanan bergizi, ketemu org pun terbatas. Kujawab dgn Azab kali, nyakitin puteri Diana, makanya kamu ati2 aja, Tuhan Maha Melihat Aku ditapuk bantal.

Rose 🇪🇺 ()

How the fuck did Nadine Dorris and her colleagues get tested? How the fuck did Prince Charles get tested but the NHS staff or ppl with clear symptoms cannot?? Pls someone tell me


@JuniorNsenda2 En contact avc le prince Charles les 21 mars pourtant 2 jour après celui ci et testé positif à suivre

Simon Perry ()

George, Charlotte & Louis, join rest of the Royal Family (scroll down for grandpa Charles) applauding carers in the #clapforourcarers .

Brandon Woodard ()

Very important discussions this afternoon, led by @lmartin1861 on “Why Prince Charles Should Be King: an argument.” This is in response to our group chat debating whether or not Charles should cede the throne to William. #ksleg

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Dark_Red_Hair ()

this is a virus that can infect the heir to the crown (prince Charles) in Britain, just as easily as a 92YO retiree in a florida nursing home. and so, I hope the gravity of the moment finally sinks in

Roberto Ferdenzi Ⓜ️ ()

Prince Charles is self-isolating at Balmoral with Prince Andrew is self-isolating at Windsor with Jennifer-17

𝕯𝖊𝖓𝖎𝖘 𝕳𝖆𝖙𝖈𝖍𝖊𝖗 ⚫ ()

My son just asked who are we Prince Charles? My son lives in his own world.

GlobalPandemic.NET ()

COVID-ALERT: Sarah Ferguson Said Coronavirus Is Punishment From Mother Nature Hours Before Prince Charles Tested Positive - Global Pandemic News | #Coronavirus -

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Sudpresse ()

Coronavirus: Meghan Markle a empêché le prince Harry de rejoindre le prince Charles, testé positif au Covid-19

Neil Hamilton AC/AM ()

When Prince Charles was tested for #Covid19, the woke-left had an absolute meltdown. Yesterday, 169 testing kits had to be used on illegal migrants after they were intercepted in the silence from the same people. #Hypocrites

Nola Thee Journalist ()

Like clockwork, we get a negative Meghan Markle story in relation to Prince Charles’ Coronavirus status. He is in isolation so no-one can visit. Someone pls make it make sense?!

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Aamer Anwar🎗✊🏽 ()

So Prince Charles heir to the throne ignores Govt Advice, is flown to Scotland by RAF (like they have nothing better to do) arrives at one of his 17 homes, gets minor symptoms & unlike nurses, doctors or everyone else gets tested ‘We’re all in this together?’ #COVID19

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Eugene Gu, MD ()

Prince Charles and so many other celebrities and high government officials are testing positive for the coronavirus, even without any serious symptoms, because either this virus is targeting the rich and famous while sparing the poor and the homeless or they have access to tests.

David Schneider ()

Wishing Prince Charles a speedy recovery but just to remind you: IMPORTANT TO TEST: Members of Royal Family NOT IMPORTANT TO TEST: NHS staff

Piers Morgan ()

BREAKING NEWS: Prince Charles tests positive for Coronavirus.

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