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Typical! Libs leading Apologists Andrew Probyn seemed to delight in saying Rudd & Keating would be attending todays Labor Campaign Launch but Gillard will NOT be attending. Of course he neglected to mention the reason which she is in London and will be back for the last week.

Loving that Andrew Probyn’s only question to the Front Bench ministers today is about Scotty’s character and now infamous concession to change. Jane Hume still managed to blame Labor accusing them of character assassination. But Jane, Scotty said it! 😅😂.

So Andrew Probyn gets stuck into Albanese being unable to remember the detailed 6 points of the NDIS policy whilst reading them from his notes, and then gets the simple acronym wrong anyway? Lol 🤡#ThisIsNotJournalism #auspol.

“Certainly the Independents is where we’ve seen the dirtiest politics played” Jane Hume telling absolute whoppers on the ABC analysis, not pulled up by Greg Jennet or Andrew Probyn, Hume doesn’t offer any evidence just lying slurs #AlboForPM #auspol.

@KymLouC A war with China. That they’ve instigated. After selling them a Darwin port. After allowing their surveillance ship to dock and carry out repairs and sail down the WA coast. After…. STFU Probyn..

@Ballyurra @andrewprobyn clearly thinks the LNP is full of crooks who would not fare well at an ICAC. Which makes me wonder why Andrew Probyn thinks Australians should have crooks in their governments at all..


@LesStonehouse @Butters40958629 No won’t change and Probyn looks like he wants to go home and curl up under his doona..

Probyn This is definitely a corrupted program (holding up sports rorts spreadsheet) but is it the type of corruption you want to be investigated? lol fucking what?? #Insiders.

@SarkySage I am very very nervous, after Andrew Probyn stated on #Insiders, that now we are going to see some *very dirty campaigning. *how insulting is it to the public, if they believe we rely on filth to make a measured call and judgement. Disgusting..

Andrew Probyn finally mentions Covid-19 figures and the fact the pandemic is not over. Greg Jennet moves on quickly. #auspol.

Greg Jennett and Andrew Probyn are hosting a massive Liberal Party advertisement from Birmingham .. soft ball intro, letting him run uninterrupted and unchallenged.

@JJKALE2 @abc730 Andrew Probyn and Greg Jennett outside the Lib Launch looked like two very wet shags for whom the fishing had not been good this morning! Even combined, they lacked energy, purpose, direction and interest! Has it all got to be a pointless exercise for the pro-conservative media!.

Probyn talking about what you have to do in good government. Remind me when he was in parliament? Just like politicians knowing what works best in schools #insiders.

what is this extraordinarily sympathetic performance assessment from Probyn and Jennett as if we have just watched Maria Callas singing Tosca.

LNP con continues Birmingham tells Greg Jennett and Andrew Probyn lower taxes can be guaranteed under our govt Neither of them challenge him that his govt is the second-highest taxing govt of the last 30 yrs Totally unchallenged #auspol #ausvotes.

Agree, disappointingly turgid narrative from Probyn, who I had previously thought of as more balanced. Need more independent thinking… so more vote in Independents!.

@KymLouC Probyn and all of the tainted ABC staff need to be purged after the election..

@KymLouC Probyn has completely lost the plot. It’s like he’s not even in the same universe as the rest of us anymore……..

@mark_melbin He really is. Probyn occasionally knocks the LNP. General take is he is the twelfth man.

@AngryGranny1 Yeah, I picked that up as well. Oh the hypocrisy. Did you see him, Probyn, refer to his notes when making a point about his own argument. None of the other guests needed to do that..

@MFWitches Probyn, Norman , Jennet , Kelly , Speers, Kavelas , Sales et al #ABCYourBiasIsShowing , sack them all , begin again.

Costello doesn’t want fair , he wants propaganda. Treating people like morons, Uhlmann is a hack, Coorey is a hack , Probyn is a hack , Crowe is a hack. Cop26 proved it .. Morrison was treated like the black plaque in Europe..

@saysroscoe @Ballyurra i suspect roscoe that probyn knew about corruption but chose to hide it that makes him a partner in crime thats why the abc is shitting bricks coz a few of their rockstars and their producers are in that category.

Andrew Probyn is definitely not like a member of my family. And I abhor the Barbie Doll Jane Norman . Dreadful advertisement @andrewprobyn @abcnews.

@Ballyurra Andrew Probyn had serious lapses of integrity and judgement of late. #auspolVote2022.

@nevso @ColettaFrank Boots Probyn. Why is he called boots. Because that is all you can see when looking at the back of a Scotty..

Probyn & Jennet stop embarrassing yourselves & ABC. Australians deserve #auspol.

Has Andrew Probyn realised he has been backing the wrong horse? Greg Jennet never will he is so rusted on LNP …. #auspol #LiberalLaunch.

@KymLouC @drongojourno Probyn lost it early on in this election. He has seriously damaged his credibility..

It’s actually hard to tell if Andrew Probyn is a journalist or a candidate. #insiders.

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