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Today is a good day to reiterate that Proud Boys founder, white nationalist neo-Nazi Gavin McInnes was allowed entry into Israel, while two American congresswomen were not..

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@kingsrush Do these Proud Boys ever roll alone or are they big pussies that have to hide with a crowd? I have yet to find a single trumper or Proud Boy alone.

Here we have baby Zac, recently single Proud Boys calling Neo Nazis our people. Fun. #seattle #antifa.

“Ultimately though, counterprotesters Saturday felt victorious. They’d amassed a giant, anti-fascist coalition, which can be mobilized to oppose future fascist rallies. And they’d developed new strategies.” ⁦@letsgomathias⁩ ⁦@HuffPost⁩.

unlike White Supremacist groups like Proud Boys?.

i’m so proud of ateez. what did i do to deserve idols like them? ateez bestest boys.

Today is a good day to reiterate that Proud Boys founder, white nationalist neo-Nazi Gavin McInnes was allowed entry into Israel, while two American congresswomen were not..

Loving the videos being posted from Portland today. Proud Boys huddle together in the muggy heat, wearing ill-fitting body armour, versus Antifa counter protesters voguing at dance parties..

@handimanner @letsgomathias nope. there is no permit for this event today, and this it’s not patriot prayer organized event. it’s the proud boys, american guard, three percenters, daily stormers, and path keepers, they’ve traveled to portland from out of state..

@RollingStone Leftist snowflakes should stay home. Get in a proud boys face you might get knocked out..

@2Thrasher @matthew_schott Defending Proud Boys to try and win an argument is a weird flex, but you do you..

Proud Boys = Nazis Proud Boys = Organization of Terror Pick a side, fascism or antifascism. DEFEND ANTIFA!.

Proud Boys plan to terrorize Portland behind phony rubric of rally protesting far-left terrorism.

white boys love to tell you that the proud boys and antifa are equally bad when one carries guns and kills people and the other occasionally throws a milkshake or breaks a window.

@emilyselsewhere @Wh0v1an_4_L1fe The alt-right proud boys are a violent hate group who plan out their violence in advance, and plan out how to actually get antifa blamed for it. Here are their leaked chat logs showing them doing it:.

@pushforward40 @realDonaldTrump Fighting antifa is a the media twists it. Gavin and the proud boys proved that. You just have to call them out. Our voice is louder every week and we are starting to overcome the #FakeNews msm. Hence why we have false flags happening more often.


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@realDonaldTrump So what we gonna rename the Proud Boys? taking the #Racist side huh? Anyone surprised?.

@Bernstein Violence can be useful for overthrowing actual fascists, but the Proud Boys don’t have fascistic power. They’re not fascists, they’re assholes. The violence at these events makes Antifa and liberalism look bad, and I wish Antifa would more clearly distance itself from violence..

I highly recommend the book Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America by Kathleen Belew 2018. So well written, it is hard to put down!.

Fuck the proud boys and any white surpremicists who come to portland.

#goodbyefomo i am so proud of the boys. they worked so hard for this and they put on an amazing show. im so grateful i got to see them for the first time this year and it will be a memory that i will never forget. thank you so much. we love you @PRETTYMUCH.

@AndyBCampbell Proud boys are awful. But if we are going to point out them, we must also look over the fence at Antifa. Both groups need to just go away..

@NewsBreaking Antifa is the hate group!!! Proud boys are a patriot Group not a far anything!!! Stop believing the MSM Fools!!!!.

This is exactly what the Proud Boys want: Permission to fight, and assurance that all of their previous assaults will be forgiven as long as an anti-fascist is filmed punching someone in the face. The president just gave them his endorsement.

If you’re watching the Portland rally from Twitter today, remember the context: Its organizers, the Proud Boys, meticulously plot what weapons to bring, who and how to attack, which cops are friendly, and how to cast blame on antifa when the dust settles.

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