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Putting political views aside, I pretty much always find conservatives to be friendlier, happier, more authentic and open than lefties. Agree? Disagree? Prove my point with your response!

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ffransis ap ffransis
Ffransis ap ffransis ()

Trump demands that Biden prove the election fraud his own lawyers cannot: ‘He’s got a big unsolvable problem! | Raw Story via rawstory

Liberal is not a Four Letter Word
Liberal is not a Four Letter Word ()

@realDonaldTrump I have an idea, why not prove to the American people you are not insane. If not you should resign immediately. #25Amendment

BoyuFit ()

@datalkinbook Welp the only way to prove me wrong is to stick around 💁🏾‍♂️.

DJ ()

@realDonaldTrump Biden doesn’t have to prove sh!t. The Secret Service and military will fight to carry your fat @&& out of the White House

Mark Lindheimer
Mark Lindheimer ()

@janet92660 Do phantom claims have sworn and signed affidavits? Hundreds and hundreds of them? Prove me

amy thierbach
Amy thierbach ()

@siggyflicker All he needs to do is prove that in one of his lawsuits but the judges keep throwing them out for lack of evidence.

Martina Nic Gearailt
Martina Nic Gearailt ()

@realDonaldTrump President-Elect Biden doesn’t have to prove anything. Once the Electoral College cast their votes it’s a done deal. It seems you’re the one with the unsolvable problem.

JenB ()

@realDonaldTrump He doesn’t have to prove there was no fraud. You have to prove that there was fraud. That’s how evidence works.

Pat ()

@realDonaldTrump This is an absurd statement. Biden has nothing to prove. The facts have already been presented. Unless he’s depending on his “alternative truths.”

Michael Casagrande
Michael Casagrande ()

@sevenfootgenius You don’t get to cook up a conspiracy theory and demand it be proven wrong. Prove it right and get back to me.

Ari Gesher
Ari Gesher ()

@antoniogm It helps that you can generally prove your thesis one way or another - keeps the ego quotient lower.

LM ()

@realDonaldTrump Biden need not to prove a thing to #DiaperDon and you will dragged like a “dog” from the White House.

CW Jumper
CW Jumper ()

@LouiseFrances11 @FoxNews Trump actually has to prove that the ballots are illegal. (That’s how Court’s work. When you make a accusation, you have to prove it.) Have a blessed day.

Tom ()

@realDonaldTrump That’s not how this works. It’s not any of this works. You make the accusation, you gots to prove it #DiaperDon ...

CreSpeaksMedia ()

Trying so hard to prove your different is really no different from hopping on the bandwagon. Like it’s really okay to consider doing different things that could really help you & to decide something isn’t for you. But Don’t hate on someone who capitalized off the wave.

भाव्येश ()

Jitna congress dhoor rahe is andolan se utna better hai kyunki BJP ki machinery ye prove krdegi Congress ke 2019 ke manfiesto me bhi yahi promise tha. Jhooth bhi nahi hai.

Clur ()

remember that 1 time they taught us critical thinking for like a week but it was just like u cant prove a point unless u cherry pick one counter argument to prove wrong

Sally ()

@realDonaldTrump You have to prove he committed fraud you idiot😂😂As much as u try this is not a DICTATORSHIP COUNTRY!!

Rio ()

He ain’t gotta prove shit. YOU do fool lmaoooo pack them bags Dry Cheeto

Leasa Fisher
Leasa Fisher ()

@FoxNews Let me fix this headline for you Trump falsely claims Biden needs to prove the legitimacy of his win when in essence Trump has lost 34 of his lawsuits because he cannot prove fraud.

Ryan ()

@FoxNews Um, maybe he should prove they were illegally obtained as he is the one making the

President-Elect Frank
President-Elect Frank ()

Lol, Dominion has been caught and watching them try to cover their tracks is enjoyable. #KAG2020 WOW! Shifty Dominion Uses a FactCheck Statement by CISA Group that INCLUDES DOMINION to Prove Its Innocence on Its Own FactCheck Page

Queen APGi💸💵💰
Queen APGi💸💵💰 ()

I’m in the mood to punish. Prove to me you’re worthy. Kik Pettiangi • findom walletdrain paypig humanatm subslave domme beta cuck •

Eurasian Goddess
Eurasian Goddess ()

Beg me to drain your wallet and prove to me your worthy of funding my life. I will be picky in finding my next pay pig. Findom paypig asianbrat finsub cashpig humanatm cashslave walletrinse

FistsofStone ()

@foxnews Since your news outlet has chosen to be the ***hole wicked step child in media, then here is some advice. *THE MEDIA AND NEWS OUTLETS HAVE TO PROVE THAT THERE IS NO FRAUD! **NOT MR. PRESIDENT! ASKING THE {{{DEFENDANTS}}} IN EACH STATE MAKES ALL OF YOU LOOK LIKE ***holes!

#RespectBlackLives✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽 ()

@ezstreet you’re a coward. Keep lying to these people in the DMV about that sellout @BarackObama. Then you block me. Typical sucka move. You could prove me wrong instead of tryna brainwash people. Fake ass pro black sellout

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-́ ̫-̀ ()


Magaia ()

@dellastreet19 @AprilDRyan They prove they are idiots who continue to spread covid they only difference is they have the drug the rest of us take our chances

Jimmy Russell
Jimmy Russell ()

@ABC @GStephanopoulos None-His conspiracy theory will help secure future elections from him trashing Legal Biden Votes. Simple recount of states Trump won will prove he is Twice Guilty of Election Fraud. The first-HE WAS IMPEACHED FOR.

Dave Rubin
Dave Rubin ()

Putting political views aside, I pretty much always find conservatives to be friendlier, happier, more authentic and open than lefties. Agree? Disagree? Prove my point with your response!

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