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Due impartiality from BBC journalists is important. But @GaryLineker is employed for his knowledge of football. Prue Leith, employed for her expertise in food, supported Brexit. So what? Ridiculous for BBC News bulletins to be leading on this.

“If you are going to police it, then you have to police it equally. You have to police Alan Sugar, Prue Leith and Andrew Neil I mean, where does it stop?” The BBC has “got into a mess” by suspending Gary Lineker, @arusbridger tells @AlexisConran.

A pretty good case for not treating the off-air activity of Alan Sugar (Tory), Gary Lineker (pro-migrant), Deborah Meaden (anti-Brexit), Prue Leith (pro-Brexit), Clarkson, Attenborough (pro-climate) as similarly constrained as Nick Robinson et Al. But has to be consistency.

We’re in love with Jesy Nelson’s edible Paul and Prue creations! ❤️❤️ #GBBO.

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Events played out in a war zone. 🙄 Ever hear of the Geneva Conventions, Prue? #OliverSchulz.

プルー(@Prue_Atelier_AI )さん開催のgiveawayで当選して、素敵すぎるNFTを頂きました✨ デザイン好きすぎてめちゃくちゃ嬉しい😭 ほんとにありがとうございました♫.

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The fierce loyalty of Prue made the worm shut up for a few seconds. I emptied the bucket again and then hugged her, kissing her wet hair and the side of her face. Katrina Leno, Summer of Salt.

@macsween_prue @Dom_Perrottet Yeah giving tax payer money to middle class people at twice the amount of lower class is right up your Alley, it shows who’s important to the LNP and it ain’t those who are already struggling, Dom doesn’t care for all children why under 10 maybe that fits with his children’s age!.

@Prue_Atelier_AI ホントに!びっくり👀✨ 皆さんに感謝です🫶🏻💞.

it’s giving when Prue Leith tweeted the winner of bake off before it aired #loveisland.

@Prue_Atelier_AI @taka777SF みんなでワイワイできるのが楽しいからいいの!!🥳.

@macsween_prue Enid Blyton books were targeted by critics, parents and teachers in the 1950s. That would make Ms MacSween some 70 years behind the 🎱..

@Dom_Perrottet @macsween_prue Federal LNP are putting the retirement age up to 70 if re-elected..

@macsween_prue @LiberalAus More absurd than this? I thought you were a Patriot, Prue? I thought an image like this would have you absolutely going OFF! Or are we turning a blind eye because, on the quiet, you agree with the Parker Posse?.

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@adrianqcse @macsween_prue Filling the gap the US wants us to. They need some guys to do the war crimes and dirty missions to make the US look like the ‘good guys’.

@Abesnewat @macsween_prue Most special forces around the world go for smarts. We went for psychos.

@Prue_Atelier_AI @ZEN_NFT0 プルーさん! ありがとうございます😭 忘れられたら悲しくて引きこもります😭笑.

Armchair critics who never served adjudicating on events that played out in a war zone Prue is talking about herself here ... #auspol.

@Prue_Atelier_AI 私なんて最近は毎日のごとくやってるよ🤣🤣 試したい企画?👀✨ 気になる〜💭👀✨.

Prue Leith says she took beta blockers to soothe ‘terror’ of stage fright.

@ProtekWoodStain large range of water-based paints have been used on TV programs such as ITV’s Love your Garden and Channel 4’s Great Garden Plot with Prue Leith. Ideal for the gardening & leisure industry, check out their full range. Read more on page 1.

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@macsween_prue @LiberalAus When you find yourself on the same side as literal NAZIs you have two choices, reassess how you got there and turn away from that path or embrace them and double down, seems you’ve made your choice.

@funassyii2676 @Prue_Atelier_AI 幻想的で素敵ですね😆 おめでとうございます✨.

Prue_Atelier_AI さんの企画に見事!!当選しましたぁーーーー!!!いぇーーーーい!!!テンション高い? そりゃあなるよ!当選4名だよ! 作品ハイクオリティをみたらテンションあがるッしょ!!! イェーーーーいーーーー! Prue_Atelier_AI さん素敵な作品をありがとうございました!.

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@macsween_prue @Dom_Perrottet of course you do Prude - it completely fits the right wing privilege you so highly admire - but totally screws the another bonus you FRO.

What’s worse Maya jama ruining love island or Prue Leith with that bake-off reveal 😂#loveisland.

@macsween_prue @Dom_Perrottet Agree Yet many Labor voters starting to push the class war narrative It’s a lie The Perrotett Govt will give $200 every year to families on benefits It’s a winner.

@isaacfloyd13 @macsween_prue looks like she has spent a number of $$$ on vanity projects herself..

@macsween_prue @Dom_Perrottet it’s absolutely geared to the rich hiding their wealth in their “children’s super accounts,” it’s a weird reach. Doubt many of the folks from Emu Plains or Bankstown will be able to “keep up with the payments.” How about free childcare like Victoria? That would be something….

@macsween_prue No Australian defence force personnel can be above the law, we can only hold others to account if we hold ourselves to account..

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