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an embarrassing dose of inebriation on tonight’s #PumpRules 🙈🍷.

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watching Jax & Brit in therapy is so cringeworthy🤦🏾‍♀️ what’s the point of going if you won’t talk about past and present problems? #PumpRules.

Who has a $14K engagement party? Mine cost $0 because I didn’t have one. #PumpRules.

I think @kristendoute just demonstrated why @LisaVanderpump didn’t want her at the Tomtom party! So trashy. #PumpRules.

I think Merlot is the basic bitch of , always the classiest bitch in the room. #PumpRules.

#PumpRules Yikes! James mom is horrible! Carries a very expensive handbag but takes money from her son? She needs to be supporting herself and her kids! Getting tired of Lala! She could learn from Lisa! I’m tired of hearing “” too ! #SnobbyBehavior.

You can always tell when Jax just cheated on Brittany bc he is super nice and interested in her. Like when a kid just got away without being punished #VanderPumpRules #PumpRules.

I get the feeling Jacqueline is trying really hard to get James his job back so he can keep supporting her and his younger siblings. #PumpRules.

Even though I completely get that Scheana brings it on herself by always trying too hard, I can’t help it — I feel sorry for her. That is one lonely girl. #PumpRules.

No wonder James has the problems he does, his mom is a piece of work. #PumpRules.

@Realitytea I’m watching in the vain hope that Katie will be bitch slapped & put in her place. She’s the only Heather left who hasn’t had to make amends for her nasty ways #PumpRules.

Watching how James’ mom responds so defensively to him approaching her about boundaries (in a very healthy way) makes me feel very sorry for him. It also explains a lot. I instantly hate anyone that makes me defend James. Stop it Jackie! #PumpRules.

@LisaVanderpump @JamesKennedyUK He seriously needs to walk away from his mom, until she grows up. What difference does it make if he grew up in Ralph Lauren & took steps in Tiffany’s if you can’t & wont love & parent him? Material crap is useless w/out substance #PumpRules #vanderpumprules.

I have such contempt for young, able-bodied parents who live off their children #PumpRules.

Holy mother of god James’s mom is the saddest woman in the history of reality television WOW #PumpRules.

James mother gets $200 every 3 days from her son, but she owes him nothing because he took his first steps at Tiffany. yeah that’s completely reasonable. #PumpRules.

Jax’s face says it all. He does NOT want to go to therapy. God forbid he takes responsibility for his own actions. I hope she holds his feet to the fire & makes him go. But she probably won’t. Their “Perfect Relationship” is annoying. Because it comes across as fake. #PumpRules.

Imagine being Randall’s ex-wife, sitting at home with your kids watching #PumpRules & seeing the woman your husband cheated on you with yelling “WE’RE ON THE PJ BITCHES THAT NONE OF US PAID FOR!!” 🤦‍♀️.

Why is @kristendoute even on @VanderpumpRules she brings nothing but beady eyes and veneers that are too 🦷 #whyissheontheshow #pumprules.

@SarahSaysS0 Agree! Whole heartedly! James is so I understand why people keep forgiving him. Because you can see how damaged he is. Not excusing but it’s sad. Hopefully he’ll learn. #PumpRules.

@LoveAndyC James’ mom made it clear tonight that she wasn’t trying to get James his job back for his own benefit, but just so he could keep lining her crack residued pockets🙄 #PumpRules.

I mean it’s only logical. ❤️💎 #PumpRules #RHOBH.

#PumpRules like Carter will be kristens next victim lol. will give James an maybe get his job back..

James’ mom reminds me so much of Kristen that it’s scary. and bless LVP for employing just about everyone on earth #PumpRules.

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Recreate Tom Sandoval And Tom Schwartz’s Kissing Photo During Visit To TomTom @chrissyteigen #PumpRules.

an embarrassing dose of inebriation on tonight’s #PumpRules 🙈🍷.

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