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Putin da vacaciones por un mes a todo el país con sueldo incluido.

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Karel Paták ()

Pokrovská nemocnice St. Peterburg: 'Putin posílá zdravotnické pomůcky do USA a my tady nemáme nic. Prosíme o pomoc.'

RogueChameleon ()

@KerriJersey And that’s how fragile his ego really is. Revenge lists are for great statesmen like Stalin, Putin, and Nixon.

Zappi 心 ()

@161Schlotle When you change 3 letters and read it backwards you have Putin. Think about it.

MartySA ()

@KellyO So the clown in the White House @realDonaldTrump approves the disasters HE HELPED CREATE❓❓ Putin is laughing at us ... has been laughing since this clown walked into the White House

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L Top D ()

That must have been his latest command from Putin, the other day on the phone.

Allison ⚖️ ()

@docrocktex26 The galling thing is that once Republicans screw is over, America ALWAYS elect a Democrat to do the clean up, as soon as the clean up is done, the dumb asses put another republican Administration back in. This time Putin helped but that is the cycle.

Dogodine u kafiću 🍻☕🤣 ()

@JohnMcClaneSerb @njuznet Za sve je kriva 5g mreza i vakcine, ali sad ce njima 🤣🤣🤣🤣

OMotor6 ()

@jmvillaluenga En Rusia Putin ha puesto pasta a la gente y decir aquí no sale nadie. Van a subir los contagios después del 11 y vuelta a casa. Así va a durar el confinamiento hasta agosto

Nal kishibe ()

can someone photoshop putin’s face on some hentai so i can set them as my playlist photos to tell the russians to stop trying jack my fucking shit

S3b ()

@GaucheMafia @RoseMar54075499 Je suis pas psy mais à tous les coups il sera dans la catégorie des déséquilibres. Putin à quel moment les français prennent les armes contre cette

сергей кискин ()

Путин – как Моисей, выведет Россию из 400-летнего рабства

Stephen Tuttle ()

@Unlucky52187685 @Trump_Detester Professional reputation yeah sure😂😂😂 your professional reputation in Russia is playing with Putin’s little 🍄😂😂😂😂

EpicNews ()

Putin seeks political point-scoring in coronavirus world crisis

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Eyewitness News ()

Ramaphosa reaches out to Putin for technical expertise on infection control

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AFineAmerican ()

@mkraju Why would they? They don’t care that Russia runs our country through #FatOrange @realDonaldTrump’s mouth. That Putin interfered in our election in 2016. That #ItchyMitchy broke our US Constitution by exonerating guilty Trump at Impeachment. Or the liar CIC

Paventhan M ()

@deaaxxx Turkish sick nation, can only fight with innocent group like Kurds and send terrorist to Syria, but when they face a national power their army run away like erdogan go to Putin crying

Martico ()

Hay que recordarle a Trump que Putin tiene un lindo Misil que es indetectable por los radares antimisiles de USA.😍#FueraTrumpDeVenezuela

🍂🍁OctoberDawn 🍁🍂 🆘✡️ ()

@GOP The “WITCH” is in THE PEOPLES HOUSE (OUR house, NOT yours, NOT )...that SOB is killing my question to you @GOP is what exactly has Putin promised YOU to sit back and watch the bastard systematically destroy our country? This is a coordinated attack!

Saint Francesco  ()

@Putin_like_it_ Мне страшно подумать что будет с , если выходные не продлят. Фитнес-гуры и диетологини озолотятся.

Isis Muñoz ()

Rusia desafía a : Putin está dispuesto a enviar más tropas a Venezuela via @estadoisrael

Cecilia Barhich ()

👇🏽😎 Es el camino. Vladimir Putin aplica un impuesto especial a la renta financiera para paliar los efectos del #coronavirus

Massi70 ()

@_DAGOSPIA_ Se fosse così basterebbe adottare il modello Trump, rimuoverlo, con le buone, o quello di Putin, rimuoverlo con le meno buone!

Cay🇿🇦💧Water is Life ()

@PresidencyZA Gates & 😪😪 this country is sunk! God help us. #PoliceState #Communism

Kbcchanneltv ()

Coronavirus: Putin seeks political point-scoring in COVID-19 world crisis | World News

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Clan MacLeod ()

Jared using critical supply chain to launder $$ for Xi, Putin, trumpy & himself!

Hollman Morris 🚇🌳👩🏽‍🎓 ()

Putin da vacaciones por un mes a todo el país con sueldo incluido.

Stefan Bethlenfalvay ()

NPR: Putin Extends No-Work Order For Russia Until May Over COVID-19 Pandemic.

George mandl ()

@briantylercohen Perhaps Justice Department should also investigate anyone in his office knowledgable, including family members, trading of oil futures, options, stocks etc. just before POTUS tweeted about phone calls with Putin and Saudi’ MBS concerning reduction in oil production.

MaryJane ()

J’ai l’impression qu’ils engagent des comédiens dans 4 mariages pour 1 l’une de miel, jrefuse de croire que l’humain est si gênant, ils font des choré sur waka waka de shakira mais putin j’suis crispée

SturgeonGirl ()

@McFaul Sanctions lifted, check cut to Russia, higher oil prices negotiated by 45 overnight for Putin, MBS & his Big OIL Donors ... Goodies Grifted between Autocrats/Oligarchs American Corpses by the meh

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