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To all the brave Russians who protested yesterday against Putin’s ridiculous war, the world is watching, and we are grateful..

Putin just said the West is pushing gender change experimentation on children and doing the work of Satanism.

Putin has obviously suppressed any memory of this, but these are the numbers for the Yes vote in the 1991 referendum in 🇺🇦 on independence. Every single region voted clearly for independence..

Putin Photo,Putin Photo by Carl Bildt,Carl Bildt on twitter tweets Putin Photo

Lithuania will not be granting asylum to those who are simply running from responsibility. Russians should stay and fight. Against Putin..

So strange how the lies and disinformation tactics used by Putin in his speeches line up exactly with what Republicans and MAGA influencers say on Fox and on their podcasts. What a coincidence..

Why are Putin and Republicans using the exact same fascist rhetoric about “Satanism” and attacking LGBTQ people?.

I’ll never forget that Joe Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline, while lifting sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 — making Putin flush with cash. Joe Biden, in part, funded Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, &, now, we’re paying for it to the tune of $60 billion..

To the leaders and citizens from countries who fought so heroically for decolonization and against imperialism, I expect to to hear from you tomorrow after Putin tries to annex territory of a former colony and sovereign nation. Silence or neutrality is not a moral option..


Putin getting ready to slide and we got a president who can’t form sentences anymore.

The last mobilization conducted by the Kremlin was in 1941… We are truly in uncharted waters now and Putin’s future hold on power is now on the line This is not yet the end but it may be the beginning of the end END.

The Russians are fleeing in record numbers to avoid Putin’s plan to send them into a death trap. Over 40,000 Russians have already fled to Georgia since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. Now they are waiting for up to 3 day’s at the border to escape Putin’s reign..

@dutchgirl62 @bennyjohnson No need to…… all Putin has to do is reduce the flow more…..!.

Shock Move from Russia | Putin Holds Referendum in Donetsk and Kherson |... через @YouTube.

A lot of liberal analyis is just placing things in moral categories, divorced from their material enabling conditions. Putin invaded Ukraine because he is a dictator. This is like saying he committed a crime because he is a criminal. True, but not very helpful..

“this is a mo­ment to ac­cel­er­ate arms de­liv­er­ies to Ukraine, in­clud­ing tanks, fighter jets, and the longer-range AT­ACMS mis­siles. This is the fastest route to per­suad­ing Mr. Putin that his in­va­sion has failed and he needs to cut his losses.”.

Trump Can Declassify Documents By Thinking About It & Putin Faces via @YouTube.

@mzrsiddiqi @RT_com Trump is delusional and lives in a fantasyland of his own ego. But when it comes to Putin, Trump seems to be quite sober. If Trump is right, then this is not good. It at least indicates there is more going on than meets the eye per Trump-Putin relations..

@bfcarlson @mtracey Fortunately, Putin is a weak, insecure little worm. Like his fanboys..

@2020_fdr @socialistboomer If Putin ever intended to settle why invade in the first place? Aside from the false pretense of Nazis. Because he wants the bread basket..

@edyta77 Slava kokainu! Zmarznięta fuga to twój wkład w wojnę, nie zapominaj - gdyby nie to poświęcenie, Putin już by żucau bą.

Uhhhhh, this is a really f*cking big deal. The world is telling Putin what they think of his unjust war..

@Michael69430990 @scarylawyerguy Putin is evil and commenced the first land war in Europe since 1945 in order to destroy a functioning democracy. I guess we know where you would have stood in 1939..

@Allareblessed2 Yea, like Hitler, Putin is over reaching his fronts. No relief. It’ll end soon.

En una guerra absurda cuanto más soldados desmotivados haya más caos se produce. Lo único que van a hacer es intentar que no los maten. Este va a ser el segundo gran error de Putin..

Cómo es que publican una guía de como actuar en caso de que haya una guerra nuclear y que mucho después salga Putin amenazando con guerra nuclear, que alguien me explique.

@RonnyJacksonTX Trump is still one of the most hated people on Earth. Amongst our allies, there’s not one who respected him. He was laughed at during summits. Boris Johnson didn’t respect him, and Boris is infamously reprehensible. Vladimir Putin made Trump his bitch, as we saw in Helsinki..

@nytimes Not impressed with the Russians, Ukrainian stay and fight Putin. Russians should be rejected at the border and force to fight Putin..

Russians fear a wider call-up after Putin orders reservists to mobilize - The Wall Street Journal.

@SocialismS4A @INFJLOVE But Putin is joining with China to get a multilateral world he’s killing Nazis ! By the way are you are CIA troll? 😳.

@cacauliber @VerdadeseNadaMa A Europa acabando não leva meio mundo com ela?! A soberba de Putin vai acabar com a Rússia antes que ele acabe com a Europa!.

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