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Updated: November 27th, 2021 01:41 AM IST

Jason also voted against stopping #pep11 gas off our coast. #QandA. He is all talk, no action. Ineffective, desperately fending off any accountability.

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@wFWHPjB9GjpAnuN @thankyou_gordon マンデーとかけてきたなっ😏 QandAほんといっぱいで え、まだあるやん😚💕なるよ ✋フィッティング🦶もしなきゃだし

Q.ヒビキゴウさんの曲「ゆけ!ポケレンジャー」が某ホビーフェァで配布されたことがあるって本当ですか!? A.はい。ポケ7の時のWHFで配布していました。大阪、東京会場でコンサートも行って、サイン会もあったみたいですよ。…大変だったみたいですよ。

@JasonFalinskiMP What a cop out 🤦‍♀️ 1 person can’t change the world ! #QandA You are there as a representative of your electorate ! It’s not about you it’s about your constituents

おすすめのSCP記事ですか? 本家記事なら、「遺産コレクション」に登録されているSCPはどれもおすすめです。 昔からSCP財団に存在し、かつ人気が高い記事がまとめられたページですよ!

We caught up with GM of Basketball Jeff Van Groningen🏀 Find the full Q&A below! #WeAreSixers

Steph Lentz tells the Q+A panel that she was fired from her teaching job at a Christian school after coming out as gay. She asks how these situations can be resolved under the proposed religious freedom legislation. #QandA

@BethanyinCBR @QandA Yes Bethany. He operates from the same deceitful playbook all conservatives operate from. They’re very well trained & practiced like most conservative political groups all over the world. lnp is really just a sub branch of gop & tories.

@DaveSharma The Morrison Government can’t be trusted to protect people’s rights #auspoI #QandA

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@okaynoceda FIHJDSAFKHJFKASDFHAHAHAHAHH oh boi Vi u just motivated a buncha scientists to research how to mix oil and water in every platform ever brb gonna search how to mix oil and water on brainly and qanda

If the Liberals are all about free speech. Why has Dutton and Porter sued for defamation? #QandA

@QandA The ABC Has started using Sky After Dark language like ,cancel culture. Too many ABC presenters, producers etc must be watching too much Bolt, Credlin, Murray and Dean. Stick to normal English please.


Why should religious beliefs be held higher than any other beliefs? What about atheists rights not to constantly hear about this crap. Do what you want but shut the fuck up. I am not interested in god bothering, child molesters. Where are my rights #QandA #auspol @ScottMorrisonMP

The religious discrimination bill legislates freedom of speech with freedom from consequences. A sure fire recipe for bigotry & hate. #QandA

Why has the government spent the final two parliamentary sitting weeks introducing Voter ID and Religious Freedom Bills, and not a National Integrity Commission? #QandA

Jason also voted against stopping #pep11 gas off our coast. #qanda. He is all talk, no action. Ineffective, desperately fending off any accountability.

How can we ensure that politicians will always represent their own communities and electorates, and not their own party’s interests? #QandA

Are there double standards in the way we treat people who protest and voice their political views, depending on their race and background? #QandA

Israel Folau tweeted on a personal account, if you don’t like it don’t follow or read #QandA

Mainstream media has also given extremists and rightwing protesters WAY too much air time #QandA

#QandA There is no freedom without responsibility. Politicians need to advocate for responsible speech.

While we defend our rights for free speech Mr Falinski Julian Assange is still in goal #QandA

What about giving out politicians personal mobile numbers… is that acceptable #qanda

@QandA Qanda is a load of bullocks. Got a Liberal politician saying defending our right to say, while Dutton, a public paid, public representative, hundred millionair just sued for his feelings being hurt. Aus politics is sick. Stan Grant is a weakling. Sorry i watched for 5 min.

If we keep confusing hate speech with free speech we are headed for a terrible disaster #QandA

Radio shock jocks understand outrage culture well. Remember the Cronulla Riots? #QandA

#QandA Comedy relies on having a victim to laugh at generally speaking. Do we ban it?

I don’t recall Jesus condemning other religions or inquiring after the sexuality of the disciples. #QandA

We should be investing in mental health and community, not just blaming algorithms #QandA

“If there was a psychology experiment to induce or increase people’s belief in conspiracy theory it would be doing things like what is happening during the pandemic.” July 31 article by @SquigglyRick now unlocked 🔑 #QandA

Due a last minute COVID alert, @SaraSalehOZ will no longer be able to appear on tonight’s #QandA – but we promise to invite her back in 2022. In the meantime, you can watch Sara perform her poem InshaAllah here:

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