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#QandA is so much better with scientists rather than with politicians: scientists speak the truth.

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The students from Purnululu School asked the Q&A Science Panel why the Milky Way changes direction in Barnden (hot season) and Warnkan (cold season). @AstroKirsten and @ProfBrianCox explain. #QandA.

@this0netime @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 We answered this in a QandA by telling people to fight them on Twitter They CAN hear you and it’s driving them crazy.

@simonahac @QandA In fact the show could correct factual errors and lies in real-time. That would stop lying politicians in their tracks..

To celebrate our #BarbourALEXACHUNG Collection, we sat down with @alexa_chung to learn more about the collaboration with @alexachungLDN, where she drew her inspiration for the designs, and why working with Barbour was such a natural fit for her:.

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What’s at stake when top journals refuse to publish criticism & correction? We lose our #1 reason to ask for public trust. Look how heavily the scientists lean on the idea of self-correction, skepticism, and replication as reasons to trust science here:.

I’m getting my “thanks for ignoring me” crying videos ready for after the QandA brb.

-During the QandA tomorrow- Me: Minho I love you so much 🥺 Minho: y’all hear sumn? The wind blow?.

When can we call Mars home? @ProfBrianCox and Professor Martin van Kranendonk discuss the search for extraterrestrial life and establishing a permanent settlement on Mars. #QandA.

QandA is gonna be a MESS and one of the most chaotic thing that’s happens and I’m SCARED.

Imagine how different our society would be if we only had experts and scientists engaging in scientific debate about scientific problems like climate change, instead of politicians bought by the coal lobby #qanda.

【失業して生活に困った時は】 生活保護を受けたいが 生活保護を受けるための生活がない人向けの福祉制度 『生活困窮者自立支援制度(厚労省)』 ・住宅確保給付金 ・生活福祉資金貸付制度 →まずは社会福祉協議会に相談.

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#QandA so many interesting, factual comments tonight, could have gone for another hour. The positivity on social media shows how starved we are for truth & facts from experts & professionals. We are overloaded with opinions “Science is not the same as opinion.” That’s the truth!.

So good to hear the scientist debunk the rubbish. Fantastic panel and discussion tonight. Thank you! #QandA.

What if #qanda decided that for the rest of the year, it would have not a single politician on. Cover issues with people who really know about them, beyond the talking point of the day. Worth a go..

#QandA I want more more science & Indigenous science on @QandA This episode is wonderful. The scientists on this panel are more interesting & relevant than most other panellists. More of this, please! More @AstroKirsten too please..

#QandA is so much better with scientists rather than with politicians: scientists speak the truth.

#QandA Streaming has devalued music and is not appreciated no where near as it used to. Unfortunately it’s not about the actual music anymore. A real shame..

Diversity in science? How to influence & advocate? Measuring impact for society? Investment in innovation? So many questions!! #qanda.

Watch STA President @DrEmmaLJohnston and @ProfBrianCox on #QandA next Monday night.

Briggs talks about the disadvantage his family faced in the 1980s, and the racist trolling he faces online every day. #QandA.

We’ve been here for 60,000 years. We had better songs..

Australia ranks 20th for inventiveness, but 76th on translating that to commercial products. Why this disparity? #QandA.

How can you change the national anthem to make it acceptable to the Indigenous community? #QandA.

New Assistance and Access laws can force tech firms to breach cyber security. Should Australian software firms be worried? #QandA.

Excited (and more than a little nervous! 😬) to be on #QandA with an amazing panel tonight! Tell your Mum 😂.

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