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Tweet247 | Updated: Tue, 24 Apr 2018, 14:06 PM IST

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  • So wonderful to see mum @emiliederavin , I mean Em, thanks @CreationEnt for the invite, did you guys like our QandA?.

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  • “Privilege is invisible to those who have it” #QandA.

  • Did Australia’s internet speeds drop from 30th in the world to 60th in the world under the Coalition? #factcheck #qanda.

  • Here is our plan for Australians to get a pay rise. #QandA.

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  • A $50 a week increase in the minimum wage would help reduce inequality, help address poverty and create more than 50,000 jobs. #qanda.

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  • When governments attack unions, inequality rises. Corporate tax cuts don’t raise wages, unions do. #QandA.

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  • Finished shooting my 1st #AskMeAnything video for my #YouTube channel, releasing this weekend! 😘 #bts #qanda.

  • How can propagandists & lobbyists for billionaires, fossil fuels, tobacco & mega corporations, The IPA, be given charity status. They should be a taxed entity. #auspol #QANDA.

  • It’s absolutely brilliant that @jillesheppard will be on @qanda next Monday. She is one of the most promising political scientists to work on political participation & Australian elections. Keen to see Jill but with @ALeighMP & @RebeccaHuntley2, #qanda perhaps too much @ourANU?.

  • @PatsKarvelas @nikt50 poor performance . that will get him a gig on #qanda.

  • #ICYMI ⚡️ “Q&A 16 April 2018” #QandA #auspol.

  • Under @TurnbullMalcolm debt hits $523 Billion! It is up $250 billion since the Coalition won the 2013 election, a time of solid global growth. How can Scomo be Santa? What happened to the Debt Crisis? #auspol #TheDrum #QandA #MatterOfFact.

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  • @Collin_G_Wood But this is the legacy of 2 idiot Prime Ministers in @TonyAbbottMHR and @TurnbullMalcolm both have fucked our internet from being one of the best to 3rd world service and the last night on qanda he was proud of his #NBNFail try to get HFC instead of NBN.

  • @AnodyneParadigm @QandA ah, blocked by @LaTrioli @SenatorFifield.

  • So much wrong with NBN, yet @qanda & programme host last night @LaTrioli provided cover to panelist @SenatorFifield who fielded just on question on NBN: Dorothy Dixer, more than likely from an IPA plant, questioning why Howard free market, private sector model not pursued #auspol.

  • #Pandor We are working very closely with the TVET sector. We are finalising a policy for the curriculum of colleges in a number of programmesthat are not currently there. #QandA.

  • NEW TOWN UTOPIA in cinemas 4th May. Special screening @CentralPictureH 24th April with Q&A/discussion with director @cismith @C20Society and performance from @olmolazarus @PicDOCS @picturehouses @NewTownUtopia.

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  • #Xasa It is the federations that assist clubs, we give money and a mandate. We want to ensure federations reach out to our communities and we seek to encourage a focused approach so we can have all codes. #QandA.

  • #Xasa The exhibition is continuously growing but it is still open for us to feed into it. #QandA.

  • Im heutigen Q&A beantworte ich einige Fragen der Foto/Video-Community über #Motivation #Kreativität und #Zukunft -> #muentermedia #vlog #qanda #filmmaking #youtube #fotografie #hochzeitsfotografie #selbstständigkeit.

  • QandA has been delayed until further notice.

  • Q.いまさらですけど・・・パワプロクンって手と足がつながってないですよね? A.……あの王様は、なぜ裸なの?.

  • Mmmmm seems @QandA has become QandIPA #auspol.

  • @fuwap15 @auspost @QandA Aust Post have been a law unto themselves for too long in the manner they have treated Licensees,Contractors and the public..

  • @GuardianAus $70 billion for submarines $65 billion for new fighter jets just $4 billion for aid yet worried about Chinese influence in the Pacific yet #wethepeople were not asked #QandA #auspol.

  • #Sotyu We discovered that in most provinces, rural communities were not much included. We need members of Parliament to give us the names of the places so we can visit them.#QandA.

  • #Sotyu The event was designed to be open and free to the public. It was held to expose creative talents with women predominantly featured. #QandA.

  • The NCOP Plenary is now in session. #QandA.

  • Q.なんでこんなにリアルなの? A.…何がだ?.

  • Customers Purchase Tech. Like BlackberryMobiles,AsTheyR Encrypted &No GVMNT Should Gain BackDoor Access2Personal Data Without Consent #QandA.

  • @grumpyMichael @ausroyalwedding @LordThyNerfherd @ABCFactCheck @QandA Pretty sure mr potato head is an IPA sock puppet account.

  • #Surty A life lost is one too many and we empathise. This is a critical area, lack of sanitation is a violation of human rights and we are paying particular attention to this. The President himself has committed to dealing with this matter. #QandA.

  • @MWhalan @grumpyMichael @ABCFactCheck @QandA My guess is 48.

  • How important are parking spaces when purchasing a commercial premises? We would love to hear yours thoughts! Let us know your answers #CommercialProperty #Investment #UKProperty #QandA.

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