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ロイスキャのアルバム 店舗別特典の旅動画の撮影で韓国の伝統的衣装、韓服(ハンボッ)を着ながら奏音さんと二人で歩いてます #ロイスキャQA.

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@QandA #FactCheck Can we please do a Fact Check on all these bush fires are in fact because of the Greens and the land clearing that’s needed is stopped by them. #bushfires.

Should energy policy decisions be removed from the hands of politicians? #QandA.

@DonaldJTrumpJr Wow @kimguilfoyle just unleashed a heel pro wrestling promo on the crowd when they demanded a #QandA.

I suspect the ALP listening to clowns like this Che Guevara apologist are why they keep losing to the LNP.

I reckon we got to cut Fran Kelly a bit of slack , the poor old dear can be excused for not speaking up , there was a fair chance if she did those 4 lovelies would have knocked her off the chair and set her on fire #abc #qanda.

On that #qanda episode and in my book I quote feminist psychiatrist Judith Herman: “The legal system was designed to protect men from the superior power of the state but not to protect women and children from the superior power of men.”.

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How many men must we kill until men stop raping us? I will continue asking that question. It ignited a firestorm after I asked it on #qanda on Australian TV & I will keep on asking it. Half of rape victims drop out of cases even after suspect is identified.

【ブログ更新】PSO2初心者の疑問答えてゆきます(仮) 【報酬期間】SOP対応6スロHP特化ユニット(HP280 PP16 打射法防御55) #PSO2.

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#QandA 11,000 scientists say “Take climate change seriously”. Liberal politicians ignore it. Go figure..

A panel at #broadside2019 but it’s just @NayukaGorrie //- didn’t hear enough from them on #qanda and wld love if they could be heard this time pls @wheelercentre.

Struggling to figure out a math problem? Use Qanda to take a picture of the problem, and get the answer in seconds! Get the app:.

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Is there any truth to the rumour that this ABC discussion (link below) has replaced last week’s episode of #qanda? Is education a waste of time for married women? (1961) | RetroFocus It’s a remarkable discussion, do have a look. #auspol.

今日の、ワンポイント。 「アミノ酸が、50個以上くっついたものが、タンパク質」.

For anyone who wants a copy of the @QandA feminist episode they’ve taken down - FUCK THEM - here it is: … And here’s our petition for reinstatement of the episode: … #StatusBRO #FuckThisShit.

It is disgracefulness that pretty much the only time there was an all female panel on Q &A you pull the show over a few complaints @QandA You get complaints about a lot of things, its supposed to push boundaries but not for women!.

@Utopiana @QandA I haven’t seen it yet and now can’t due to censorship - it’s 2019 ffs.

I don’t watch #qanda regularly. But I’ve heard lots of offensive views on that program and elsewhere. But it’s interesting the focus is on threats made against rapists instead of the threats made against women - just for being women - every day..

@Utopiana @QandA The outrage over it is ridiculous, and I can’t believe the ABC is just cowtowing to the idiots having a cry over it. I didn’t get to see the whole show, but I saw the bit with Mona, and thought it was wonderful. All this while Alan Jones is still given air time smh.

@Utopiana @QandA I think was the ABC who banned the episode, not the makers/producers of QandA. Still a disgraceful decision either way of course but worth making that distinction..

Let’s all go on @QandA and just swear our heads off for all eternity until they put the last episode back on. They can’t stop us all 🤷‍♀️.

@smh Real instances of violence: • Mother throws daughter off cliff • woman violently attacks pregnant woman • wife buried machete in sleeping partners chest • woman stabs man in the head with a stiletto • mother fatally injured baby while father was in the shower. #qanda.

You can’t have intelligent articulate women throwing shade on the male rabbledom that is @QandA.

It was a brilliant #,gutsy, fearless,... lifted many of us.

And here’s the disgracefully vile hardleft bat-sh*t crazy feminist who advocated for violence and revenge on #QandA last Monday night all in the moronic name of “tearing down the (non-existent) patriarchy”. Mona seems sane, and.

ロイスキャのアルバム 店舗別特典の旅動画の撮影で韓国の伝統的衣装、韓服(ハンボッ)を着ながら奏音さんと二人で歩いてます #ロイスキャQA.

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