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Teena McQueen: “I’m going to go on TV and be the biggest train wreck Q&A has ever seen.” @JamesMcGrathLNP: “Hold my ” 😂 #QandA.

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うわ!すごい。とりあえず目上の人との話をする、そして会社でどうしたいか、どう貢献したいかをじっくり考えて、当日はできれば新聞(またはネットニュース)に目を通す、そして聞かれたこ・・・ 続きは質問箱へ #peing #質問箱.

厳しい話書きます。企業側はマスコミの場合は多くが「合格者のみ連絡します」と書かれています。受験者側は内定(や次の選考)の連絡したのにそれを「自ら」断つ訳で一緒にする話ではないと・・・ 続きは質問箱へ #peing #質問箱.

@QandA Fuck off mate. I’ve lived in QLD my whole life, and it is racist; it is bigoted and it is backwards/behind progression. That’s just the truth. Get your head out of your McAss..

Q.しんじょうしあん と しんじゃあいやん 語呂が似てると思いません? A.はははは…(乾いた笑い).

埼玉県Q&A。 ある自治体に、こういったQ&Aを掲載してほしいと要望したら「同性カップルだけを特別扱いできない」と謎回答されましたが、これ、丁寧な説明を載せるだけですから。しかも、子どものための家庭が増えることにつながる。全ての自治体HPに載せてほしいです。.

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This week on Barb Makes Things, I talk about my recording rig #QandA.

@davrosz This is the whacko that told #qanda the Power House electricity was coal fired hahahaha. They have 260 solar panels that power the whole place including the microphone that powered the crap that fell out of his mouth.

Home sick, watching basketball and catching up on work. Gonna do a little Q&A if anyone has LB sports related questions or questions about journalism or whatever else #QandA.

The first question on #QandA on Monday night was from Chris asking for a respectful discussion and more civility in politics. After the show Chris sent me this message. I wholeheartedly agree with Chris, shame the host didn’t take his message on board..

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@JamesMcGrathLNP If I were you, after your @QandA performance, I would be hiding away for a while. Probably until after May 18 at least. You and #teenamcqueen are possibly, the two most embarrassing people in the #LNP! And there are many contenders!.

Umphathe njenge qanda yafika ibest friend ne aromat 😭.

@scoopmakhathini @MissAcalaca Bumphethe njenge qanda yafika ibest friend ne aromat 😭.

“Who runs that digital thing? Oh, right, that guy.” @dlclarke explains why you should include #digital executives in strategy via #QandA with @Thinkers360..

Hi happy Tuesday! The Nashville Gays are gonna do a little Twitter #QandA to get to know everyone! Shoot us your questions, and don’t hold back 😘.


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Last Night’s ‘Q&A’ Was A Disgusting Showcase Of Entitled Men Who Refuse To Shut Up.

“Umphathe umntu wakho okwe qanda sifike kethina ne aromat” 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 mxm.

James McGrath’s shouty and defensive response is a prime example of how white people when accused of racism react as if they are somehow the victims! @QandA.

Q&A: James McGrath furious at everything, silent on alleged Adani threat (Based on last night’s performance calling this senator a loose cannon is flattering. His behaviour was appalling. #QandA should stop inviting people on who behave this way #auspol).

Join us next week on #QandA: Campbell Newman Maurice Newman Newman from Sienfeld Jocelyn Newman Randy Newman.

#Qanda James McGrath might be a new face but he’s old IPA/tory policy To top it all off his supercilious & inaccurate spray on qanda took him unquestionably to the very pinnacle of Fuckwittery.

@larissawaters’s #QandA game strong 💪 Check out our plan to replace coal with renewables and take strong action on climate change:.

Teena McQueen: “I’m going to go on TV and be the biggest train wreck Q&A has ever seen.” @JamesMcGrathLNP: “Hold my ” 😂 #QandA.

Why did I even click on the video. Why did I do it. Why did.

Atlassian’s Mike Cannon-Brookes says a 50% target for electric vehicle sales by 2030 is not ambitious. | @GuardianAus Do you have a question? #QandA.

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