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The reality is that young people will always choose to use drugs. Governments can wake up and take a new approach (recognise drugs as a health issue not a criminal one) or watch as more people lose their lives #JustTestIt #qanda.

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Why does Plibersek interfere in state education and school principals? Doesn’t she have enough to do? Surprised her and her heroin trafficking husband didn’t appear on QandA on Monday. What an insight that could have been!.

Are we living in an era where political correctness is waging an all-out assault on masculinity? via @nationalpost #QandA.

Our @ABCaustralia @QandA Is a lost fucking cause that is void of any hope of reprieve. It’s simply gone to far down the far left sewer. Sell it off immediately & let those parasitical radicals that refer to themselves as journalists rot for all I care 🤨 #DefundABC #NotMyABC.

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“Conversations” shows to feature audience questions plus performances on piano.

@adami_nadia Really! I go to the Bottle Shop! Drug addicts go to a dealer! The dealer doesn’t pay tax, probably getting welfare and runs an illegal cash business! You can’t be serious #qanda.

Behrouz let me guess what would solve the problem, an all expense paid trip to Australia, free housing, free food & clothing, generous welfare fortnightly payments, free medical & dental care all of which you already receive and a job at #theirABC @ABCthedrum @QandA ? #auspol.

I’m not the ABC, I don’t have a charter mandating my impartiality. I’m allowed to express my distaste for that wanker. #auspol #qanda.

Women were not having babies to use the baby bonus to buy drugs. There’s no evidence of this. (Who would wait 9 months for a hit?) #qanda #factcheck.

It was enough to make you reach for a legal drink and a legal cigarette and ponder that in the time the program was on air, one Australian had died from booze and a couple more from the fags. Cheers! - My @qanda wrap. #qanda.

Great tweet on #QandA last night that went something like this We can test the drugs for them or let our young people test them I know what option makes sense to me #Justtestit.

Should we be more open to the voices of young people when it comes to drug policy? #QandA.

Alex Graham sat down with The Post to chat about his cartoon-like drawings, where he gets his artistic vision and why he recently created an Athens-inspired pulp-horror spoof called “Town of Terror..

#LiveFb #QandA poniedziałek **** ✊Wesprzyj przestrzeń wolnego słowa! Fundacja Obywatelska realizuje działalność jedynie z prywatnych środków. 🆘🆘🆘 W miarę Państwa możliwości prosimy o STAŁ.

This our 19th year talking about it. Dr David Caldicott on the slow but inevitable progress of drug policy in Australia #QandA.

Cannabis use is a health issue, not a criminal one. Our plan would regulate and tax cannabis use to reduce harm, increase protection for vulnerable people, and break the business model of criminal gangs #JustLegaliseIt #qanda.

The gateway drug theory is not accurate. The Australian Medical Association calls it “controversial” and “inconclusive.” #QandA.

2 facts about cannabis: war on drugs is lost. Nearly 7 million Australians have used cannabis #JustLegaliseIt #qanda.

The reformed drug user is sounding like an annoying reformed cigarette smoker #QandA.

I live in the same street as the Melbourne site and what Kerryn just said is a lie #QandA.

Can we learn something from Portugal who de-criminalised drug use and funneled the money saved in courts and enforcement into jobs, training and housing. Apparently having a great success with this #qanda.

#QandA If society wasn’t so rigid and limiting – in other words, if it wasn’t so anti-ecstatic – then drugs would not be necessary..

It might be useful to explore why young folk want to take drugs. A quick relaxation fix because they no longer have enough time to relax. #qanda.

The reality is that young people will always choose to use drugs. Governments can wake up and take a new approach (recognise drugs as a health issue not a criminal one) or watch as more people lose their lives #JustTestIt #qanda.

David Caldicott: Europeans have been successfully conducting pill testing at music festivals for over two decades. via @GuardianAus #QandA.

Should NSW politicians lead by example and be drug tested on the job? via @smh #QandA.

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