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“Queens Of Summer” Girl Group, SISTAR May Be In The Talks For A Potential Reunion

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Jonny Armstrong
Jonny Armstrong ()

@TrevorABranch Oooooohhhh nooooooo! I’m hoping garage is overwinter habitat for queens and Flickrs just like metal for the noise but I’m maybe too optimistic

rosey posey
Rosey posey ()

Today I realised that my period is in sync with 5 different friends. There’s something oddly powerful about that. February 25/26 period queens unite!

rigatoni ♡
Rigatoni ♡ ()

@amndamassacreny Absolutely! when it’s like 10 white queens I’m like cmon now 🙃


Kings & Queens about to complete its one year in 15 Days😭 I rly loved this single era 👑

ᕕ(˵•̀෴•́˵)ᕗdatbihᕙ(⇀‸↼‶) ᕗ
ᕕ(˵•̀෴•́˵)ᕗdatbihᕙ(⇀‸↼‶) ᕗ ()

Love how drag queens r fighting with their bums out and their thing half tucked best drama love iiit<3

BreakingNow ()

Right Now #southington Aircraft Rd and Queens St MVA Car vs Pole Multiple EMS, FD, PD on scene 2 victims ejected and trauma alerts

DARIA🧚🏾‍♂️ ()

One thing about being in queens imma get me some margaritas pizza , lamb and a beef patty before i leave lmaoo

EmAndScoutInBK ()

@Violina23 @elizaorlins Worked out so well! (I kid, Jewish queens both (see what I did there))

Thea Sabin
Thea Sabin ()

@nhmeems @hollye_h She was one of the women who played Catwoman on the Batman TV show, and she was the inspiration for the drag queens in Too Wong Fu. #CineJanes

Yehuda But For The Oilam
Yehuda But For The Oilam ()

Greenville, the southernmost neighborhood in JC before you hit Bayonne, is getting CitiBike before there are plans to bring it to Rego Park, let alone Eastern Queens neighborhoods like Kew Gardens Hills #bikeQNS

Religion ()

all drag queens who wear tape on their wig about to get canceled guys !!!! asian fishing is real 🥺🥺🥺😲

Amy Tang
Amy Tang ()

there are too many evans at queens I almost replied to a story of an Evan who doesn’t know who I am 😳😳

Monidipa Dutta
Monidipa Dutta ()

Forgotten stories of 3 royal prisoners at Queen’s House in the Tower via @mytimelesssteps

Pre | ジェミニ
Pre | ジェミニ ()

Good morning Kings and Queens!!! Off to work. See you guys for a Cold War stream tonight!!! #FlyHigh @PreGamingGG

Queens Photo,Queens Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
FollowTheMONEY || DEALS_TABLE || MakeYourMoves
FollowTheMONEY || DEALS_TABLE || MakeYourMoves ()

@humbleustaz ┳━┓👑Kings & Queens👑 ╋╭❁╮┃┃╭❁╮┓┳┏ ┻╰❁╯┗┗╰❁╯┗┻┛ ⋟💜❁ 🅥 🅘 🅟 ❁💜⋞ ༅❁༅ @dealzwealth

𝓔𝓵𝓵𝓪 𝓓𝓻𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪 🍌 pity
𝓔𝓵𝓵𝓪 𝓓𝓻𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪 🍌 pity ()

@RamenJacuzzi SAME literally a few weeks ago like five of my friends tried to convince me i look like her in queens gambit i was so confused

Lunera Restaurant
Lunera Restaurant ()

We bring the most delicious flavors and you bring good company ❤️✨🤩 📞 (718) 726-9857 👉 📍32-25 Steinway st. Astoria,Queens . Nosotros ponemos los sabores más deliciosos y tú pones la buena compañía ❤️✨🤩 . #LuneraRestaurant #MexicanRestaurant

Queens Photo,Queens Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
FollowTheMONEY || DEALS_TABLE || MakeYourMoves
FollowTheMONEY || DEALS_TABLE || MakeYourMoves ()

@iam_tandyboy ┳━┓👑Kings & Queens👑 ╋╭❁╮┃┃╭❁╮┓┳┏ ┻╰❁╯┗┗╰❁╯┗┻┛ ⋟💜❁ 🅥 🅘 🅟 ❁💜⋞ ༅❁༅ @dealzwealth


@UnRoyalReporter not Prince Andrew Queen’s relative to be sentenced after sexual assault

Mickey⚡️ ()

OMG!!! El drag de España está a otro nivel, ojalá el cast cuente con queens como las que participan en La Palmas de Gran Canarias. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 #DragRace #DragRaceEs

Princess ()

@saney_maxwell Something like that. uSiv is straight, he’s explicitly said so many a time kodwa manje he wants to benefit from LGBTQI. There are actual drag queens that could be getting these gigs.


Quien quiere ver material súper caliente de mi hermana @RenataMxxx es un ángel 😇 que te va CAUTIVAR 🔥 🌷 Video llamadas 🌷 PACKS 🌷 Vídeos Personalizados 🌷 GRUPO Telegram 💕 4 Queens 💕 🌷 GRUPO Telegram 💜 Dos Hermanas 💜 🎀Más información ☎️55 2069 3894

Queens Photo,Queens Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Sandy, Sahar, whatshisname
Sandy, Sahar, whatshisname ()

@Yewhomstda Sorry. QUEENS Esther? I’m. This is the only costume for you from now on

Bill ()

@MoviesSilently NE Queens NY tends to be many locations you see it all the time in tv shows L&O especially , prob due to close proximity with Silvercup and other studios in NW Queens

Sairamey ()

Grabeee bilis tapos ngayon ang tatayog na ng mga queens natin 🥺❤️

Tute ()

Amo a las drag queens. No se si ya lo dije pero a la verga, lo voy a decir todos los dias de mi vida.

Feedback Radio Now Playing
Feedback Radio Now Playing ()

Now If Only by Queens of the Stone Age listen live at

Eileen ()

@JRD0000 @realDailyWire They are full of💩.If we want to keep our own Irish culture we will,no man woman or beast can stop made us-we adore our heritage,most of its been stolen and is in Buckingham had kings,queens,language. Our ancestors are buried in the ground we grow our food in♥️

Koreaboo ()

“Queens Of Summer” Girl Group, SISTAR May Be In The Talks For A Potential Reunion

Mark D. Levine
Mark D. Levine ()

UPDATE: There are still tons of appointments available at the new FEMA mega vaccination sites at Medgar Evers College in Central Brooklyn and York College in Southeast Queens. For all eligible residents who live in nearby zip codes. Book here:

Queens Photo,Queens Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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