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Wonderful to hear Richard Goyder backing the call for Indigenous Recognition and urging leadership from the business community #qutblf @QUT.

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Many thanks to ⁦@RGoyder⁩ for an inspiring presentation on leadership at today’s #qutblf ..

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@RGoyder Make sure your organisation is clear on its direction, put great people in the right jobs and set and lead standards on every front @RGoyder at #qutblf.

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@RGoyder thank you so much for sharing your leadership journey at #QUTBLF today! Loved hearing your story, and your wise advice 🙏 thank you for taking the time to meet with Elouise for our student competition too 😊.

Save the date - our final QUT Business Leaders’ Forum will be Thursday 24 October with Kathryn Fagg AO, Chair, Boral Limited #qutblf.

Wonderful to hear Richard Goyder backing the call for Indigenous Recognition and urging leadership from the business community #qutblf @QUT.

“I think values matter in an organisation.” @RGoyder #QUTblf.

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Governance is important but it’s not all about remuneration. Wise words from Richard Goyder AO. @QUTBusiness #qutblf.

What an impressive, honest humble leader. Thanks to QUT for bringing Richard Goyder AO to Brisbane. Hope he gets to see our Lions roar tomorrow night. ⁦@QUTBusiness⁩ @brisbanelions⁩ #qutblf.

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Businesses need to accept failure, it leads to innovation Richard Goyder AO @QUTBusiness business leaders forum #qutblf #leadership.

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Richard Goyder on failure - You can’t fear failure, mistakes happen. Organisations fail because of the fear of failure. I learned the biggest lessons from my failures @RGoyder #qutblf.

“Organisations can’t fear failure. Organisations fail because of the fear of failure. But you learn some of your biggest lessons from your failures.” @RGoyder #QUTBLF.

“I set long-term aspirations, but 6 and 12 month goals - because who knows what the world is going to look like in 2050?!” @RGoyder #QUTBLF.

Kerry O’Brien in conversation with Richard Goyder AO #qutblf.

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Richard Goyder talks about the importance of believing in yourself - “Keep listening but focus on the long ” #qutblf.

To summarise: Rule #1 in business: don’t run out of cash | Learn from your mistakes | Back yourself | Governance matters | Run things from the long-term | Reputation matters. @RGoyder #QUTBLF.

“The deal is one thing - but getting the right people in to run the business is another.” @RGoyder #QUTBLF.

“You need to take risks as a leader - but they must be calculated risks” @RGoyder #qutblf.

Responsibilities for a leader: 1) Make sure organisation is clear on direction. 2) Put the right people in place - not people who tell you what you want to hear. 3) Set and lead standards on every front (safety, conduct) @RGoyder #QUTBLF.

“You can’t take risks without making returns for your shareholders. Financial performance is the foundation for success.” @RGoyder #qutblf.

When he was 18, Richard Goyder witnessed a fully vertically integrated dairy business in the US while he was an exchange student - an eye-opening business model after growing up on a “mum and dad” farm in WA #qutblf.

Professor Robina Xavier speaks of the important impact that technology will have on the future of business - learn more at QUT’s upcoming Robotronica @qutbusdean #qutblf.

Kicking off #qutblf with Richard Goyder AO ⁦@qutbusdean⁩.

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Today’s raffle beneficiary is @Redkite - a terrific organisation that deserves your support! We have some amazing prizes on offer, thanks to our primary sponsors and @HiltonBrisbane #qutblf.

Today’s raffle tickets will be going towards @Redkite to help make a difference in the lives of young people with cancer - thank you to everyone for supporting such a valuable cause! #qutblf.

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Full house today - our moderator @KerryOBrien welcomes everyone to the @HiltonBrisbane for our #QUTBLF with Richard Goyder AO.

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