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sick of seeing all this r u ok shit, your adults if you need to speak to someone do it. if you dont thats a fucken you problem lol grow up.

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just think about it we r going to get a buffed up BTS for this comeback i dont think im ready but im ready but wtf dude oh boy im not ready but thank u in advance i will eat the meal wholeheartedly ok im ready for this cb even if its not a dark concept i think i will still d word.

not saying I’d do it myself, but if it really bothers you that much that you have to mock them r u ok.

It was R U Ok Day here on Thursday. A focus on mental health for those around you. Ask the you ok? Work got in a mobile coffee van and it was a free small hot beverage and a very touchy you weren’t given any time to ask the question>.

@krysteezzzyyy Uhhh excuse me ... I started at 2 PM & finished at 1:30 AM .. r u ok?.

@bananaseok_ Thank you so so much. I will prob have to write it soon but idk much about it so r u sure it’s ok for me to dm u w some questions?.

@itsbabymo Yes! People like this are so gross!!! I’ve worked in customer service for so long and it’s honestly the worst when people are like this towards u for shit u can’t control! & she’s supposed to have her own business!?! Is it gonna be ok when her employees r being treated this way??.

@DAMInatrixx_x LMFAO yeah I def understand that, it’s not for everyone and ppl b like “r u oK” like yeah nigga its jus not everyone’s “thing”.

@rickynixontoot Agree mate. Don’t know what the answer is but I’ll say this, if someone was to ask me r u ok even if I wasn’t 9/10 I’m saying I’m all good.

@keepbreathinagb done ok so my feelings r invalid ig :///// maybe u should dm me abt this rather than being immature before u click click click and post.

Hahaha aww its ok sw ah. We r all so proud of u alrdy really 💕.

@nam2koo @koosbrat well that’s embarrassing i’d rather not say luv ok i don’t care but koosbrat if i did smth wrong please just tell me so i can try to fix it if it’s bc of smth that i messed up on just send me a cc or a dm mine r open rn my cc is in my carrd emma can u ss this n send it to them.

So U have a game 2night on Friday the 13th and U R superstitious? Well OK but I believe in SUPER preparation this past week will take care of former word. But obviously ONLY YOU know which word 2 use based on this week right specialists? Choose wisely and prepare daily 4 2day.

ok dudes if y’all r gonna hit on a girl please, please don’t let your first words be “u kinda thicc it’s cute” it’s gross.

i know how to teach u a lesson, dont worry da, ok, just chill, cause i know ur playing me as ur toy, i am not that dumbo not to understand that, what a mean girl u r! my god, its ok, i will also get my chance and time where u will see how i am goin to play u as my toy dear,.

@richardbranson We want Virgin Australia to give Australians credibility through R U OK~^.

sick of seeing all this r u ok shit, your adults if you need to speak to someone do it. if you dont thats a fucken you problem lol grow up.

galit saken pero kasama namen sa marriage booth,,, nakikitalon pa sa kilig,, bitch r u ok???????????.

@pcyxtyone bastaaa complicated omg also when can we meet r u ok sun or mon hahaha for liptint bc im brokis.

@rohini_sgh that u are also endorsing the ideology of right there is any need of framing anyone who called out ur hypocrisy as that u have inclination towards a terrorist organisation called RSS and tell that u r not a ok to be a hatemonger..

@driv3r Inner North Brewery. Off Leslie. It’s outstanding. Tonight is an R U OK Fubdraiser. 👏🏼.

@PriyaPandit_Bjp Kbhi khud se haar jati hai kbhi itna accha joke prblm kya hai r u ok sb thk to hai n.

we had someone come talk about mental health & R U OK day at work which was great but wow did it hit close to home.

someone i don’t know messaged me at 4am that he will be there to party with me next week,,,, ok sir who r u.

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@askmenfess I feel u nder, tapi emang faktanya kita gabisa terlalu berharap sama orang lain. Gak semua orang ngerti apa yang kita alamin, gak semua orang pandai menyemangati, apapun yang terjadi kamu harus kuat ya, everything will be ok, u r such a precious person, send virtual hugs to u😊.

r camelo cabelo and shawn mentos ok like they don’t look ok are they being held hostage and being forced to do this shit cuz wtf THATS NOT HOW U KISS A HUNAN.

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