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Here’s a clip of when I had Rachael Ray dying! 😬😂 Watch the full vid.

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@BenJolly9 Also half a million quid on Walkie Talkies for his badger slayers. An utter bastard with the charm of herpes. £500,000 and kids are eating out of dustbins?! Failure of a human and an abysmal waste of DNA, on a good day. Tosser..

@Rachael_Swindon @Dutefine Good luck to Ali Milani 👍 #VoteLabour.

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@Rachael_Swindon Labour is a divided party on europe. It doesnt speak with one voice.

@Rachael_Swindon @andysearson So soon after the erection of a statue of Thatcher elsewhere because of the majority’s hatred of her being ignored. I dunno..

You may be so attentive to the wishes of everyone else that More for Pisces.

So here’s a sneak preview of next months meet up with @pollingersocial and Rachael Willoughby from @squareonemd.

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@CommsNCCLP @Rachael_Swindon I find it incredible that there are still 23% of the electorate who would vote Tory How awful do they need to be?.

Rachael_SwindonIf the will of the people has changed it would seem they prefer a party that has a commitment to Leave in their manifestos, by quite some numbers. I’m a Remainer, so it hardly fills me with joy, but I do have a tiny bit of pragmatism..

Rachael_SwindonA 1 point lead with YouGov is like having a 6 point lead with a polling company that wasn’t founded by a Conservative Minister..

Rachael_SwindonJeremy Corbyn’s socialism continues Attlee’s legacy, not Blair’s. New Labour merely prolonged Thatcherism..

Rachael_SwindonStatue resembling Jeremy Corbyn moved after surge in popularity.

Rachael_Swindon_oswfc It already is. He’s recurved vatious death threats that go largely unreported. If a 2nd vote is needed then so be it, but if it’s simply to placate a few angry Blairites and pro-EU lobbyists then it’s not needed..

Rachael_SwindonIf you think that demanding a 2nd referendum will magically stop the rise of the Brexit Party then you’re spectacularly wrong. You’ll also notice if you add together all of the pro-Remain Westminster poll ratings, they still add up to less than Labour alone.….

Rachael_SwindonNote to people facing a disability assessment. Make sure you wear ill-fitting, unclean, and ripped clothing when you attend. Man with epilepsy who couldn’t cook for himself, wash or travel alone denied disability benefits after appearing….

@CheltenhamRaces If we make it out of the kids fun zone we will! Hoping for a Rachael Blackmore winner to round the day off for my.

@Rachael_Swindon Are you kidding? The far right coup, has in fact, played an absolute blinder. Bugger all to do with Corbyn..

You often prefer to run ahead of the pack, demonstrating your ... More for Aries.

Jeremy Corbyn’s socialism continues Attlee’s legacy, not Blair’s. New Labour merely prolonged Thatcherism..

@rachael_rudolph Nordkorea will die Gespräche scheitern lassen, Donald Trump kann nicht ja dazu sagen. Wenn Donald Trump dem Wunsch Nordkoreas entspricht, würde Donald Trump die USA der Lächerlichkeit preisgeben, Und Kim weiss das..

@geof_hughes @Rachael_Swindon Looking at that they are never going to call a GE are they..

“We have a crisis with opioids and substance use and if we keep doing things the same and don’t try different things we’re going to be stagnant,” Rollins said..

Since starting our #CIM Level 4 online course, Rachael has learned new skills and got a promotion at work! 🎆 #icsrealstories.

@Rachael_Swindon A team of SBS was shot to bits a fortnight ago in Yemen, their job is usually to identify ground targets, so to say we are not 100% complicit is wrong..

Here’s a clip of when I had Rachael Ray dying! 😬😂 Watch the full vid.

Rachael Temple is described as white, five-feet-tall, 90 pounds, with a slim build and long red hair. Police and family are concerned for her welfare..

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