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Updated: September 24th, 2021 04:48 AM IST

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He was prepared to succumb to presidential pressure; he actively explored ways to corrupt the process.

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@greenbeantweets @Kirious_ THE COFFEE MAN IS COMING (direct is in october they just teased with this)

At last -- what is actually going on with Republicans and the stupid debt ceiling:

Why a Texas doctor knowingly and openly tested ‘blatantly unconstitutional’ abortion law

@Rachel_Cable7 @pawpatrol You’d need to give maindy a blooming good clean before you put popcorn in it

@rache_koko HEHDHD it’s a classic Rachel omg. The Japanese version is actually serious but apparently they let the English voice actors say whatever the hell they want ITS SO DUMB

Not Jose trying to justify his behavior bringing up Rachel admitting to cheating in the past. They were just in therapy talking about sharing passwords and whatnot. He’s too willing to be petty and that doesn’t equate to a safe space. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS

Annoying that people use “CIO” to mean “chief information officer” and not “Congress of industrial organizations”

Out of all the relationships in all of visual media through all the multiple centuries, the best is definitely the Rachel-Chandler dynamic. Socially intimate yet personally distant, but when they are actually alone together there are some special moments. A perfect relationship.

Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell had a good chuckle on air about it. via @HuffPostPol

Rachel ain’t no way you just stop loving someone in 3 days… y’all throw around that word too loosely for me #MarriedAtFirstSight

El capítulo del postre de Rachel también tiene mi chiste preferido de toda la serie:

@jessicatreidxs Simmm, antes dele casar com a rachel tava rolando uns papos de que ele foi visto em boate gay beijando um moço. Pelo visto era verdade

EP 18 - Intense pa rin ng pag reveal ni brian kay rachel na nagkakagustuhan sina Lia and Louie. 😳 #ALDENxTWBUCrisis TWBURewind NeverGiveUp #AldenRichards

The Rachel Maddow 9/21/21 [FULL 9PM] MSNBC Breaking News Today via @YouTube

吸血に慣れてなくて。 滅茶苦茶餓えるまで我慢に我慢を重ねてる …って設定! ドMだな!(

Ho visto #Friends a tipo 38 anni e lì ho capito di avere una Rachel pure io. Anche se a volte sono Ross, a volte Joey, a volte Chandler, a volte gatto rognoso.

@after_point 人により、症状が違いますね。 私は1回目で腕が痛くなり。 2回目で、発熱と倦怠感が。 熱が下がり始めて何よりですが。 季節の変わり目でもありますので どうぞ、ご自愛下さいませ✨

Just gonna end my #Elxn44 evening by reminding you all that in the last decade Alberta has had six Premiers - SIX - & if Kenney is forced out the only one to have finished their full term in that decade was Rachel Notley. #ableg


Always love seeing @rachel_adams2 and @bondagejunkies working together

@kanooon_apex しかもこの人の募集文ダイヤの盛り方わかる人とか書いてあるしw やっぱs8マスターは格が違うねw

Mike Pence is a traitor too, just as feckless and incompetent as his master.

rachel dare | 21 anos | cursando artes cênicas | voluntária do GAAE.

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Jose is only mouthy because Rachel is a bit of a push over. I bet his ass would stfu & listen if he was w/ someone like Michaela 😹💀 #MAFS

@ajmckenna @john_hillam Yes! 🤦‍♀️ Rachel from Sky News! She is horrid! 😡🤬😡🤬

@rachel_reviews Big fun, Rachel! Thank you! Have fun at @fanxsaltlake this weekend and good luck on your panel presentation! 😀💯

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와... 생각하는게 정말 어떻게 안반하냐구ㅠ 멘탈미쳤다 정말

After her baby was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal abnormality, Rachel Parrot says, “I came home and screamed in my husband’s arms for hours, begging for my baby. Wailing that she was right there and I couldn’t save her.” Abortion is healthcare.

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Durham reportedly will charge a lawyer for false statements made to FBI in 2016 about Trump Org connections with Russian bank. I’ll discuss with Rachel @Maddow at 9 pm ET on @MSNBC.

He was prepared to succumb to presidential pressure; he actively explored ways to corrupt the process.

It’s amazing to me Rachel Robinson is still alive. 99 years old. #Respect

Rachel Photo,Rachel Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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