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The contemporary femininity of the new #DiorLady9522 by Maria Grazia Chiuri is exemplified by Rachele Regini, who finds in this reinvention of the iconic #LadyDior a bag that corresponds to her globetrotting lifestyle. © Brigitte Lacombe.

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Dior cultural advisor Rachele Regini provides a humor-filled window into her life, thoughts on feminism and femininity, and, of course, how her Large black #DiorLady9522 by Maria Grazia Chiuri corresponds impeccably with her sartorial style. © Tess Ayano.

If the Rachele-Rankine combo is anything like this for the rest of this year… my 🎩 #AFLGiantsCrows.


Josh Rachele brings out the bow and arrow 😍 #AFLGiantsCrows.

voi dovevate assistere alla guida mia e di rachele, io in una macchina lei in un’altra, con lei che cercava di starmi dietro e pareva fast and furious..

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

What a celebration from Rachele! 🥊 📺Watch #AFLCrowsTigers on Ch. 504 or stream via @kayosports ✍️BLOG: 🔢 MATCH CENTRE:.

Rachele’s field kicking is unbelievable. Love Rankine being unselfish too. #aflgiantscrows #weflyasone.

Rachele just pulled out the bow and arrow…. Only one SA player has that license. #weareportadelaide.

I can tell I’m sprung bc I’m about to buy this guy I’m dating a shower caddy… I’m investing… wish me luck 😩.

Rachele has had 12 touches and has clocked up a whopping 339 metres gained, with a DE just under 70%. That’s some serious bang for buck in a possession context. #weflyasone.

Mostly a great half of footy but we fell asleep at the end of the 2nd. Rachele, Soligo. Pedlar are starring and that is SO exciting. Need to keep the pressure on and we can grind this one out. - L.

Would give my left lung for Rachele, absolute little gun, will be elite, the writings on the wall. #AFLCrowsTigers.

@Adelaide_FC The young kids havin a go thats all we ask. Soligo, Pedlar, Rachele, Michaelanny great that Qtr..

If my dad ever wanted to make a speech at my wedding…. He’d get 3 minutes but I’d give him the light at 1:30..

The Adelaide Oval ERUPTED after this Josh Rachele snag and the Crows are on the march! 🔥🔥 𝗬𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘀: 🎙️ @PaulBonsor7 🎙️ @BGibbsy4 📲 📻 #AFLCrowsTigers #AFL.

@ScottyMullet I think Rachele ordered his bow and arrow from Wish 🤷‍♂️ 😬🤭🫢.

Andate a mettere dei tag su Instagram che continuano a mettere video orrendi #oriele.

Josh Rachele will be the Crows best player by the end of this season. The kid is an absolute JET #AFLCrowsTigers.

Rachele has kicked two marvellous goals he’s had one 1 behind and 15 dispositions brilliant play from our Rachele❤️💛💙.

@VardyMagic I was very impressed with Pedlars game. Just hope he can stay fit. Agree RE Rachele. Loved seeing what he could do in the middle!.

Se ti vaccinavi il GP lo davano automaticamente Rachele quindi di che cazzo stai parlando.

@96_rachele NO. Hablaba tranquilamente de ella, eran las que hablaban que lo cortaban contínuamente.

@VardyMagic Trying to rank the best field kick out of Rachele, Tex and Dawson is so hard.

@Chuckstar11 Yeah it’s just time getting games into the right kids. Which we finally have in Berry, Soligo and Rachele but still a ways off. Reckon we need one more elite..

Rachele has kicked three massive goals that was a great finish from Rachele❤️💛💙.

@_kewong_ Ohhhh have fun rachele!!!🫶🏻🫶🏻 im gonna hang out with some friends in the afternoon!.

@CrowMo99 We’ve had 5 years to draft/trade high end midfield pieces. I think for all that we have 2 x 1st rate pieces to work with, Rachele and Pedlar. That’s it. Soligo a step below those 2. Just worker bees after that. Long way to go..

Non so se mi frega qualcosa veramente o meno ma non mi si incula e mi fa rosicà..quindi me sta in testa, AIUTO.

@millo1970 @SecolodItalia1 Questi sono gli integerrimi moralisti che hanno per modello ideologico il sorcio pelato sposato con l’analfabeta Rachele, ma che scappava in Svizzera travestito da soldato della Wehrmacht con l’amante e le fedi nuziali dei poveri fessi ai quali aveva chiesto “oro per la patria”..

Algoritmo Fashion - das ist sie, Rachele Didero, und das Label heisst Cap_able - hiervon werden wir viel hören und lesen..

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