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#WildEarth Hi everyone 🐾🐾🐾 has there been some more rain ? Was it a good amount

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Dia ()

@MugginsMcS @youtub Thanks my friend 🙏🙏🙏😉 got my headphones on and will rock around to this in my living room with heavy rain and storm blowing outside.

Megan Gannon ()

Happy Birthday Beau!!! Rain or shine we will alway celebrate you ❤️❤️❤️

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Teemu Pirttinen ()

Wind 2,0 m/s SE. Barometer 1013,2 mb, Falling very rapidly. Temperature 1,7 °C. Rain today 0,0 mm. Humidity 79%

Kaa⁷ ()


進捗率42%[2/23南3の70a] ()

Fate/staynightのHFルートで、衛宮士郎に残った最後の記憶(あの日の月夜)が失われるシーン 空の境界 未来福音の両儀織が雨に打たれながらsinging in the rain口ずさむシーン 魔法少女まどか☆マギカの佐倉杏子の「いいよ、一緒にいてやるよ」のシーン

Lancashire Post ()

Storm Ciara: 19 of your images as rain causes heavy flooding across Lancashire

未花子 ()


Lysså Junė 💀 ()

And every time I feel afraid I hold tighter to my faith And I live one more day and I make it through the rain

Dewey Sketo ()

@JHandley27 Really nice to understand that we ant Israel, and the we are the bride of the risen that we will rain with him from the heavens.

つゆん ()


Rainy ()

@memisanFOREVER そうじゃないwwwwwww 可愛い女の子から祝われたいの! (変態発言)

El Cajon, California ()

El Cajon CA Sun Feb 9th AM Forecast: TODAY Chance Of Rain Hi 59 TONIGHT Chance Of Rain Lo 43

Roger’s🦋girl💕🥁🐸💕 ()

Listening to @duranduran Hold back the rain, sound of thunder n before the rain whilst at work watching #StormCiara hope yr all keeping safe!!

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WX Prince Rupert ()

Sun 08:00: Light Rain; Temp C; Humidity 99%; Press kPa.

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Lisa farmer ()

@bgclaxton I love her and we know she loves you ❤️❤️ Tony has a pair of TN sneakers he wears to game’s ONLY if there is no rain 😁

T ()

I got caught in the rain in this storm and people were looking out of their windows watching me struggle with my umbrella skskks I have to laugh or I will cry

Teemu Pirttinen ()

Wind 3,1 m/s WNW. Barometer 1015,8 mb, Falling quickly. Temperature 1,4 °C. Rain today 0,0 mm. Humidity 82%

あめ ()


かけい ()

いややっぱさっきの雑談めっちゃ面白く書けてない???? 自画自賛しちゃう

LoksattaLive ()

U-19 World Cup Final : पाऊस थांबला नाही तर काय होणार?? जाणून घ्या...

Trish Loughman ()

@CrossyTweets Now really, what did people think they were voting for when they voted Sinn Fein? In other news, rain is wet.

WhOREO🍪 ()

I literally started jumping up in the rain. Hope my phone rain water proof 🤣

인프피⛆(비 ()

언니가 아침에 우쿠렐라들고 딩가딩가 거리면서 깨우길래 언니... 포켓몬스터 본적있어?하고 가라 꼬부기 몸통박치기 하고 언니한테 꼬부기인형 던졌어여.. 잘땐 멍뭉이도 안건드리는거랬어여..

Rubí 🐞 ()

Cause there’ll be no sunlight if I lose you baby🎶🎶 If you walk away everyday it will rain🎶🎶🎶


#10thanniversary 10年、おめでとうございます✨✨ いつも本っっっっ当にありがとうございます🙇🏻‍♀️✨ 大好きです🥰✨✨✨ライブ楽しみ……

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Ms E Gangsta ()

@lucielocket51 Glad to hear, husband has said nothing except rain, so must not be as bad in the city or wherever the hell he is. Stay safe! Guess we prayed too hard for rain.

LucianoCali ()

@Strafrecht_RAin hier im südwesten ist #zwiebelsuppe mit #zwetschgenkuchen der entsprechende hit.

Graham ()

Fucking starving but it’s gonna take more than #StormCiara today to kibosh my New York Hot Dog / Might Meaty half & half. Right then, where’s my rain coat? @Dominos_UK

Lee Monk ()

@robertas_world Supposed to be heavy rain today, so this GIF may be quite 😂😂😂😂😂

Kev kenyon ()

#WildEarth Hi everyone 🐾🐾🐾 has there been some more rain ? Was it a good amount

☚ #GSWC2020 #DK_VERNON_218bro_DAY ☛
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