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Adelaide first-half scores: 20 Rankine first-half score involvements: 10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ #weflyasone.

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I knew I had this somewhere. An original 1980 copy of the Associates The Affectionate Punch. One of the great Scottish albums. Hard to believe that Billy Mackenzie and Alan Rankine are no longer with us. Fantastic to hear it again on vinyl..

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Even contributions ✅ Rankine, Rachele and co ✅ Goalkicking 😬 Overall who couldn’t be somewhat happy with that! Should’ve put ‘em away… #weflyasone 💙❤️💛.

Former Crows player Luke Jericho was at the ground to present the boys with their guernseys. Izak Rankine | #22 ❤️.

Rankine Photo,Rankine Photo by Adelaide Crows,Adelaide Crows on twitter tweets Rankine Photo

Some of the Rankine takes from last year are going to need their own museum exhibit #AFLGiantsCrows.

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Extremely disappointing second half, but we were not a premiership team even if we won. We are still building with Fogarty, Rachele, Rankine, Soligo, Berry, Pedlar, Max and Harry. #WeFlyAsOne.

If Jason Horne Fransis is the second coming of Nathan Buckley, Josh Rachele is none other than Andrew McLeod. Rachele & Rankine = yes please His foot skills are exquisite and he just glides over the ground. #WeFlyAsOne.

Delighted to be able to host Claudia Rankine & @CalebFemi_ next Wednesday at Charing X Rd after a last minute venue change to talk about PLOT @PenguinUKBooks As a late addition to our programme tickets are FREE Weds 15 March, 7pm Reserve a spot here:.

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I know everyone is disappointed I am too, but there are some big positives. Max, Rankine (first half), Rachelle, Pedlar. First half ball movement was good. Obvious concerns. Smashed in the middle second half and nothing seemed to stop it. Leading disposal getter was Dawson with….

2023 season Best and Fairest votes from my perspective. Round 1 5 votes) Josh Rachele 4 votes) Izak Rankine 3 votes) Tom Doedee 2 votes) Jordan Dawson 1 vote) Sam Berry #WeFlyAsOne.

Izak Rankine’s first half for @Adelaide_FC: - 2 goals, 4 behinds - 14 disposals - 6 marks (5 inside 50) - 10 score involvements - 374 metres gained - 15 pressure acts - 2 clearances - 2 inside 50s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #AFL.

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Rachelle, Rankine, Michalaney, Pedlar, Soligo and more… its looking good crow fans! #weflyasone.

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

Yeah Rankine will do that to 📺 Watch #AFLGiantsCrows LIVE on ch. 504 or stream on Kayo: ✍️ BLOG 🔢 MATCH CENTRE.

I feel like a child on Christmas Day. Can’t remember a time I’ve felt this excited about a crows game before (probably 2017). Need a win to set the tone for the season. Excited to see rankine, excited for the new look midfield. Just bloody excited. #weflyasone #adelaidecrows.


ITS GAME TIME BABY! @Adelaide_FC are back and I reckon Rankine will get the first goal! Just excited to see the lads back on the track, footy’s back!!!!.

That handball over the head by Rachelle appears to have awoken the beast. Has since had 2 centre clearances and set up rankine for a shot on goal with a great forward entry 🔥 #aflgiantscrows #rachelle.

@elonmusk William Rankine & Rudolf Clausius originators of the concept of entropy were joules per Kelvin party 🥳 animals..

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Rankine was brilliant but the difference between exciting prospect and superstar is not kicking 2 goal 5..

@Adelaide_FC Very disappointing, too many fancy celebrations imo🤨! Rankine can take umpire-complaining out of his game too..

2 tackles in an entire quarter of footy is insipid. Giants need a massive lift from their senior players here. Rankine and Crom running rings around them #AFLGiantsCrows.


@hro16_ @killmesIime Since way back not being checked is insanity…clears 90% of the tape.

Anne Carson (duh). Claudia Rankine. & I know she gets a lot of shit, but honestly Mary Oliver..

I legit like Keays now! How unselfish has he been this year? Last year he picks up that ball and bombs it at goal (or on the full) this year he takes 2 steps and handballs to a finisher like Rankine. Great team play.

Berry: 21 Pedlar: 20 Rachele: 19 Rankine: 21 Soligo: 20 Oh yes..

Not a bad first half. Goal Kicking an issue, it could cost us if Giants get out of 3rd gear. Rankine and Rash super impressive. #AFLGiantsCrows #weflyasone.

@ScottElderfiel1 Izak Rankine was outstanding he kicked great goals and I was so impressed by his movement and he was very very quick with the ball.

@Adelaide_FC Neutral fan - Matthew Nicks has to go if you want team progression. Playing your best onballers Laird and Keays out of position and putting impact pressure forwards like Rachele and Rankine in the guts was a recipe for disaster. Poor gameplan. Nicks is even worse than Hinkley..

Early Rankine not worth $800k (More around $) Dawson looking bloody amazing Tackling is impressive Foot skills improved dramatically Goal Kicking the only negative.

Extremely impressed with @Nicksy2323 injecting rachelle and rankine in to the midfield #afl #weflyasone.

Little man is loving this Rachele & Rankine combination so much - he’s preceded to fall asleep in my lap! @Adelaide_FC #weflyasone.

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