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If that’s what Ricky thinks about Salmon, I’d love to know his thoughts on Jordan Rapana.

Ricky Stuart, coach of players such as Hudson Young and Jordan Rapana, calling out an opposition player for being a dog. Very interesting..

@9_Moley How any club that has Jordan Rapana in its side can call someone else arrogant is fucking hilarious!.

@RaidersCanberra Can we get Ricky’s opinion on Rapana? Asking for a (weak gutted) friend…. #NRLRaidersPanthers.

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@RobbyM_ @BulldogRitchie Didn’t Rapana go for drink driving. Didn’t Weighton go for assault. Pot calling the kettle black here..

Are we gonna act like he doesn’t have Jordan Rapana in his side every week where he shoulder charges every player possible? #nrlraiderspanthers #nrl.

Titans 5 games or less 1 Shan Walker 2 Jordan Rapana 3 Phil Graham 4 Hymel Hunt 5 Jonus Pearson 6 Cam Cullen 7 Jahrome Hughes 8 David Hala 9 Pat Politoni 10 Caleb Binge 11 Shane Gray 12 Chris Grevsmuhl 13 Sel Birdie 14 Billy Ngwani 15 Ben Nakubuwai 16 Matt Cross 17 Jamie Dowling.

@Sharkydave44 Was gonna say…calling people a weak gutted dog person when you have Rapana in your team is a brave move 😂 Ricky always on his high horse.

@FOXNRL He’s a grub Stuart! Never seen a coach carry on like he does after a loss! He’s got the biggest grub in the game Rapana and he’s got the nerve to question this guy??.

Ennis shouldn’t be commentating Canberra games! Rapana is a fucken gronk and there was no attempt to wrap a left arm around there! Shoulder charge every day of the way.

@thatthingulike @NRL Apparently all you have to do is say “sorry I didn’t mean it” if you are a Star player who plays for one of the NRL favourites and everything is ok. Rapana gets two weeks for an accident Nelson gets nothing and JWH gets $3000 fine. I know incidents aren’t the same but man..

When you have Rapana on your team you can’t really call someone a weak-gutted dog #NRLRaidersPanthers.

@pantherman45 No doubt about it. It was a text book illegal shoulder charge. Rapana is a dirty flog..

@rapana_p 大量にRTして流したのに的確にリプ飛ばしてくるアカねぇ。。。.

@TheGHRaiders #GHRaidersChat A5: Nope. It seems a real lucky dip as to who gets a fine and who gets a suspension. Rapana got 2 weeks for tackling a falling player. NAS got nothing for elbowing a bloke in the head and breaking teeth. Juts no consistency.

@nrl give Carrigan 4 weeks, NAS no charge, JWH a fine, and Rapana 2 weeks, and Wanna tell you all pigs are equal. Bullshit. #nrl #crisis.

@me_dc Rapana is a good one. First he was Raparna, then Rapuna. A Fox commentator overheard someone ask his name for an order, he said Jordan Raparna. No one changed back though..

@pantherman45 Fish will be okay I reckon. Player going down in tackle. Still fish made contact with head. Rapana luck to be on the field still. Welcome new debut I think at fb..

@skill_hello Bateman brought mongrel to the team, but Hudson embodies it, Rapana and he are just built for grind..

@GorskiOPork @pantherman45 Nah the raiders hate Penrith. From Laurie Daley, to Ricky, to don furner, to whitehead, to Rapana, they all show their genuine hatred even in interviews.

@TheGHRaiders Rapana in for Hopoate, and more minutes from CHN. We need to concentrate and be reasonably mistake-free for the full 80 minutes. If we can do that, I think we can match them and have a real crack at a win..

@TheGHRaiders A8 #ghraiderschat rapana in for hopoate. Hosborough in for guler. Only changes.

Tell me why Ricky is so quick to hate on Jaeman Salmon when he has one of the most grubbiest players in the comp playing for him. Jordan Rapana is such a grub and is so deliberate about it 😭.

@joshwrigley @NRLonNine Ricky didn’t feel that way two months ago..

@MCarayannis @dailytelegraph I was a bit stunned he called someone a weak gutted dog and it wasn’t Rapana or JWH. Like does he watch footy?.

I’ll be fine with Ricky’s comments if he didn’t have Jordan Shoulder Charge Rapana in his side.

@suthodan Rapana was suspended for similar which I thought was less than what Salmon did will be interesting to see what happens from match review..

@Wallski74 Champion player and the way he speaks, champion bloke. We’ll swap you for Rapana.

JFH tackle - no sin bin in 9/10 games Play the ball not square - play on in 99/100 games Rapana shoulder charge - penalised in 9/10 games Was the ambush supposed to be from the ref? #NRLRaidersPanthers.

@disndatnz eyeing hudson young and timoko as well but rapana is my fav. all the best uso.

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