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Our Canterbury Cup side has taken the win against Newcastle Knights at Henson Park 32-6, with doubles to both Pearson and Maranta #redv.

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@FOXNRL @JohnDean_ All well and good to say he’ll make changes, but who comes in. The depth’s not great. #RedV.

@fabs_e Gee @fabs_e Wonder what it could Maybe if we got a C-O-A-C-H. Just #Redv.

The board will discuss an extension to Mary’s contract for another 3 years, this week #redv.

Watching the Press conference I really fear for our season. Threatens changes, claims the same people making the same mistakes. Then says you don’t make unforced changes unless someone is more consistent. Therefore no change. More of the same #redv.

This is how a leader acts. @NRL_Dragons should sign him long term. #redv.

打擊手雙葉好帥感覺會有粉絲俱樂部😳 死會了也還是有很多小迷妹😳.

Our Canterbury Cup side has taken the win against Newcastle Knights at Henson Park 32-6, with doubles to both Pearson and Maranta #redv.

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@rjcohen75 Great point. Both playing first grade and doing it well. We let them go. For what? #RedV.

It’s a horror movie. I just want it to end. #redv #deadv.

@AlecKnight21 The club don’t respect the fans. They are too scared to make a ballsy decision. #RedV.

Are we all going to sit on our hands and allow the @DragonsBoard to continue with this facade that McGregor is the one to lead with no titles thus far. We need to remember a united front is a strong front. If we don’t speak up this failure continues. Time is NOW. #RedV #MaryOut.

ブラして撮るのが最近べべちゃんの中で流行ってるのね!! よし!(なにが笑).

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Every time I tweet about #Mary or the #RedV I lose one follow but gain 15 hahahahahahaha whoever u followed me, good riddance..

I have Peter Doust’s email and phone number but that is worthless now. Anyone got chairman or CEO details? I’m happy to get arrested for harassment to get rid of this coach. #RedV.

The lack of ambition by the Board of @NRL_Dragons continues to shine through. Re-signing a coach who has failed in every @nrl role, who no one wanted but we re-signed after a few rounds & have now lost 4 in a row. Poor Governance with no accountability #redv #NRLDragonsKnights.

The red and whites I bought in Mudgee yesterday were wonderful, the red and whites on Glen Willow Oval not so much. That’s sport. Onto next Sunday v Cronulla for the @NRL_Dragons. #redv Thanks for your hospitality, Mudgee. Before we leave, come on @SydneyFC tonight! ⚽️ 🥅.

These players should be ashamed of themselves wearing a jersey like the RedV ans dishing that up.

You know your team has had a shocker when Mitchell Pearce of all people is putting a bit of Field Goal polish on! #RedV #NRLDragonsKnights.

Still in premiership hunt 🙄 haven’t had 50 put on us #NRLDragonsKnights #redv.

I am dreading the next two weeks for the #redv derbies against the Sharks and Bulldogs. 😬.

Replacing a winger with a centre at half time is paying dividends #redv #NRLDragonsKnights.

Fuck how good are we when we get to play against 12 players! 😂 #redv #NRLDragonsKnights.

Lucky for the #RedV fans streaming #NRLDragonsKnights, @Foxtel Now has crapped.

@redv @iloveyukehi IT HAD NOTHING TO EVEN DO WITH YOU!!! like it was my opinion that i shared to our mutual friend and your name didn’t even pop up in the conversation at all 🙄🙄🙄🙄.

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