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The engine room is battle ready 💪🏼 #NRLCowboysDragons #redv.

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@NRL_Dragons Emotional night, cowboys had more to play for, at stages we didnt look interested, bring on rnd 2 #redv.

And to think before the game, I was wondering who was going to lead the team song now. 🙈 #RedV #NRLCowboysDragons.

@NRL_Dragons Play harder, create your own luck and don’t create excuses! #redv.

Dragons seemed out of legs in the final 30. Cost them big time. Again McGregor to blame for that. His job to get them match ready. Left dufty on the bench for way too long. Showed spark when on but didn’t have enough time. Tough season ahead. #NRLCowboysDragons #redv⁠ ⁠.

#redv will extend that imposter of a coach anytime now. #FailMary Fuck off already.

My biggest worry this season is the impact of our forwards and depth, granted we are missing 2 quality But still this team is build wrong #NRLCowboysDragon #redv.

Now why wouldn’t u play Dufty earlier considering the impact he’s had in just the few minutes he’s been on 🙄 @NRL_Dragons #redv.

🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ #redv.

This is when I used to sms DOUST and tell him to sack the coach #RedV anyone have the new CEO’s number?.

We are so unbelievably average. How do you have this lineup and be this bleh? #RedV.

And we thought Lomax had a shocker on the wing. 🤦‍♀️ #RedV #NRLCowboysDragons.

Incredibly frustrating half of footy watching @NRL_Dragons shoot themselves in the foot within their own balls & poor reads in defence are a big concern from #redv back 5. Every single player from 1-5 was guilty in that half. Need to be a tonne better. #nrl.

HALF-TIME: Dragons head into the sheds two points down. #redv #NRLCowboysDragons.

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The @nrl_dragons away strip looks odd without the #redv Looks more like the @nrl logo. #NRLCowboysDragons.

Top finishing from Euan - but great to see Norman “playing football” with creative pace and stepping in open field. Really like his looseness alongside Gaz and Ben’s structure #RedV.

YEAH BABY!!! First try of the year and it’s a beauty. 🥰 #RedV #NRLCowboysDragons.

Welcome back to the dark haired Gareth Widdop and his superior playing ability. #RedV.

Damn it. My owl friends havent been out since last weekend and now they are visiting as my #redv get ready to kick off.

FINALLY! We’re playing football Let’s forget about all this other bullshit from the offseason from a few hours and enjoy the greatest game of all LETS GOOOONE #REDV.

Ok I feel a little nervous now after seeing them run out. ☺️ #RedV #NRLCowboysDragons.

The engine room is battle ready 💪🏼 #NRLCowboysDragons #redv.

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@NRL_Dragons Rip in boys looking forward to watching some footy tonight #redv #NRLCowboysDragons.

Coin toss done! Dragons will be kicking off 🔥🔥 #redv #NRLCowboysDragons.

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@NRL_Dragons @Julie_redV Good luck Dragon friends. Will always be backing you against Queenslanders, and Manly (of course)..

New Tv and home theater set up ready for the @NRL_Dragons first match #redv.

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