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3️⃣ derby wins from 3️⃣ calls for a special Dom Peyroux team song! 🎵 🗣 Oh when the Saintsssss! 🔴⚪️ #saintsandproud #redv.

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For those of us fans still wondering why Bennett got rid of all of them when he took over and we Do you really need those actions explained????? #REDV #StepDownMcGregor.

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Anyone who has Auto Renew on their #Redv memberships should turn it off. #StepDownMcGregor.

📸 What a derby win over @WiganWarriorsRL does to you 😆 #saintsandproud #redv.

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@sportingnewsau Dragons fans have been angry for years now, not just the last few hours. #redv.

So i was #redv were so bad tonight I really think that if we don’t extend Mary’s contract by another 2years it would be a bigger mistake than we extended him by 2 years last month #NrlShitNoOneSays.

@stingray_10 @TheBarrow I’ve not clicked through to the Mercury or purchased a hard copy since 2011. Like all businesses, they’re trying to make $’s, and I’d be surprised if a successful RedV isn’t great for business..

@BC100959 agree. Dufty is dangerous with space. the other 90% of his game he is a rag doll. he has no passing game, can’t help team coming out of own end - gets rag dolled,suss /too small under high ball, too small for defence. and I bet he is on 300k plus. great recruiting. #redv.

#RedV Overheard leaving the ground: Best thing about tonight was that burrito #NRLDragonsRaiders.

Ah well done to the @NRL_Dragons and Mary 👏👏🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😭😭 #redv.

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@BC100959 roster is too top heavy. if the club stand by Marys contract extension, they should sack millward and bring in a new recruitment man. #redv #NRLDragonsRaiders.

@LeagueFreak It’s McGregor’s unique ability to pull this off as to why he’s had 2 contract extensions from the club! #redv #NRLDragonsRaiders.

Hey @illawarramerc please explain to us again how Paul McGregor is the man to lead this club forward and fans who think otherwise are just being hysterical? @NRL_Dragons #redv.

@NRL_Dragons Wish I could just tweet directly to the inept board rather than the poor guy or girl running our social media accounts. #redv.

Admittedly a few big names out but the line-up is still strong and full of rep players but playing but like reserve graders. Something needs to change for 2020 and it doesnt look like the roster is going to. #redv.

Seriously, @NRL_Dragons fans would probably cop this garbage if we knew a coaching overhaul was coming in 8 weeks time. Instead, Mary’s farcical contract extension gives us all 2+ more years to look forward to. New CEO & board members, same problem. No accountability. #redv.

@LeagueFreak Certainly a massive gap between most NRL teams and my Dragons!🏉😩#redV.

FT | Raiders too good tonight 😞 #redv #NRLDragonsRaiders.

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🗣 He’s the 🗣 We’re 1️⃣0️⃣ points clear this season! 😉 Cooootie with another masterclass last night! 🙌 #saintsandproud #redv.

👀 Waking up after a third derby day win of the season feels gooooood! 🤩 🙌 🗣 Oh when the 🎵 🗣 go marching 🎵 Our fans last night 😍👏 #saintsandproud #redv.

3️⃣ derby wins from 3️⃣ calls for a special Dom Peyroux team song! 🎵 🗣 Oh when the Saintsssss! 🔴⚪️ #saintsandproud #redv.

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