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Richard Jefferson: “LeBron James’ playoff scoring, he passed MJ 3 seasons ago and he’s going to add to that. So to pass LBJ in all-time playoff scoring somebody is going to have to do what? Average 30 points a game and go to like 13 NBA finals. That sh*t’s not gonna be broken.”.

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Lisa See
Lisa See

My father, Richard See, passed away yesterday at the age of 92. He was an anthropology professor, artist, and an all-around cool dude. He ended every phone call with “Bye, hon.” Now to him I say, “Bye, hon.”.

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A bit of light reading outside the New York Public Library….

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@ClaudioXGG Y quien es ese tal kourchenko, otro sirviente de los corruptos siniestrados de la 4t, MONREAL y la carabina de ambrosio son lo mismo, ahora resulta que el Salvador de los intereses es Richard, ni que tuviera tanto poder, y el que tiene se lo dió AMLO..

🗳 COLCHESTER: Highwoods By-Election for 2 seats 🗣Results 🔴Catherine Bickersteth, Lab – 653 ELECTED 🟡Alison Jay, Lib Dem – 618 ELECTED 🔴Pauline Bacon, Lab – 501 🔵Richard Martin, Con– 430 🔵David Linghorn-Baker, Con – 413 🟡Chantelle-Louise Whyborn, LD - 366 @BritainElects.

@RicharddeMos @POL_DenHaag Richard jongen dat moet eerst maar eens bewezen worden! Rechter zal oordelen!!! Ja het gebruik van de Nederlandse taal neemt zienderogen af! Respect is er niet meer bij. Zelfs in de tweedekamer niet! Misschien is het beter niet te veel op Twitter te schrijven! Succes!.

“I think I can safely say that nobody really understands quantum mechanics,” _Richard Feynman..

📍 New Listing 📍 Take a look at this fantastic new property that just hit the market located at 8111 Yonge St 609 in Markham. Reach out here or at (647) 280-7133 for more information Richard Walker |.

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@LabourRichard Yes Richard let’s stay chained to a foreign gov where Tory mps tell us what we can and can’t do brilliant tell us how has this fantastic policy worked for lab so far.

Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Fight4justice Challenge A-Z LEYF Abuse Rings Richard Harty MIC Did A Voice Of A Child Research June O’Sullivan Mask Of Sanity Reveal Psychopath Wants To Be Remembered Disruptive Influence Plagiarism Build Brands CPPDP….

#kebabgate ?? @mrjamesob Pretty tame stuff from Richard. Was expecting better when I saw the kerfuffle - 6/10..

En ce moment, vous écoutez sur EZ37M RADIO RICHARD PICOTIN Envoie ton feu Merci de nous écouter..

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Et c’est là que cela me fait rire, tous ceux qui aiment le film de Richard Donner et crache sur Wonder Woman 84. Oui WW2 est en dessous mais il a cette même approche du héros positif et un peu naïf. Exactement la direction que veut retrouver Henry Cavill pour Man Of Steel 2.

@readrovers Yes Richard Witschge saw him play at weatham against us not the best of signing tbh.

@DailyLoud Breaking news, if someone slaps you , there’s a possibility it can hurt. On to Richard for even more obvious facts.

お兄ちゃんに惜しみない愛を❤️❤️❤️ レベリング頑張ります #放サモ.

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Pinapanood lang sila nung mga emt sa likod na para oohhh lagot ka richard bingga mo si mam!! DARLENTINA THREAT #JaneNella | #Darlentina.

Pra mim, toda copa do mundo de agora pra frente deveria ser final de novembro/começo dezembro.

@Richard_Alonzo @80_mcswan The BNP and English defence league don’t get any votes over here and never will..

玉石混交 The Band① ビッグ·ピンクとブラウン ·Jaime Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, Garth Hadson, Levon Helm “The Weight” c/w “I Shall Be Released” ·The Band “Rag Mama Rag” c/w “The Unfaithful Servant” メンバー全員名義の前者は超爆音シングル。.

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@Richard_Wolfsen @jpaternotte In de huizen van de vaccindoden en de ouderen die door verwaarlozing om het leven zijn gekomen..

Sweet Porter with a slightly spicy taste and fruity flavour. - Drinking a Christmas Pud Porter by Bridgehouse Brewery @ The Richard Oastler (Wetherspoon) —.


Ein handsigniertes Buch von Richard Wagner hat ein Unbekannter vor rund 40 Jahren aus der Wahnfried-Bibliothek im Bayreuther Richard-Wagner-Museum gestohlen. Nun hat er das Buch zurückgegeben..

# Richard Buxton pessimistic that a tumbling pound and a renaissance for fossil fuels will reverse sell-off trend 🍑🍇🍓🍅🥕🌽🍳🥚🍲🍐🍳🥚🍤🥕🌽🍌🍉🍒🍈🥑🍇🍓.

An actual picture of Richard after his call to @mrjamesob on @lbc.

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@Richard_Wolfsen @marcelbar8 Misschien nu niets mee te maken maar al het rijkdom wat Nl bezit komt van slavenhandel/piraterij/voc handel/diefstal das toch algemeen bekend,of dacht je dat Nl haar rijkdom aan de vele grondstoffen die ze bezitten?oh nee shell trekt ook olie weg uit Afrika tot de dag van vandaag.

@LBC @mrjamesob Richard had a blow up doll that reminds him of Meghan? It would’ve still been better conversation than him.

Redeem Miles To Stay On Richard Branson’s Private Island – It’s Back [Roundup] via @garyleff.

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@trisyan_ Allie and Noah (The Notebook) Jamie and Landon (A Walk To Remember) Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez (Mulawin) Chynna Ortaleza and Richard Gutierrez (Click).

@Richard_v59 This pump channel are pushing the coin #CTXC on #binance. Theyre deciding a new coin rn FW75.

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