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RIP Bob .. Such sad news to wake up to .. A hero of mine .. Great cricketer .. Incredibly entertaining pundit .. More importantly an unbelievable bloke .. !!.

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RIP Bob Willis. His excellent book on his cricket career was one of the first I read and it was pure joy..

Very sad news my great friend Goose innings is finally over!Bob was my first county captain and selected me for England in ‘82 when I was still only a was great fun to be with-real ales,pubs,Dire Straits,wines-intellectual,interesting, Goose.

All our adult lives ahead of us. You didn’t have a bad one Bob although it’s ended much too soon. RIP #BobWillis.

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Like any kid starting to get into cricket in the 80’s, Bob Willis was an iconic figure. I can’t say I knew him but I met him once and he was kind, genuinely interested in our conversation and a lovely man. RIP to a great of our game..

Sad 2 hear passing away of a great English fast bowler #BobWillis. Those watching cricket in the 80’s on TV will remember Bob(6ft 6 in) running in to bowl that in -swinging yorker, awkward 4 batsman 2 face. Who can forget 8 for 43 in 1981 Ashes? Later a great commentator . #RIP.

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RIP Bob Willis, ace England fast bowler, good in the commentary box as well. Indians from that era will remember the spanking he received from the mercurial Sandeep Patil in the Test at Manchester. Patil him for 6 fours in an over..

@simonhill1894 Think of Bob Willis and i think of Bob Dylan. Not for Mr Willis the one dimensional sporting icon mould, no sir, that wild and woolly hair “blowin in the wind” on a long and unstructured run up was so bloody Dylanesque. RIP great man..

Most cricket highlight reels entirely remove the bowler’s run-up. Bob Willis was a bowler whose run-ups alone would make great viewing. A great fast bowler. RIP..

RIP Bob Willis. One of the greatest in the game. Wil surely miss u in world cricket..

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RIP Bob Wills!!! Lovely man off the field and will be missed dearly by 🙏🏻 @ Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Landed in Dubai to the sad news of Bob Willis. Always enjoyed the chats I had with him over the years and a true English cricket legend. RIP.

Consider myself very fortunate to have spent time with Bob Willis in the @SkyCricket studios. Fantastically funny with a generous nature, Bob will be missed by us all. My thoughts are with all family and friends. RIP.

Bob Willis alongside Ian Botham at Headingley 81 inspired the 9-year-old me to want to be a cricketer. I had the pleasure of working with him and also interviewing him for a book on Ashes captaincy. He gave his time generously, was self-deprecating and entertaining. Great man RIP.

Just heard the very sad news that Big Bob Willis has past! RIP and thank you for all the great memories!!!.

@LydiaJane13 Sad news to wake up great and well respected England cricketer RIP Bob Willis.

Loyal & generous to his friends,Bob was one of the brightest cricketers of my acquaintance over a period of 45 yrs. A devotee of Wagner & Mahler but also Abba & Fleetwood Mac. There was always something to talk about with Bob. RIP.

Bob making the front pages , and rightly so. An English sporting legend. RIP x 😥.

Bob Willis great and honest person who said it as it career and not afraid to tell it straight.

So shocked and absolutely gutted. Gonna miss him on my tv. No age 70 😪 RIP Bob #guiltyyyyyyy.

RIP Bob Willis. “Nice hair, like mine” he said to me at Manuka Oval, Canberra when I asked him for his autograph one day in 1978. (I’m the one on the left.) #Cricket.

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RIP Bob .. Such sad news to wake up to .. A hero of mine .. Great cricketer .. Incredibly entertaining pundit .. More importantly an unbelievable bloke .. !!.

This is really sad. When I was a kid Bob Willis was English fast bowling. The only one who could stand with the Aussies and the West Indians. That glare as he came in to bowl was something to behold. RIP.

Ah that summer in 1981. Thank you for the memories Bob Willis. A sad day. #RIP.

Oh my god, Bob Willis has died. He was moaning in his usual entertaining way on Sky Sports only this summer. I loved watching him come in off that curly half mile run up, & his bowling in the ‘81 Headingley test is unforgettable. RIP Bob, you gave English cricket fans immense joy.

@StuartBroad8 A great player, a great man. A true English cricket legend. RIP Bob.

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