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I literally feel sick to my People on social media need to understand that wrestlers are f’n people too. As someone who constantly gets bullied online this one hit too close to home. People need to grow the f up. #RIPHanaKimura

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キャラガ☆コスギ@FX漫画家 ()

もっと試合が観たかった大好きな選手でした。 自分にはこれくらいしかできませんが…。 #RIPHanaKimura #木村花

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#RIPHanaKimura  Үгээр хүн алж болдог гэх үгний жинхэнэ үе нь нэгэнт ирсэн гэдгийг хүлээн зөвшөөрөх хэрэгтэй.  Энд Нараг тарган, Осоржамааг тэнэгээр нь дууддаг олон хүн бий.  Тэр бүр чинь устгалаа ч интернэт орчинд үүрд хадгалагддагийг санахад илүүдэхгүй !!

ディルムッド(ライダー)にされた魚 ()

#RIPHanaKimura 高校生でも分かることを分からなくて言葉を発する人がいるのを見ると本当に「馬鹿だなぁ」としか思わない。 木村花さん。どうか安らかに。

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@tmtmtmx 「生きている間に、生きている人間のすることがある。それをおこなうことが死んだ者への手向けだ」クワトロ・バジーナ 花ちゃんの事は忘れないよ🌸 #RIPHanaKimura

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🤼‍♂️The Excellence of Procrastination🤼‍♀️ ()

@WayOfTheLariat Cant get through the whole thing without feeling very sad but watching her at all continues to make me happy. As ever, she transcends heel and face. #RIPHanaKimura

Bayley 4Ever #Loyal💙 #BayleysBitches #LBGT+🏳️‍🌈 ()

Gone but not forgotten. Fly high beautiful angel. #RIPHanaKimura ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

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Kein🥀🔥✊💪🏴‍☠️💫🇯🇵🇹🇼 ()

昨日届きました 朝の寝起きから ずっと眺めては ぼーっと… これが最後になると… いや…まだだ!!! To a dear daughter Please sleep peacefully Love forever Hana m(_ _)m #木村花 ちゃん #RIPHanaKimura

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Boomhauer (ブームハウアー) ()

I love you forever Hana I’m sad that I cannot meet you but I will be strong for you ❤️ #FlowersforHana #RIPHanaKimura

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Ernest Molina ()

Rest In Peace beautiful angel. The world didn’t deserve you. 平和で休む美しい天使。 世界はあなたに値しませんでした #flowersforhana #RIPHanaKimura 😥❤️

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Submerge of ()

A spirit flower for a woman who’s spirit will continue on forever #RIPHanaKimura #FlowersForHana

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#1 Drew McIntyre Stan ()

sweet hana, i won’t forget you🌸#FlowersForHana #RIPHanaKimura

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Cheeseburger 🌸🙏🏾 ()

Hana-Chan took this photo of us on my last trip to Japan. I’ve kept it in my wallet everyday since then as a memory. And now it will never leave. 木村花、I love and miss you dearly Flower. I promise to honor your memory. 🌸🙏🏾💔 ありがとうございました。#RIPHanaKimura

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Xenon ()

@TheQuartering Wow some people are really just trash humans. Wrestling fans are going to be pissed ones they read/watch this. #RIPHanaKimura

🎼𝐑𝐲𝐨🎹 ()

プロレス系YouTuber SHAKEさんによる提言 『木村花選手が遺してくれた課題 この課題を大きな希望にする方法』 ぜひ、ご覧ください。 #RIPHanaKimura #SNS上の誹謗中傷が法に基づいて裁かれる社会を望みます

Madusa/AlundraBlayze ()

Ran off HATE and bullies today. Dedicated to #RIPHanaKimura We all continue to learn from this and it’s about time people step forward and help serve justice to people in need from the day will come. Maybe the haters need help too? #breakthechain

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ジャスト日本【単行本「インディペンデント・ブルース」発売中!】 ()

自前の写真で一枚だけお花畑のものがあった。お花畑を囲まれて安らかにお休みください。本当にありがとう、そしてまたありがとう。みんなに愛された木村花選手。 #RIPHanaKimura #ありがとう木村花選手

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田原 昇龍 Tahara Noboru ()

俺の死生観では、死者の生きる世界があることになってる。 また引っ越しただけだもんな また会えるんだよ、田原家兄妹と一緒にご飯行ってないもんまだ 会った最後のときはオーラすごくてカッコよすぎて腰引けたけど、向こう行ったら関係ないもんね みんな骸骨 #RIPHanaKimura

UtamiHayashishita_Fans👑 ()

Such a great story @WillOspreay shared about Hana Kimura, this story really touched me and makes me regretful that I will never get to meet this beautiful soul myself, Hana we miss you so much. 😢 #RIPHanaKimura

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ぺーやん@趣味垢です✌️ ()

今更ながら1度でも、生観戦で見れなかったのが悔やまれます。 もっといろんなことに興味を持ってこの先後悔のないよう、全力で好きなことを好きだって伝えていきますね。 #TLを花でいっぱいにしよう #RIPHanaKimura

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黒田創 ()

木村花さんには2回取材した。どっちの時も「Tarzanに出られるのが嬉しい」とニコニコしていた。あの笑顔絶対に忘れない。本当にやりきれない。 #RIPHanaKimura

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Danny ()

“Please, just be a little nicer to one another.” Thank you @ShutUpExcalibur. #RIPHanaKimura

Wrestle Royalty ()

Sir Mitch @MitchXXVI with an important message to our followers & everyone in the #WrestlingCommunity about how we can all do something to stop cyber bullying & online harassment. Please share! #RIPHanaKimura


Vamos lá, Hana Kimura aos 22 anos cometeu suicídio por causa de cyberbullying. Agora lê dnv, e me diz, por que? Por que disso? Por que do ser humano ser tão cruel com os outros? Me diz, me mostra provas que isso é nescessário #RIPHanaKimura

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Mike Anderson ()

This kind of being asshole on Twitter has got to stop now! Thoughts and prayers to #HanaKimura and her family. #RIPHanaKimura

Jeanne Lafont ()

En dehors du fait qu’Hana Kimura était une de mes lutteuses japonaises préférée et qu’elle était l’une des raisons qui me faisais regarder la @we_are_stardom, je pense que ce jour marquera un tournant dans ma vie de fan de catch et laissera une trace indélébile. #RIPHanaKimura

Sauce Daddy SixFeetAway ()

I hope the passing of #HanaKimura sparks change in the way we use social media. Bullying is not okay. If you are having these dark thoughts please reach out to someone! My DMs are always open even if we don’t know each other. Attached are numbers for hotlines #RIPHanaKimura

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#RIPHanaKimura Wrestlers are humans being too Keyboard Warriors have not right to being that ugly to say wrestlers to kill their selves that sick

❌🖕🏾⁷*+ˢˣᵈᵈᵃˢˢ_ᵀᴿⁱⁱ+* ⁷🖕🏾❌ STREAM DAECHWITA💜 ()

#RIPHanaKimura 🕊 people really need to stop and think about their actions and how it would effect other people. Nobody on this planet is better than anybody. WE’RE all human so we don’t all need to be perfect. Nobody should ever feel like they don’t belong on this world

RheaRipley_WWE ()

I literally feel sick to my People on social media need to understand that wrestlers are f’n people too. As someone who constantly gets bullied online this one hit too close to home. People need to grow the f up. #RIPHanaKimura

Joey Ryan ()

I couldn’t imagine dealing with hate on social media at 22. I can barely handle it now. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. 💔 #HanaKimura #RIPHanaKimura

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