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The Master (R) the Apprentice (L) and the best rover of the day (C). Farmer, Newman, Goggin, on furlough, circa 1965. #RIPPOLLY #origsmartassam.

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Look, no one’s doubting what a great footballer Polly was, but did he ever actually get around to putting the kettle on so we could all have tea? #RIPPolly.

A teenaged Polly Farmer marks in the goal square for @EastPerthFC during match against @omfnl in July 1954 at Albury Sportsground. Estimated crowd of 6000 saw Royals win by 34 points with Farmer second in best players. #RIPPolly.

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RIP Polly Farmer. One of the AFL’s best ever and a beaut man. Memories of m him coming to talk to my primary school class when I was a little kid. Seemed shy, warm and genuine off the football oval. #RIPPolly.

This is such a loss for WA. Polly and his Foundation was such a great contributor to Aboriginal students. #RIPPolly.

What is your problem with @Origsmartassam Paying respect to a friend in polly famer. You are a sick woman. #RIPPolly.

The value of #FollowTheDream for Aboriginal students and their families cannot be overstated. It is empowering and inspiring to see young people realise that they can take charge and direct their own learning to achieve their dreams. Thank you Graham Polly Farmer. #RIPPolly.

The word legend is thrown around all too freely these days, but this man truly deserved the accolade. Revolutionised transitional football with his use of handball. My old man (A pretty astute judge) rated him the best footballer he had ever seen. #RIPPolly.

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Spooner would have referred to him as Folly Palmer but his palm-work was anything but folly. Would love to have seen him play. #RIPPolly.

Vale Polly Your contribution to @GeelongCats #VFLAFL will never be forgotten. Deepest sympathies to his family & friends #RIPPolly.

Tomorrow we pay tribute to a true Geelong legend, with our commemorative Polly Farmer special in @geelongaddy #RIPPolly.

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I learnt about Polly Farmer from my Grandad who followed Geelong (before West Coast entered the comp) & he also passed from Alzheimer’s. Was always enthralled by his stories and would have loved to watch Polly play in his prime. RIP Polly, your mind is now free #RIPPolly.

Two Western Australian treasures have been lost today. Ningali Lawson-Wolf and Graham Polly Farmer. My sincerest condolences to their families and friends. Our community is poorer in their absence but forever enriched by their contributions. #RIPPolly #RIPNingali.

@DanielGarb @AFLFootyShow Sad news indeed. Legend of the game. Legacy - leaving a big imprint behind for all to admire and learn from. #RIPPolly.

@NickMcCallum7 I never heard him cry racism. He was a professional who took quiet action for Indigenous Australians. A great man #RIPPolly.

I never saw the man play but his trailblazing impact on the game and our Geelong FC will never be forgotten. An absolute legend. #RIPPolly.

If there was a Mount Rushmore for VFL/AFL footballers, Polly would be one of the first carved up there. Revolutionised the ruck position and the greatest indigenous player of all time. #RIPPolly.

This afternoon the forever loved former AFL player Graham ‘Polly’ Farmer died in a Perth hospital. Thoughts are with the Graham family. #NeverForgotten #RIPPolly.

Such a shame that Sam Newman is trending when it should be the incredible Graham Polly Farmer. An astonishing footballer and incredible person. #RIPPolly.

I only realised today that I knew Polly Farmers daughter, Kim when I worked in the law courts and I never knew the connection. My deepest condolences to all of the Farmer family. #RIPPOLLY 💕.

The montage at the end of that YouTube clip is magical and #RIPPOLLY.

The Master (R) the Apprentice (L) and the best rover of the day (C). Farmer, Newman, Goggin, on furlough, circa 1965. #RIPPOLLY #origsmartassam.

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Possibly the greatest player to come from WA. Post-war Team of the Century, 7x Best and Fairest, 3x Sandover Medals, a Simpson Medal and 3 premiership in his time in a black and blue jersey. Legend. #RIPPOLLY.

#PollyFarmer a legend and leader with the strength and sheer brilliance to lead in a isolated sports industry. Where have we come from before his genius was witnessed? #RIPPOLLY.

NSWALC & the Land Rights Network mourns the passing of #AFL great Polly Farmer & screen & stage star Ningali Lawford-Wolf. They each excelled in their chosen careers & gave inspiration to so many. Our thoughts are with their loved ones. They will be dearly missed #RIPPOLLY.

The greatest. AFL Team of the Century WA Team of the Century Indigenous Team of the Century Geelong Team of the Century West Perth Team of the Century East Perth Post-War Team of the Century Changed the game. Big leap, big handball, big heart. #RIPPolly.

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