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Updated: September 17th, 2021 07:41 PM IST

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A milestone 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 appearance for Robbo ✅ What a player 👏

Robbo Twitter

@sportchippers Yep. Stanley Victor was the most exciting #NFFC player I’ve ever seen and I was lucky enough to see the European Cup wining team. Robbo was the best, but @StanCollymore was the most exciting. I was at that Lincoln friendly too and thought the same as Colin!

@Cantona_Collars @UtdBeforFergie If you were to have an outfield team made up of 10 x one player , it occurs to me I can’t right now think of a better person than Robbo to base it on from my 53 years of support.

5. #LIVPAL Klopp provavelmente vai rodar o elenco. Palpite pra escalação de amanhã: Alisson Arnold Konaté VvD Robbo Jones Fabinho Thiago Salah Jota Mané

Worth the wait? Nice words from Robbo about the role of the NRL in taking care of the players and their families so they could continue playing this season during the COVID lockdown.

Very very classy presser from Robbo 👏🏼👏🏼 kudos to the Roosters for remaining such a force all season with an unimaginable injury toll. Going to be a scary side to go against next year if they can stay fit

The people lining up to shit on Robbo is fkn hilarious. Put any other coach in his shoes this season and watch them crumble. The roosters improved the second he walked through our doors

Brilliant scenes of Robbo shaking the Manly players hands. All class, all respect. Good luck with finals boys, you’ve earned it.

@UtdBeforFergie Hero will millions growing up in the 80s. No finer sight in football than Robbo in the 80s, his all round game was just sensational. Box to box, none of this double pivot bollocks from today. Never seen a man with a better engine. Will always be god to me, the best of the best.

The Phys trying to work out a Robbo special. Advice - don’t bother, my head has exploded numerous times since Daniel Tupou was named on the bench for a semi when he was not fit.

Robbo has put Walker under some insane pressure. Bringing him on 20 points down and a tick before half time is no bueno. #NRL #NRLManlyRoosters

Robbo is absolutely fucked. Walker has no business to be on the bench. Our halves are struggling and he has him warming up the bench.

@BCFC Still no apology or compensation then? Get these useless owners out of the club.

Robbo has allowed this shit to happen way too often and it gets shown up in bigger games about to get lapped again by decent team. 16 th in completion is disgusting

Never seen a 4-1 game harsh on the lads Hold my hands up for the 4th Crnt happen killed the game for us! Move on quickly to Saturday 💙💙💙

Robbo made his 50th appearance for us on Saturday 🙌 Your favourite @CallumRobinson7 performance?

Robbo Photo,Robbo Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

If Robbo was Titans coach what would he be saying now #NRLRoostersTitans

Robbo Photo,Robbo Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Terribly reffed. Titans absolutely dudded! I guess the refs can’t upset poor robbo….

With Brazilians cleared. My team Alisson, Tsimikas, Trent, Matip, VVD, Fab, Hendo, Thiago, Salah, Jota & Mane. Giving Robbo a rest due to play lots in last week.

#NRLRoostersTitans just imagine if Roosters had their best team available. Been great this year with so much of their top talent on the sidelines. Robbo has to be near coach of the year IMO @TMFScottP

@AnfieldWatch That was some Robbo has never had a harder game in PL for Liverpool

Aasmaan ko chhu lu titli ban uduuu main hun ik udta robbo 2YEARS OF MR & MRS LUTHRA

@NRLFansUnited @NRL You can thank Robbo’s outburst a couple of weeks ago for that. In the past 2 weeks they’ve suddenly become referee darlings

I thought Robbo said that tackles like that should be sent off? I wonder what he has to say about that one now?

The @NRL has lost alot of respect when it comes to high contact. That is a Sin Bin every day of the week. Player safety was a huge concern they said, I guess it is not now or are they just worried Robbo will have another sook. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ @batsandballspod #NRLRoostersTitans #NRL

Can’t wait for Robbo to blaste the NRL and the bunker for not sending the roosters hooker off. He broke his nose. Wonder if Robbo has the same energy. Piece of 💩 Robbo is

Direct contact to the face, very few if any mitigating factors, sin bin for me. Keen to see Robbo blow up in the press conference #NRLRoostersTitans

@billy__buttons Very quiet on Fox re should be sin bin! Never going to happen after Robbo & Uncle Nick’s comments recently!

@_tomhaden How mad is it ? Think Robbo and Colin always had it but confidence wrecked them. But Dean and Peds are just rock solid at the min. Peds is playing better than when Watford were after him. Immense #kro

A milestone 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 appearance for Robbo ✅ What a player 👏

Robbo Photo,Robbo Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

🌍 A 50th @ScotlandNT appearance for Robbo, and more wins for our Reds in tonight’s international matches 👇

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