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  • Still your view, @jeff_kennett, given today’s findings, that “it always takes two to tango”?

  • Agree with @cathyoke in the chamber tonight that local govt peak bodies and all political parties need to review their processes and get their heads out of the sand on sexual harassment:

  • ‘Disgusting acts, despicable man’

  • Doyle ‘inappropriately touched’ female councillors

  • “What did other councillors knew about the harassment of the two women, and did they do anything about it? Had anyone ever said anything formally about the boozy culture, which is now under review? “ @Gay_Alcorn asks wider questions



  • "I feel ashamed my fellow councillors (Cathy Oke and Tessa Sullivan) had to go through this," Melbourne councillor Susan Riley says

  • You’re amazingly strong @cathyoke here’s hoping we see some meaningful change

  • A comprehensive wrap in The Age on where things are at the morning after Freckelton findings were released and @TessaSullivan17 did her first radio interview:

  • An update from @Gay_Alcorn in The Guardian after @TessaSullivan17 interview with Jon Faine on @abcmelbourne today:

  • Doyle is a gigantic tool.

  • and shamefully @jeff_kennett does not get it either, blaming women for not taking their share of responsibility for being sexually harassed by predators

  • Well done Tessa Sullivan and Cathy Oke you have carved a path for others “I hope I am not being too naïve in wanting my daughter to grow up in the post #metoo era where speaking out doesn’t cause so much pain.”

  • Councillor Jackie Watts dismissed the idea that, somehow, all this was a surprise to the council. “It’s not as though the problems with our code have been unknown,”

  • #TessaSullivan led a charge of one woman/Cathy Oake/Greens member, who was happy to work with Doyle till jumped on bandwagon.