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Don Pyke has stood down as Adelaide coach ... haven’t bothered looking but I am guessing Ross Lyon is currently trending on Twitter 😳.

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Ross Lyon Top Tweets On Twitter

Dear @Adelaide_FC I just can’t do Ross please consider me, your social media team & any young female employees when making your next big coaching decision..

@will_tilley @Adelaide_FC I hear it’s Brad Scott and Ross Lyon in a league first twin head coach appointment. Huge if.

As an @Adelaide_FC fan, seeing “Ross Lyon” trending on the day our coach gets speared is truly the most ghoulish thing I’ve ever seen on Twitter..

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@Adelaide_FC A broken man!! Thanks for your efforts. If we get Ross Lyon I won’t watch football again..

Adelaide will be better off doing that camp again than signing Ross Lyon.

The office is all about Pyke and I’m enjoying throwing in “Looking fwd to the Ross Lyon press conference” grenades 😂😂😂. Xmas has arrived early.

@redcrow_28 That would have to be my worst nightmare even worse than if Ross Lyon got appointed 😂.

I would have thought that Vossy was odds on for the #Crows job, not Ross Lyon 🧐.

Don Pyke has stood down as Adelaide coach ... haven’t bothered looking but I am guessing Ross Lyon is currently trending on Twitter 😳.

OUT: Don Pyke IN: Ross Lyon? Take a look at the next coach candidates for the Crows:.

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It looked like it was down to Justin Longmuir or Peter Sumich. But now AFL legend Malcolm Blight thinks Fremantle will consider the man who just departed Adelaide..

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No bloody Ross Lyon either! He was Shite at Freo. Who wants that? 😕 #weflyasone.

Goodwin to Adelaide Ross Lyon to Melbourne Voss to Fremantle #foreverfreo #weflyasone.

@TitusOReily As a Crows fan, the scary thing about this is that Ross Lyon is still.

If Ross Lyon is appointed at @Adelaide_FC, they’ve lost me. There’s no way they can spin that to make me buy in. Same goes for Brad Scott..

@Adelaide_FC I’m ok with this as long as we don’t get ‘Ross Lyon’! I couldn’t handle playing defensive for next so many years. It would be heartbreaking 💔.

I bet Ross Lyon will be the new Adelaide coach. The exact type of team he would take over..

Brad Scott, Brendon Bolton, Alan Richardson, Ross Lyon and now Don Pyke gone. That proud statistic about just one coaching change in two years is a distant memory..

With Woosha locked in for 2020, there will be at least one more coaching departure before the year is out for mine. No way Ross Lyon doesnt get a job, if he wants one that is. #AFLFinals.

“He’s Got A Job” tells us former @freodockers coach, Ross Lyon, has a new coaching for his son’s basketball team #RumourFile.

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CEO backed Ross Lyon as well then well we all know how that ended.

@Kristin542 The whole saga has been bizarre. Contrast Scott with Ross Lyon when he was at Freo - said a line about playing them in the car park if they need to, anywhere & anytime. So much more empowering than hearing the Coach sook about it every few days!.

@FOXFOOTY Ross Lyon ? Cmon @davidking34 , that won’t work. Look at the injuries they had and still made a final. What your club. - didn’t make it. saints - never made it. Melbourne- disgrace. Goodwin gets no heat. Is it becuse JW not a Victorian. ? Surely that’s not it??.

@FOXFOOTY I read “Hawthorn great” and thought it was going to be Dermott, but no, it’s Ben Dixon 😂 David King, Ross Lyon is going nowhere near Tullamarine.

Just knew The Lions Fans Facebook Fraternity would have a field day after tonight’s defeat. What started as an anti Eric Hipwood post ended with some douchebag saying we should sack Chris Fagan and replace him with Ross Lyon😳 #golions.

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