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China last year increased coal mining capacity by 194 million tonnes — while Aussie suckers cut back to save the planet (Rowan Dean, Outsiders).

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@SkyNewsAust @rowandean Wow. Rowan Dean is an absolute shithead who would serve the world better by topping himself.

@JimRHoughton If Sky News didn’t exist Rowan Dean would be living on the street homeless and unemployed..

Hey, any climate scientists feel like suing Rowan Dean for defamation?.

You know when you’re cleaning under the couch and you find useless rubbish covered in carpet fluff? Yeah Rowan Dean is the human embodiment of said rubbish..

China last year increased coal mining capacity by 194 million tonnes — while Aussie suckers cut back to save the planet (Rowan Dean, Outsiders).

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@rowandean Rowan Dean is a fraudulent and dangerous cult, which has paralysed and bewitched the ruling elites, and is driven by unscrupulous and sinister interests including the power-hungry socialist mob at the UN..

@LesStonehouse Rowan Dean always reminds me of what would happen if a Tassie devil smoked crack..

@AusIndiMedia Did you know his middle name is “Fucking?” Parents picked it early I recon 🤔 #ROWAN FUCKING DEAN.

@SkyNewsAust @rowandean nutty same old - that man made only makes up a percentage is never disputed. But it is EXTRA on top of natural. Try to cook a cake at only 150° not 180°. 20% extra heat is the difference between good and soggy. ROWAN DEAN TV presenter - I note NO climate scientist. Grow up Sky!.

Is Rowan dean being paid every time he spruiks coal? If he Is, cha ching..

@sharanjit @Paul_Karp Hope their not paying Rowan Dean, Mark Latham $200k. Reckon they’d do it for free..

@SkyNewsAust @rowandean Congratulations Rowan Dean, you are 1000% CORRECT! Your analysis is absolutely spot-on! Climate Change is a complete and utter hoax! Google Professor Patrick Michaels and listen carefully to what he has to say! He’s a world renowned !!!.

@Forthleft2 Methinks Stalins theory is applicable to Rowan Dean, Rita Panahi et al. Where there are people, there are problems. No people, no problems..

@SkyNewsAust @rowandean Rowan Dean I am appalled! You are an imbicile. So glad I never take notice of anything you do or say, until this Sky News clip to see what the fuss is Do you try to appeal to morons on purpose?.

@SkyNewsAust @rowandean This sounds so similar to that fake rowan dean account that used to be on twitter. No wonder no one could tell the difference difference..

@SkyNewsAust @rowandean Go for it Rowan Dean. But you need to develop a stronger voice and farther reach to get the correct information across. Not to just take out anxiety but develop truthful responses..

@SkyNewsAust @rowandean Rowan Dean is a dangerous fraud, habitual liar and propagandist of polluting parasites..

@TerryBrady2097 That was the conclusion I came to. #auspol.

@AllenThinks @brisbanetimes It is well known that the ABC predicted a landslide Labor victory at the recent federal election..

@virgotweet In case you are not aware, Spectator is very much aligned with and staffed by the IPA, and Rowan Dean of Sky News is typical of their contributors (he is their editor)..

“The Sky News presenter Rowan Dean and his cronies chose to celebrate the election of Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ centre-right New Democracy party in Greece by dancing to Greek music and throwing plates.”.

@ABCmediawatch Rowan Dean really was a low point. How does anyone watch that crap?.

@SirTrevSkint @SkyNews More identity politics again from sky. When will these cultural marxists realise they’ve lost. Voters hate PC bs now. As Rowan dean said ‘not for a long time will such a left wing agenda be put to the oz population’ identity politics Vs common sense, and identity politics lost..

@WhatSaritaSaid His name is Rowan Dean and the less we say about the man, the better.

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