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What’s with all these <checks notes> ruby red states legalizing <checks notes> weed? Almost as if it’s a bipartisan thing.

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ふらんむ ()

アニガサキの朝香果林がスクスタの朝香果林のアンチテーゼってのもなかなか面白いよね 普段は素っ気ない態度をとりつつも、仲間を大切にしているアニメ果林と、口だけで全然大切に出来てないスクスタ果林

NPR ()

Martin Luther King. Jr. utilized young people in the civil rights movement. The police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor gave todays youth a much-needed cause to get behind, activist Ruby Bridges says. (@WBUR)

руби тьюздей ✦ #StrajkKobiet
руби тьюздей ✦ #StrajkKobiet ()

@RobotDolboyob Не всегда логика хуегика будет работать человеческий фактор никто не отменял и скорее всего так и есть что ты просто не хочешь так думать ну это я так щитаю а как на деле хз

Il cittadino honesto
Il cittadino honesto ()

La Meloni è la guida giusta per questo paese come Ruby è la nipote di Mubarak. #Meloni #Camera

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朝から2時間かけてRuby終了!基本的にはやること変わらないからするする行けた😊ただ、クラスメソッドとインスタンスメソッドの違いを理解するのに時間かかった!次はRuby on Railsやります! #駆け出しエンジニアと繋がりたい #Progate

julia ⁷ @ hades / 2.8k
Julia ⁷ @ hades / 2.8k ()

The night is thick, and the candles in the marble hall of the temple are burning low. His reflexes and attention slowed by fatigue, with the next swing of his dagger Taehyung draws a ruby line on his hand.

Roblox_addict ()

@PastriezRBLX Hi, just to let you know the training centre was not working. I joined first at 8:45 and it said that it was not open I tried many times but as soon as it got to 8:00 it said training in progress. In the UK the next training session is at 3:00AM and I don’t want to stay up.

Đřāmåjə (Perdi un reto)
Đřāmåjə (Perdi un reto) ()

Ya me estaba dando cuenta que era la misma wea que Pokémon Omega Ruby pero ahora con los ponemos lo confirmo xD Puta y ahora me viene la decisión más importante supongo, aunque creo que elegiré a cualquiera menos Treecko ya que fue el que elegí en Omega ruby aunque me gusto

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Pessoa Aleatória
Pessoa Aleatória ()

@Ecchi_Club Waifu: ruby rose e megumin Anime favorito: boku no hero Mangá favorito: n leio mto mangá, ent n sei dizer qual o meu favorito Primeiro anime: pokemón Peitos ou bundas: bundas

John Fetterman
John Fetterman ()

What’s with all these <checks notes> ruby red states legalizing <checks notes> weed? Almost as if it’s a bipartisan thing.

dumb reindeer with the red nose
Dumb reindeer with the red nose ()

@imbitchespetme @lostinduat they literally blocked me too after they posted about me without permission or censoring so :/

Maybeyouknow ()

Happy Birthday to our Jennie Ruby Jane Kim. Please be healthy & happy always. Love you very much. Shine bright uri Jendeukkkiee #PricelessJennieDay @BLACKPINK

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Greta Van Susteren
Greta Van Susteren ()

I would like to read all the classified documents about Jack he an angry citizen taking the law into his own hands or was there something else? The CIA classified documents would shed light on that

Ale ()

@batres_ruby Yess they really are, everyday they look different we just don’t notice it till we look at pictures 😢

ESPN Deportes
ESPN Deportes ()

🥊🔥 Ruby Tucker tiene 7 años y mucha habilidad. (vía art__simpson/IG)

윈트리라는딸래미를두고잇습니다 ()

@Ruby_Anderson_H 아 ~!~~!~!~! 이ㆍ아아아 이렇게 뻔뻔하실수가 당당함에 플러스 십점드리겟습니다 흑흑흡. 뇌내망상으로 먹을게요

🐮Weiss Schnee🐮
🐮Weiss Schnee🐮 ()

👩🏼I’m heavily debating getting another doggo I get lonely with just one This is my current doggo Ruby Ps - Grrrrr aren’t staffs so viscous

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ؘ julie.
ؘ julie. ()

mamãe da ruby, duda, boo, summer, manu, bella, maddie, nolan, ph e adrien aki 🌷🌷🌷

たぬきつね ()

今日からティラノサウルスをしばく は誤情報です 今日は犬(犬ではない)をしばく日です

maddie / connie ⚢ (commissions open)
Maddie / connie ⚢ (commissions open) ()

@wheretheletuce @izukuluvacc rose liked greg so i headcanon her as pan none of the gems really have a confirmed sexuality (except ruby and sapphire) so it’s honestly up in the air for a lot of them

Λнαид‏ 🗿
Λнαид‏ 🗿 ()

Кто бы знал сколько в моей жизни упущенных возможностей просто из-за моей неуверенности в себе.

⚜️Rᴏsᴀ ❝Rᴀɪᴢᴇʟ❞ Rᴇᴅɢʀᴀᴠᴇ: Sᴀɪɴᴛ ᴏғ Sᴀɪɴᴛs🌙
⚜️Rᴏsᴀ ❝Rᴀɪᴢᴇʟ❞ Rᴇᴅɢʀᴀᴠᴇ: Sᴀɪɴᴛ ᴏғ Sᴀɪɴᴛs🌙 ()

They are babies, Ruby. Alcohol is off limits til age 14. Rai,

zoe ⚯͛
Zoe ⚯͛ ()

i had a dog named ruby and we named her daughter rose 🥺 they were the cutest. i miss them.

Boarding ()

7STEM2 at home experiments: Another gem from Ruby C., ‘Elephant’s Toothpaste’ #foranevenbettereffectperformoncreamsofasandwhitepersianrugs

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@SocialSMktg @SoftwareStriven Hey, Ruby! Glad we were able to join the conversation today. Excited about this topic.

ً ()

Shipping two wrestlers and basically forcing them to do a gay ship is highkey weird (ex: Bayley & Sasha, Liv & Ruby). Some wrestlers might not feel comfortable with that 100% considering they’re basically just coworkers

jerry 🌙 pjo/hiatus era
Jerry 🌙 pjo/hiatus era ()

so if i made a ruby edit with the same song as the one i did for my pyrrha one would y’all still hype it up (bc this ruby one also fits the song so well)

The Volatile Mermaid
The Volatile Mermaid ()

@leearenberg Ruby is (we think) a German Shepherd/Golden retriever mix with maybe some Leonberger. Whatever she is, she’s old, adorable, and extremely large.

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🌹Ruby❄️🏳️‍🌈•RWBY8 SPOILERS•
🌹Ruby❄️🏳️‍🌈•RWBY8 SPOILERS• ()

Small Headcanon that I stand by, Ruby is a music nut and loves listening to music so much she custom made her own headset.

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Clare Malone
Clare Malone ()

The FBI targets of my 1990s childhood were white fringe groups/individuals: Unabomber, Timothy McVeigh, Ruby Ridge, etc. Here, FBI expresses reservations abt infringing on 1st Amend. rights, even as there seems to be pretty credible threats of violence

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