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I’m watching Phil Ruddock pretend to care about refugees on #thedrum Are we in the upside-down?.

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Can’t be watching #ruddock on @TheDrum tonight. On in after the death of #BobHawke announced..

@WindBre08506719 @ABCthedrum ohhh i was so pissed off with Ruddock I really wanted to say I remember it Just didnt have it in remembering the pain his daughter must have felt. As did so many of us.

Ruddock is no longer relevant. He mentioned Khemlani for goodness sake ! ( most people under 40 would probably need to google Khemlani affair ....

@SunilKemppi it was the LNP under Fraser who open the door to middle eastern Lebanon from the misery of civil knows, you were still in nappies!!!.

#TheDrum Seriously, Phillip Ruddock? Are you kidding me? The stench of the formaldehyde alone would be unbearable never mind the dodgy racist politics..

@ABCthedrum Ellen, can you please stop bloody Ruddock talking over the ladies and giving sermons in place of answering questions. His role of State Lib preso has triggered delusions of grandeur!.

@UrbanWronski Ruddock should be dragged to the Hague for crimes against humanity, not allowed to crow on ABC at election time..

@ABCthedrum Ruddock for PM - an amazing talent; logical, knowledgeable and shon like a diamond on the panel ..

@ABCthedrum Phillip Ruddock is a waste of a chair tonight. Mr. Overboard is completely out of touch. #auspol.

Congratulations to Mark @Pitkin_Ruddock (pictured here with our very own Phil) who won the Echo Dot in our Spin to Win @anglia_business yesterday. Great to meet you! #ABE19.

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Phillip Ruddock is an Australian politician who is currently mayor of Hornsby Shire. He previously was a Liberal member of the House of Representatives from 1973 to 2016. He laughingly said he thinks it will be easy for them to go to another Cruel.

Phillip Ruddock on the drum earnestly defending refugees for possibly the first time ever. This is farcical and literally nauseating. WTF is wrong with Australia?.

@cheryl_kernot thankfully she made a noted correction of the BS ruddock & hewett were espousing - just a distraction #thedrum.

I’m watching Phil Ruddock pretend to care about refugees on #thedrum Are we in the upside-down?.

@ABCthedrum Is that Phil “I don’t regard sleep deprivation as torture” Ruddock?.

@greensinspa Against the impressive array of modern women (of all ages) Ruddock looks like a long lost dinosaur, and reminds us what we are voting against this election..

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