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Updated: July 22nd, 2021 08:46 PM IST

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Australia and New Zealand will not compete in the Rugby League World Cup at the end of the year due to coronavirus concerns.

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@campbellclaret What a disgrace we have the euro finals and break all the rules under the sun but Rugby League and BoJo doesn’t care. Mind you he’s a dithering idiot first thing this morning passes required now not but maybe he’s not a clue

@adamhillscomedy A Rugby League without Australia and to a lesser exten NZ would be meaningless. England would walk it.

My heartfelt thoughts for & in honour of ALL men. My dearest, fam, co-workers, mates, associates. On avg every 2 hrs a man takes his life😢Mental health can affect ANYONE. Thank You LUKE! Intl Rugby League star gave up career to save lives @MailSport

Statement from International Rugby League Chair Troy Grant regarding RLWC2021

I never thought I’d see the day when we see Rugby Union players look tougher than Rugby League players. Yet we have the situation where Rugby Union are sending players here, but Australia and New Zealand have bottled it. Perhaps they are afraid of the competition? #RLWC2021

DT Judith Cummins: I never thought I’d see the day when we see Rugby Union players look tougher than Rugby League player. Yet we have…

In only its second season of play, #RugbyATL is on the cusp of competing for the Major League Rugby championship. #CobbCounty

One for posterity, Simon Johnson of Rugby League accusing the Aussies and Kiwis of cowardice for not wanting to play a game on Plague Island #RugbyLeague Nutjob

@Mr_B_Heat @BradAsquith7 This is rugby league though you teeeart, far more 😉

Temporary Deputy Speaker @JudithCummins is taking a point of order. She says: “I never thought I would see the day where rugby union players would look tougher than rugby league players.” #cheeky

@PhilGould15 Respect your vie but I think this is a catastrophic decision for international Rugby League.

@BBCBreakfast If the British & Irish Lions can tour South Africa and All Blacks & Wallabies can tour the UK in November. Why can’t the Kangaroos and Kiwis rugby league teams do it? Pathetic from rugby league.

@ellapk3 is it only rugby league players. What about AFL coaches, players, soccer players and anyone in general ?

There are stark differences between how the pandemic is being managed in the UK compared to Australasia, and recent developments have highlighted how quickly things can change. - Rugby League W C : Australia and New Zealand pull out of tournament #BorisJohnson #JohnsonVariant

@HuddlestonNigel Nigel, I want to thank you on your hard work here. Keep fighting the good fight for rugby league

@ERLEAGUE But they can send athletes to the Olympics and rugby union team abroad? Why is the rugby league team different?

@FFRXIII I fully agree with you Trent. Best way for rugby League to develop its notoriety

“In any case of possible concussion, you have to come off in rugby league to have a HIA (head injury assessment). I just cannot understand why it’s taken so long for football to reach that point. Those rules need to be stronger.” ✍️ @mjshrimper & @PJBuckingham


@AOD_97 I appreciate that, but the perception being created by how Rugby League is going about things in the UK is all the Aussies and Kiwis can go off.

The Rugby League Writers NRL Newsletter gets you ready for the upcoming round of action with Q&A’s, previews and our Saturday watchlist. #NRL

@campbellclaret @BorisJohnson will not be aware of rugby league as it would not have been played at Eton. Eton is down south and far too posh for rugby

But but OZ and NZ have handled Covid soooooo well 🧐🙄 #covidclowns

On Sky Sports News they’ve just described Phil Clarke as a “rugby league expert.” Bit of a stretch.

two best teams in the rugby league world are out… we just tryna give youse a chance of winning 😹😹

There is nothing Rugby Union could do to Rugby League that could be worse than what League does to itself, over and over again.

@FOXNRL Disgraceful. Rugby League is truly an irrelevant and pathetically small sport

@ghost_josh @BigFunk__ And if you can’t see that organisations and rugby league officials have been diminishing and belittling the international product for years now, we have nothing more to say either.


@mikeylad123 So how have the Euros managed to do it and how have 140,000 people at silverstone? It’s a poor excuse from the @NRL and all they are doing like everyone at the top in rugby league is think about themselves and impact it could have on themselves. Wankers they are

Australia and New Zealand will not compete in the Rugby League World Cup at the end of the year due to coronavirus concerns.

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