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🚨 Russ appreciation post 🚨 -Set the record for most triple-doubles all-time -Averaged PPG | RPG | APG -Fourth time averaging a triple-double What a season for the Brodie.

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Mo ()

@Era11Proche Which they will. Lakers not even beating Phoenix back 2 back. Phoenix roster is deeper and better and all Lakers have is LBJ and injured AD. Same thing to Washington Russ and Brad

JiggyThe1️⃣ ()

@jedeyeee U know that cap don’t just watch Russ from now he used save kd in them playoffs 😭

Phil ()

10ish. Off the top of my head Russ Steph dame luka Kyrie Trae Lowry j holiday and Paul are locks for me. For right now

Chris L
Chris L ()

@RedactedCL SGA going to be legit man. But nah I keep Davis at PF or get rid of him cause y’all paying him to shoot the 3 ball, move Rui to SF, Beal at SG, and Russ at PG. Get a PG like Rose to come off the bench if he don’t stay in NY, but y’all need a shooter at the 2 or 3

JQ💜🖤 ()

@TripleRussell4 @ChaseHughesNBCS Old Russ would’ve never had moral victories. Wtf Is this

V.Schneider ()

Путинская семейка. Дед отравил Ленина, а внук отца...

Redacted ()

@droppedballspod Just looked it up and not one player shot above 40% from three in DC. Russ ain’t even bottom half on the team 😂

Khovtoliv ()

ラド - Wikipedia >SI(MKS単位系)でもCGS単位系でも半端な係数が現れるのは、ネズミを殺すのに必要なX線の吸収線量として定義されたからである。1918年に S. Russ が定義した。しかし、実際にネズミを殺すには1 rad ではまったく足りない。

Jayson Tatum BR 🇧🇷
Jayson Tatum BR 🇧🇷 ()

Steph Dame Luka CP3 Ben Irving Russ Lowry Fox Holiday Trae Jamal LaMelo (?) Acho todos esses melhores, não sei se esqueci de alguém

IBreak Cards
IBreak Cards ()

@T__Russ Ooooo I look forward to seeing that one. Mine were $50-$75 each which I think the $75 ones fall under economy. They took 4-6 months I believe

Jamaal ()

@MrKeepItRegular Facts. And we know this because with Beal and no Russ last year they was bottom 3 🤣🤣

TrussBus ()

@IbreakCards I’ve sent in economy myself. I’ve a pink optic out right more with a group sub. Patiently waiting since 2-17

Jojo The Cognac King 👑
Jojo The Cognac King 👑 ()

Media wants to make Russ out to be the bad guy but it’s just not in his DNA 💯 #RespectBrodie

Suite Confidence
Suite Confidence ()

@overtheedgenow @RandPaul FACE MASK didn’t work for me RUSS! Disclaimer on the mask boxes- don’t work for virus’s!What do virologist wear? It is much bigger: DECEPTION, CONFINED/CONDITIONED, PATENTED “VIRUS”? WHO FUNDED LAB?WHY TEST THE VIRUS?HIV ADDED TO THE VIRUS? Does Fauci know the cure for this🦠?

Russell Westbrook Stan
Russell Westbrook Stan ()

If Russ doesn’t comeback with a jumper this upcoming season y’all are right about him

Elyjah Roa
Elyjah Roa ()

@alex_glass12 Ik lmao, idec Russ is washed i love him but he should prob retire unfortunately 😔

SJD ()

@Bigdawg44735892 Yeah and with Beal and Russ they’re an expensive first round exit Why stick with a roster that is destined to never contend???

IBreak Cards
IBreak Cards ()

@T__Russ This was my first one, do you send in your own cards for grading?

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Brad Beal MVP
Brad Beal MVP ()

@JaysonTSzn I’d love that for Brad but i think he gives it one more go in Him and russ are gunna try to recruit a star hopefully

Russ Agdern
Russ Agdern ()

That was tough to watch. I expected more. Appreciate the solid regular season oof, double digit loss at home to end the season.

goat( fire scott brooks)
Goat( fire scott brooks) ()

@forwardice i think the one in LA was better, i was hyped when deni made a 3 that sent us into OT and when russ got this and one on caruso i think

CJ Holley
CJ Holley ()

@seanwoolford Rui at this point is Otto Porter Jr. Jr. No idea what to make of Avdija. I’ve heard what he can be but didn’t see much. Hard year to be a foreign rookie (new league, cultural isolation in a pandemic). If they keep Beal they keep Russ and hope the late push wasn’t a mirage.

John-Paul Flaim
John-Paul Flaim ()

@dpetone Let’s hope Deni develops and they make some shrewd moves this offseason. They should also make Russ shoot 1000 jump shots a day.

Free Proche 🧨🖋📍🏓
Free Proche 🧨🖋📍🏓 ()

Fill the blank Wizards starting 5 Russ Beal Deni? Rui Gafford/Bryant Bench Cassius _______ Bertans _______ Gafford/Bryant Rolo Garrison

Bobby Shmurda’s Burner 🇰🇪
Bobby Shmurda’s Burner 🇰🇪 ()

@RockTheBabyRuss instead of praising sixers for the bounce back, they gon hate on russ

João Victor
João Victor ()

Independente da série de playoffs que ele fez, que foi bem abaixo do que eu esperava, o Russ teve uma boa temporada e sem ele o Wizards não teria chegado até os playoffs. O Brodie continua sendo meu ídolo

TrussAlpha ()

@woohthatsright In all seriousness we probably take 2 games. But we gonna free Russ soon

2x👑 ()

@BlockSznn @espn Shouldn’t have been the 8th seed to begin with. They got Bradley Beal who is a top scorer and Russ who y’all are so highly on

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

🚨 Russ appreciation post 🚨 -Set the record for most triple-doubles all-time -Averaged PPG | RPG | APG -Fourth time averaging a triple-double What a season for the Brodie.

Russ Photo,Russ Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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